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  • It’s Bachelorette Party Time!


    She’s getting married and vowing to live the rest of her life with the same man, till death do they part, so she absolutely deserves a bachelorette party! What a better way to give her single life the send off it deserves after all of good times, bad times and funny times that it’s brought her?! Also known as a ‘Stagette’—the female equivalent to a bachelor or stag party—it’s a fun way to celebrate a gal’s last night of fun as a singleton. Sure she’s not in the least bit sad to be getting married but a bachelorette party is a fun perk to being the bride-to-be and the last time that she will be able to drink her socks off, act crazy and dance around like a fool…until the wedding anyway.


    In case you didn’t know, the bachelorette party is generally limited to female guests and usually includes the playing of some fun games that lean towards the naughty. You are only limited by your imagination when it comes to planning a bachelorette and can do anything that you please. Whether you’re the bride planning your own party or you’re a part of the bridal party planning this for the bride-to-be; the more wild and crazy you can make it—within reason—the better! Choosing a venue is your first step and you should consider budget before anything else. Some suggestions; do it at someone’s home, at a bar or rent a hall. Things are bound to get noisy and maybe even a little rowdy so be careful when choosing to do it at someone’s home. I’m sure you know that a common practice is to hire a male stripper to come and entertain, so before considering doing it at her mother-in-law’s place, you may even want to opt for a strip joint instead to avoid getting in trouble! Once you’ve selected a venue and considered entertainment—if any—it’s time to move onto some of the smaller details.


    Adult novelty shops are a great resource if you’re looking for fun stuff for bachelorette parties because they seem to have everything the funny to the downright nasty! You can order things like bachelorette themed party accessories like plates, cups, napkins and hats and even some naughty loot bag items for guests! You can also get your hands on some really great gifts for the bride-to-be that are bound to have her future husband thanking you for years to come, if you know what I mean. They also carry things like t-shirts for the guests and the bride to wear on their night out so everyone knows what you’re celebrating and even little veils for the bride to wear as she whoops it up. If you’re at a loss as to what games to play, adult stores usually also have a variety of games made just for this special night. You can also visit just about any wedding website or web ring and find some fun game ideas to add to your list.


    A bachelorette party is all about giving the bride-to-be a fun night with the girls that she’ll forget. Take the time to think of her tastes and try to plan it around what she likes best since this party is about her. Avoid doing anything to offend anyone and focus on having as much fun as you can. That’s all you really need to make her bachelorette and awesome one.