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Chow Chow The chow chow is a breed of dog, also known as a chow. Chow chows are big dogs with thick heavy coats. Chow chows are originally from china where it is referred to in Chinese as a puffy lion dog. This is a fairly good description of what a chow chow looks like, though some say a chow is more like a miniature bear. Chow chows usually weigh around 50 pounds, plus or minus about fifteen pounds. It’s important that you learn all about chow chows before you you buy a chow chow puppy because chow chow are very unusual dogs. Chows tend to be a bit aloof and not all that friendly with strangers. However, the chow chow makes a very loyal companion to its owners. Chow chows tend to be quiet pets, preferring to keep to themselves. The chow chow is not the most playful type of dog, but they do need to be exercised regularly to keep healthy. In fact, some chows can be very lazy, so it’s up to their owners to make sure they go for a walk each day. How chows have some very unusual features, such as their blak or blue tongues. A chow chow’s tongue is not blue when it is born but gradually becomes darker as it grows older. Chow chows come in many different colours and sizes. A healthty chow chow might live for up to ten years or more. The chow chow, though a larger dog, can usually handle living in an apartment pretty well if they get out for walks fairly frequently. If one chow chow isn’t enough for you, you can buy more chow chow puppies from a chow chow breeder or you can breed chows yourself. If you’re a member of a chow chow club, you can look for a suitable mate for your chow chow. You should always be careful when buying a new dog if you already own one, especially with chow chows, because they can be very jealous and protective of their owners. Ti might be a good idea to test youe chow chow before buying a second dog, or any pet for that matter, to see how your chow chow will react. Borrow a friend’s dog for a weekend to see if your chow chow can learn to ge along with other animals.

Chows also need a lot of special care because they have very heavy coats that can become greasy and smelly and matted if not cleaned and combed on a regular basis, at least once a week. Chows also have very sensitive skin and can’t be washed too often, which makes regular grooming all the more important. Chows can also be messy dogs because they have a lot of hair, they drool a lot, and they are prone to having gland problems. Also, when buying a chow chow, you should consider the climate of the area you live in because tropical climates are not ideal for chow chows. Chows shows have very heavy coats and would be miserably hot and smelly in a very hot climate. Some chow chow owners claim that their chows have very few odor problems but there are plenty owners that would disagree. This can vary from chow chow to chow chow and also depends largely on their environment, health and how often their owners groom their coats.

Though chows can be wonderful dogs, they are not for everyone. It’s important that you know what you’re getting into before buying a chow chow because there are so many homeless chow chows that people bought and then realized it wasn’t the kind of dog they had in mind. Chow breeders especially hate to see a chow puppy neglected so they’re usually very careful about whom they sell their chow chow puppies to. If a chow chow breeder is putting their chow chow puppies up for sale, they might ask to meet with potential buyers beforehand to make sure they know what owning a chow chow is all about. IF you’d like to own a chow chow, you might consider adopting a homeless chow rather than buying chow chow puppies from a chow chow breeder. There are still plenty of homeless chow chows who’ve been abandoned by their owners and are still looking for a good home.

Though chows often prefer to keep to themselves, they should not be left alone for too long. If you have concerns about your chow’s behaviour or health, you can get quick answers and advice from other chow owners by becoming a member if a chow club online. If you think your chow chow has a serious health problem, you should take your chow chow to see a vet. Because chows have unusually straight back legs, they have a strange way of walking and can develop elbow problems.

Though chow chows are usually okay with children, they don’t get along very well with other dogs. Some chows are very afraid of other dogs and even animals much smaller than themselves. Though they look like lions, many chow chows are quite timid and easily frightened, especially when they’re young. Chows can bark quite loudly, which can be a problem if they’re not properly trained. Personally, I prefer my chow chow not to sleep in my room and I think my chow chow prefers it that way too because he likes to have his own space. Unlike a lot of other dog breeds, the chow chow doesn’t tend to ump on the furniture. This is largely because chow chows tend to be lazy and wouldn’t bother to jump up n anything. The chow chow is a very short stocky dog that was bred more for stregth than agility. The chow chow was first used in china for carrying loads and pulling weight around on the farms. It was also sometimes used for herding animal, though this is difficult to imagine. Chow chow dogs are also very well-behaved as puppies and can be trained, to an extent.

There is also a type of relish, made much in the same way as chutney, called chow chow. Chow chow is a pickled relish made with vegetables that tastes great with sausages or curry.