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Chinese Foo

There is some debate over the history of the Chinese foo dog. Of course, most people can agree that the Chinese foo’s origins are Chinese but it’s uncertain whether the Chinese foo was a cross between a chow chow and a northern European hunting dog or whether it was just a forgotten breed that’s only recently begun making a comeback. Chinese foo dogs do look a lot like Chinese chow chows. The chinese foo has a thick coat like the chow chow that comes in a variety of different colours and colour combinations. The chinese foo dog has a black muzzle and may have either a pinkish red or a bluish purple tongue. The chinese foo dog is good with children but should be tested with other animals before allowing new pets into the home. If you already have a pet, help your chinese foo to get used to it by socializing your foo dog as a puppy.

Chinese Foo Puppies

Chinese foo puppies aren’t that easy to come by because the chinese foo is a fairly rare breed, especially in north America. At the moment, a lot of kennel clubs don’t recognize the breed, so you don’t see chinese foos in dog shows. If you would like to get some chinese foo puppies, you might have an easier time finding some chinese foos in china.

Chinese Foo Breeders

Chinese foo breeders are mostly in china, simply because there aren’t a lot of chinese foo dogs anywhere else in the world. There are a few chinese foo dog owners in north America who are trying to promote the breed and get it recognized by various north American kennel clubs. However, you may have a hard time finding a chinese foo breeder because not a lot of people own two chinese foo dogs. If you’re really interested in getting a chinese foo dog of your own, you may have to look for a chinese foo breeder outside north America. Keep in mind that your chinese foo puppy won’t enjoy a very long plane or boat ride to come see you. If you like the look of the chinese foo dog more than anything, perhaps you should consider getting a chow chow instead. But beware, the chinese foo and the chow chow are not the same dog and can have very different personalities. This is part of the reason why rare breeds stay rare; it’s difficult to breed the dogs if not a lot of them exist.

Chinese Foo Dog Tattoos

Chinese foo dog tattoos are reserved for the real chinese foo dog enthusiast. If you’ve got a chinese foo dog of your own, you might like to get a custom designed tattoo of your chinese foo. Tattoos of chinese foos are usually in he upper arm, with the chinese foo climbing up or down. The chinese foo dog image is used in a lot of chinese art in the form of paintings, statues, and chinese foo tattoos. The chinese foo of chinese foo tattoos is usually very fierce-looking with a curly mane and large claws. The chinese foo tattoo is meant to be a symbol of courage. Some people prefer a more subtle chinese foo dog tattoo, like a tattoo of their chinese foo dog’s name. if you’re not exactly sure what sort of chinese foo tattoo you’d like to get, take some time to think about it. The chinese foo tattoo is usually a fairly detailed and can be very expensive to have removed. Often laser removal works well for small tattoos or line tattoos without too much filling but if you have a large chinese foo tattoo, laser removal could leave some scarring.

Chinese Foo Dog Statues

If you’re a chinese foo dog lover but you wouldn’t like to go so far as to get a chinese foo tattoo to express your love for chinese foo dogs, you might prefer a chinese foo dog statue. Like chinese foo dogs, chinese foo dog statues are not easy to come by. You can order chinese foo dogs on the internet plus the cost of shipping. Chinese foo dog statues are available in pewter, bronze, copper, gold, brass, or silver. If you’d like a chinese foo statue for your garden or bathroom or someplace where it might be expose to a lot of moisture, you’ll probably want either the gold or the copper statue. Though copper turns green if exposed to the elements without being cleaned, this will give your chinese foo dog statue a nice effect. If you get a gold foo dog statue for your garden, you won’t have to worry about it getting ruined in the rain or snow because gold is extremely weather resistant. However, you’ll have to guard your golf foo dog if you leave it outside in case someone tries to steal it, for the love of foo dogs or gold. If you have a chinese foo dog or two, they can help to guard your chinese foo dog statue. Apparently the chinese foo dog was originally bred for guarding the home. Many chinese foo dog owners buy small chinese foo dog statues to commemorate a brave act committed by their chinese foo dog. The story goes that the smallest puppy of the very first chinese foo litter was born with only three legs. This puppy was abandoned by his owners and taken in by a young boy who cared for the chinese foo dog. One day on his way home the young boy was playing with his chinese foo dog by the river and fell in. The boy couldn’t swim and his chinese foo puppy ran up to the road and got the attention of some passersby who managed to save the boy. A foo dog statue was erected in the village square to commemorate the courageous act of the three-legged foo dog.