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Doberman Pinscher

The doberman pinscher, originally bred as a working guard dog, is now commonly kept as a family pet. Unfortunately doberman pinschers have a bad reputation from movies and the media, who portray them as vicious and unpredictable. However, doberman pinschers have far fewer attacks on people than many other dog breed, such as pit bulls and rottweilers. The doberman pinscher is a generally good=humoured dog and functions well as part of a family of it is not trained as a guard dog. The doberman pinscher has a short stiff coat that comes in many different colours, but only a few colours are acceptable for dog shows. Most commonly, doberman pinschers have black coats with a few tan bits here and there. Some have lighter grey or fawn coats, which would disqualify a dog from a show. Even rarer is the white doberman pinscher, actually an albino. At one point a doberman pinscher breeder came across a white doberman pinscher puppy and e inbred the dog to make more white Dobermans. The white Dobermans were in high demand until people realized that the albino dogs suffered from a number of unique diseases and couldn’t be exposed to natural light for long. Because of the lack of melanin in their skin, albino doberman pinschers are more susceptible to skin cancers and other serious diseases.

Doberman Pinscher Puppies

If you’re looking for doberman pinscher puppies, make sure you check out a few different doberman pinscher breeders before you make any decisions. Because doberman pinschers are a very popular breed, especially as guard dogs, there are a lot of irresponsible breeders out there who don’t know what they’re doing. A doberman pinscher breeder should be very knowledgeable about the breed and always test the doberman pinschers before using them for breeding. This can prevent diseased doberman pinschers from passing on genetic disorders to their doberman pinscher puppies. For instance, a breeder can track the lineage of their doberman pinschers to ensure that the don’t pair two doberman pinschers that might have albino puppies. If a doberman pinscher puppy is born deaf or blind or white, the breeder will often kill the puppy to spare it a hard life. Dog lovers don’t like to think of it as killing puppies, so instead they refer to it as culling puppies. Some doberman pinscher breeders choose not to cull blind or deaf doberman pinscher puppies and instead try to find a special home for them with people who will be sensitive of their special needs.

Doberman Pinscher Breeders

Many doberman pinscher breeders dock and crop their doberman pinscher puppies. Docking a doberman pinscher puppy is when you cut off their tail to make them look more elegant. Though you may never see a doberman pinscher with a long tail, doberman pinschers are born with tails longer than most dogs. In some parts of the world, docking is illegal because it’s unnecessary and cruel. However, docking is still allowed in north America and most American dog shows will disqualify a doberman pinscher if its tail is not docked. Cropping involves cutting off a portion of your doberman pinscher puppy’s ears and taping them to posts so that they are small and pointy and stand straight up. Because the puppies are still developing, the cartilage grows upward to support the ear when it is taped to the posts. A lot of doberman pinscher owners don’t crop their puppies’ ears because it s a very painful procedure for the puppy and is also completely unnecessary. If you’re still not sure whether a doberman pinscher is the right breed of dog for you, you should ask a doberman pinscher breeder what they think. A good doberman pinscher breeder will tell you anything you want to know about the breed to help you make the right decision.

Doberman Pinscher Kennel

Another place to find a doberman pinscher is a doberman pinscher kennel. Many of the doberman pinschers at a doberman pinscher kennel are adult dogs that have already been trained as guard dogs. A lot of doberman pinscher kennels also let you leave your doberman pinscher there for them to look after while you’re on vacation. However, this can be expensive, so remember to factor it into your vacation budget. You can also ask a doberman pinscher about doberman pinscher puppies if you’d rather buy a puppy than a full-grown doberman pinscher.

Doberman Pinscher Rescue

If you’re looking for a doberman pinscher to keep as a guard dog or as a family pet, try a doberman pinscher rescue organization before you go to a doberman pinscher kennel. A lot of doberman pinschers are abandoned by their owners if their owners don’t put enough thought into buying a dog. Some people see doberman pinschers in movies and decide hey want a vicious dog to make them look tough but this is very irresponsible and usually ends badly for the doberman pinscher. A doberman pinscher isn’t an inherently vicious dog – it will attack if provoked or if an intruder appears to be a threat to its owner. If you decide to get a doberman pinscher from a doberman pinscher rescue shelter, make sure you choose a doberman pinscher whose personality is suited to yours. If you’re looking for a doberman pinscher to keep as a family pet, you should look for doberman pinschers that were previously family pets so that they’ll be used to interacting with people and indoor living. Unfortunately a lot of doberman pinschers used as guard dogs aren’t treated well and don’t get any attention from their owners. Instead they are locked outside and used strictly for guarding the property. When these doberman pinschers grow too old to work as guard dogs, their owners often abandon them. Regardless, a doberman pinscher rescue shelter will tell you what a doberman pinscher is like and whether they think it will be a suitable pet for you.