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    Wisconsin is one of the 50 states in USA, situated in north central part of US. It borders 2 of the 5 Great Lakes as well as 4 U.S. states (Illinois, Michigan, Iowa and Minnesota). The capital of Wisconsin is Madison, as well as its major city is Milwaukee. The name Wisconsin have its sources in name known to Wisconsin River through Algonquian talking American Indian crowds staying in area at time of European contact. French traveler Jacques Marquette was 1st European to arrive at the Wisconsin River as well as record its name, arriving in the year 1673 as well as calling the river Meskousing in his journal. This spelling was afterwards corrupted to Ouisconsin by additional French explorers, as well as over the time this edition turned out be the French name for both Wisconsin River and nearby lands. English speakers anglicized spelling to its contemporary form when they started to land in bigger numbers in the early nineteenth Century. The present spelling was made official by legislature of the Wisconsin Territory in 1845.


    Through the way of its several variations, Algonquian source remark for Wisconsin and its unique meaning have both developed vague. Interpretations vary; however most associate the river as well as red sandstone which line its banks. One most important theory holds that the word initiated from Miami word Meskonsing, which means "it lies red," a reference to setting of Wisconsin River as it flows by reddish sandstone of Wisconsin Dells. Many other theories have also been extensively exposed, comprising claims that name derived from one of various Ojibwa words which means "red stone place," "great rock”, "gathering of waters,".


    In the year 1634, Frenchman Jean Nicolet turned the 1st European to discover what was to become Wisconsin. He discovered the Green Bay colony. In the subsequent 150 years, region was developed mainly through French fur traders. France after that transferred the region to the Britain in the year 1763. The US obtained the Wisconsin region after Revolution in the year 1783; however it remained below de facto British control till the War of 1812. The 19th century saw resolution by "Yankees" (New Englanders as well as the people from upstate NY), German, Cornish miners, Scandinavian in addition to Swiss settlers.


    Wisconsin, surrounded by states of Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota and Illinois, as well as Lakes Michigan and Superior, has been the part of US’s region ever since the end of American Revolution; Wisconsin Territory (which comprised parts of other present states) was created on 3 July 1836. Wisconsin approved its constitution on 13 March 1848, as well as was admitted to Union on 29 May 1848, as 30th state.


    A border argument with Michigan was completed by 2 cases, both Wisconsin v. Michigan, in 1935 and 1934. Wisconsin's economy was initially based on farming, lumbering and mining. In 20th century, sightseeing turned significant, and a lot of people staying on previous farms transformed to work somewhere else. Large scale industrialization started in late 19th century in southeast of state, with city of Milwaukee as its main center.