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You’d know what a collie looks like if you’d ever seen a TV show called lassie. In fact, you may be familiar with the expression, “lassie do” which is how some people refer to a collie dog. Lassie was a TV show about a collie dog called Lassie. Lassie was a rough coolie but there are several other types of collies including smooth collies and border collies. The Lassie show, movies and books helped to make the collie dog a popular breed in the United States and around the world. There are lots of collie breeders in the united states and Canada who will sell you collie puppies if they deem you a fit parent for collie puppies. Collies are beautiful dogs with long golden brown and white coats. They have pointy ears and long noses and make very good family pets. Collies are believed to have originated in Scotland and were used on farms and as work dogs. In the United States, herding dogs of all sorts used to be referred to as collies. Today, collie refers to a specific breed. Collies are very loyal animals; some owners say they’re almost too loyal. They don’t like to be left alone and are very intelligent animals. Collies are easy to train and eager to please. Collies are very affectionate pets and get along well with children and other pets, especially if they are raised with children and other pets. Collies tend to suffer from eyes diseases and skin diseases, which can be largely affected by how they were bred. Apparently pet store collies have more eye and skin problems than collies from proper collie breeders. This might be a result of excessive inbreeding in pet store collies. Inbreeding in any animals, including collies, can greatly increase the risk of serious genetic mutations. That’s why its important for collie breeders to breed collies responsible. Due to low numbers and excessive inbreeding in the past, cheetahs are in danger of soon becoming extinct.

Collie Training and Health

Collies are very intelligent dogs and learn quickly. They’re easy to train and can be house trained in as little as one week. If you’ve seen the show Lassie, you know that Collies can be trained to do just about anything. I imagine that a collie would make a good seeing eye dog because they’re such fast learners and understand boundaries. For example, you only have to show a collie a few times that they’re not to run into the road, but tell a fox terrier the same thing, and they won’t listen to you. Collies are also often used as therapeutic dogs. Therapeutic collies are collies that visit patients in hospitals or in their homes on a regular basis to provide companionship. Some collies are better suited to this kind of work than others. Collies can live for over a decade if they’re healthy and properly taken care of. Many collies however are prone to skin problems. A common skin problem among collies is a rash that develops on the muzzle, causing their skin to flake off. So what else are collies capable of, other than leading the blind and comforting the sick? Collies are very good at herding animals like sheep and cows, and just about any farm animals. There’s a show on tv where different herding dogs, especially collies, compete in an animal herding competition. There is some animal, a sheep say, that is released on one side of the playing field. The challenge is for the collie to direct the sheep into a pen at the other end of the field, or to lead the sheep through some sort of course. It’s amazing to watch these collies at work because they herd up the sheep like no one else can. Collies can also become actors, like Lassie. Lassie was a long-running series, and the original collie didn’t make it to the end of the series, so they had to find a new collie to take over the part of Lassie. These dogs need an awful lot of training to be able to perform in a television show such as lassie. Lassie had fantastic ratings around the world and the lassie show made collies a very popular breed, especially in north America. Today, the lassie show still airs in some countries, but new shows are no longer being produced. To add to this dog’s list of amazing talents, collies are also great jumpers, sometimes able to jump 4 or five feet in the air. Collie dogs also make good search and rescue and drug detection dogs. I’ve never seen collies in the airport sniffing out drugs but it’s happening somewhere.

Collie Puppies

People like collie puppies because they’re adorable, but it’s important to be sure you can provide a good home for collie puppies before buying collie puppies. Collie puppies are obviously much smaller and more fragile than full grown collie dogs., That’s why you need to be gentle with collie puppies and take very good care of them.

Farm Collies

Farm collies are usually used in herding animals such as cows and sheep. As mentioned before, many American farmers used to refer to any sort of herding dogs as farm collies. Today, it’s generally safe to assume that a farm collie is actually a real collie breed collie dog. Farm collies are not a pure breed according to kennel clubs. They are a mix of a number of different dogs and can vary significantly in appearnce. It’s usually the roguh collie, rather than the farm collie, that compete in dog shows.

Collie Buddz

Collie Buddz is a reggae artist from the United States who grew up in Bermuda. He sings about his home, bermy in many of his reggae songs. Collie Buddz is also very successful in Canada and is currently signed to BMI. He will soon be releasing his new album, Collie Budz. His name, collie, is not after the dog but is a nickname. Collie’s real first name is Colin.