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  •  There’s Nothing Quite Like Shopping



    Shopping can be an adventure. Are you shopping for something in particular? Is it feasible to shop out of state? If you are searching for something specific, it is often better to do your research online before you hit the stores. The internet is a powerful source of information. The best time to shop for an item is BEFORE you actually need. My suggestion is that if you are shopping for Christmas; do not wait until the last minute.


    The best time to shop is during the week when everyone else is working. Take a day off and spend it at the mall. Call a friend up and make a day of it. Organize a time to meet and where; plan to stay for lunch or a snack. The crowds will be light on weekdays, and easier to find that special something. Try to get there early too, as soon as the mall opens.


    During the holidays most malls will open extra early. As early as 6 a.m. in some cities, which means beat the crowds and be there early! Clerks are often more fresh first thing in the morning and more willing to help you find what you are looking for. Pick the best parking spot. If you get there early enough – pick a central parking spot close to a main door to a large department store. Some malls offer a valet service; use it.


    Don’t just shop. Take the time for a break and to take in the sights. Often when we shop – we got to a central location for a specific item and leave. We not only miss some of the stores at the mall, but we often miss a bargain that we would miss had we been rushing. Take your time.


    When you are dieting it is harder to shop all day when we know the mall offers many fast food alternatives. This doesn’t have to be a problem. Most malls offer a healthy choice or alternative to the ‘fast food’ of fries and fried foods. Don’t get discouraged. There are types of food that will boost your energy so you can continue to have a good day shopping. This would include a tuna salad sandwich on whole wheat bread. Stash a bottle of water in your purse so you don’t dehydrate while shopping.


    Don’t carry your packages around with you if you don’t have to. Try to see if the mall you visit has a package drop off service. If they do, please utilize it. The burden of carrying the extra weight on your shoulders and back might cause headaches and backaches. If you are leaving the mall after dark, check with mall security and they will surely be able to walk you out to your vehicle. When choosing your initial parking spot, take a look to see if there is a visible light near or over your car.


    Try to utilize all the facilities that are offered at your local mall. Taking a day off and shopping can be a very rewarding experience. Take a friend and enjoy your day!