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    A Look At Employment


    Many different countries strive to improve recognition of foreign-earned qualifications, training and experience to set a direction to help immigrants put their skills to work through employment. Several government ministries recognize the critical role of employers, educational institutions, professional regulatory organizations and immigrant-serving agencies in the labour market.


    There are certain policies and procedures that most countries must follow in the employment industry. There are strategies for the labour force, wage & salary information, regional labour market news, occupational demand and supply outlook, business awards; job & career fairs, career resources, youth connections, training supports. Each country has an employment rate which is also called the employment-to-population ratio which is the percentage of working-age people who have jobs. The employment rate shows a country’s ability to put its population to work and thereby generate income for its citizens. Countries with higher employment rates are likely to have higher standards of living also.


    Employment figures fluctuate each year and include part time workers. When there is an economic slow down the number of workers stay the same but the percentage of part time workers increase as people have a harder time finding full time work. Often you will hear of someone with 3 part time jobs because they can’t find a full time job that pays enough.


    When the economy starts to pick up – part time workers are often the first to be hired because the business is hesitant to hire full time employees just in case there is a slow down again. With most part time employees, the business does not have to worry about paying for benefits so it is easier to hire 5 part time employees instead of 2 full time employees.In these economic hard times, it is often hard to find employment that offers a person all they are looking for. There are lay offs and plant shut downs. These employees are often at the same plant for more than 30 years with little or no education; when the plan shuts down these people are struggling to find employment. They have mortgage payments and car payments and cannot survive on a part time job.


    Most countries have employment standards they must follow as a whole. There are policies and procedures in place to protect the company as well as the employees should there be an economic slide. There are unions and organizations that also protect the employee and their job. When the economy is not good, saving your job or seeking other employment gets harder. When a company shuts its doors after being in business for over 25 years, all those employees must now find work.  Especially now there are people working at jobs that they aren’t particularly happy with but they continue to do so because they don’t have a choice.


    There is help out there. Most cities offer Employment Help Centres where they help you re-do your resume and offer advice with interviews and the types of jobs you should apply for. Do your research and find the free services out there that are available to you.