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Dalmations are big dogs with a short spotty coat. They have lots of energy and make good pets. Unfortunately, a lot of dalmations are deaf. In fact, a very large proportion of dalmation puppies are born deaf. Though dalmations are very loving affectionate pets, some people don’t like them as pets because they feel they have too much energy. If you don’t have a lot of time and energy to spend with your dog, you probably shouldn’t get a dalmation. They can be hyperactive and need a lot of walking and attention. If you have the time to spend with them, they are very loyal companions. Because dalmations have so much energy and are very active dogs, it’s important that you feed them a good balanced nutritious diet. Some Dalmatian owners are afraid to feed store bought pet food to their Dalmatian because of the recent poisoned pet food scare. Though most pet foods are fine now, and probably safer than ever since the poisoned pet food was discovered, you can make your own pet food at home if you’re worried about your Dalmatian’s diet. The best way to make dog food for your Dalmatian is to prepare a large batch of it all at once and freeze it in small portions. That way, you can just defrost a couple of meals each day for your dalmation. Dalmations aren’t incredibly fussy eaters. A great way to make food for your Dalmatian is to look up a recipe on the Internet for dog food. Most dog food recipes include a lot of meat as well as some vegetables and rice. Unless you’re buying very expensive cuts of meat for your dalmation, it can actually be cheaper for you to make their dog food yourself than buying prepared dog food. Vets might tell you that your dog needs special dog food that you can only buy from the vet, to keep your dalmatian’s coat shiny. This is usually unnecessary. The only thing you really need to do is ensure that your Dalmatian gets a healthy nutritious meal to keep them healthy and energized.

Dalmatian Puppies

Dalmations aren’t born with their spots. Dalmations are actually born white and develop their dark spots later. Dalmations also have a darker area around their nose, either black or brown or grey. Dalamtion puppies are incredibly cute and are perfect models for puppy calendars. Any dalmation lover will tell you that you can’t ever have too many dalmation puppy calendars. Even if you’re not a dalmation owner, you can certainly appreciate a beautiful dalmation puppy calendar. If you’d like, you can even make your own dalmation calendar with pictures of your dalmation. Dalmations also make appearances in firefighter calendars because they are firefighter mascots. Though many dalmations are deaf or have very poor hearing, they are still relatively easy to train. One thing to be aware of if you’re thinking of getting dalmation puppies is that dalmations have an awful lot of energy and can be very hyperactive, even when they’re older. As long as you’re in decent shape and take the time to exercise our Dalmatian, this shouldn’t be a problem. For the same reason, Dalmatians make good family dogs. If you have children around the house, you can let your children and your dalmation wear each other out. One characteristic of the Dalmatian breed that some people find off-putting is that they shed a lot more than most dogs. Also, their hair seems to be more inclined to stick to clothes and furniture. Additionally, Dalmatians shed two different colours of hair, usually black and white or brown and white, which means whatever colour you’re wearing, you’ll be able to see dog hair on your clothes. The dalamtian’s year-round shedding can also be a big problem for people with allergies. That’s why it’s so important to research a breed before you buy a puppy. It’s not fair to a dalmation if you buy a dalmation puppy and then abandon it because you find it sheds too much or has too much energy. Unfortunately, this is a fairly common occurrence, and lots of dalmations are put up for adoption by their owners.

101 Dalmations

101 Dalmatians was a popular Disney movie about Dalmatian puppies and an evil woman, Cruella, who wanted to turn a bunch of dalmation puppies into a dalmation fur coat. Dalmations have very distinct-looking black and white spotted coats that would probably make a very nice fur coat, but nobody likes a Dalmatian puppy-killer. Unfortunately, after the release of the 101 dalmatians movie, many people bought Dalmatians for their children without learning anything about the breed. Many of these dogs were soon abandoned by their owners because they felt the dalmations had too much energy and weren’t like the cartoon versions.

Dalmatian Show Dogs

Dog shows are very strange events and come with a very strange dog show culture. If you want to enter your Dalmatian in a dog show, you should read up about the rules and find out what your Dalmatian needs to look like in order to qualify to enter into a dog show. Your dalmation must be a certain height and have a very special colouration. Only white and black or white and liver-spotted Dalmatians may enter a dog show. Also, your dalmation’s spots must be of a certain size and cannot be too dense or too spaarse. Further, your Dalmatian may have no other colouring in its coat, as this would disqualify your dalmation from a proper dog show.

Dalmations and Fire Houses

Dalmations are often associated with fire brigades bacuse they used to run ahead of the hourse drawn fire fighter carriages to clear the road. Dalmations were also used to help rescue people from burining buildings and today they are the mascots of fire departments across north America. In some fire departments, dalmations act as watch dogs to protect the equipment and watch for intruders.