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  • Mary Washington Alumni Blog Community
    This blog community was created to create an online community of Mary Washington Alumni.

  • the gangs community
    This is a community of my freinds, and me, and if you live in Christiansburg Virginia, e-mail me your site and ill add it, mabey... my e-mail is darkskullkights@yahoo.com

  • Beautiful Virginia


    The Commonwealth of Virginia is an American state on Atlantic Coast of Southern US. The word Virginia relates to Queen Elizabeth I, who was recognized as the "Virgin Queen" since she did not marry. The state is even recognized as "Old Dominion" and at times "Mother of Presidents", since it is birthplace of 8 U.S. presidents. The state is geologically shaped by Blue Ridge Mountains plus Chesapeake Bay, residence to much of state's ecology. The capital of commonwealth is Richmond, Virginia Beach is a most densely inhabited city, and Fairfax County is most crowded political division. The state populace is more than seven million.


    The roots of contemporary Virginia outline back to origin of Virginia Colony in the year 1607 by Virginia Company in London as first enduring innovative World English camp. Slavery played the major task in Virginia's early politics and economy. Virginia turned out to be one of the 13 Colonies in American Revolution and consequently joined Confederacy in American Civil War. Though conventionally traditional and historically part of South, contemporary Virginia is the politically aggressive state for both the foremost national parties.


    Virginia has a financial system with a number of sectors, comprising federal agencies, agricultural production, like The Pentagon, in the Northern Virginia, plus military bases in the Hampton Roads, residence to the area's main harbor. The increase of the media and tools sectors have made computer chips the nation's principal export, with industry based on strength of Virginia's universities and public schools. College sports are followed by many around the state. Areas where state is lagging behind comprise obesity avoidance and ecological protection.


    Virginia has a region of 42,774 square miles making it 35th biggest state by region. Virginia is surrounded by Maryland and District of Columbia to north and the east; Atlantic Ocean to east; by the North Carolina as well as Tennessee to south; by Kentucky to west as well as by West Virginia to north and the west. Because of a peculiarity of Virginia's unique charter, its border with Maryland never expand past low-water spot of southern coast of Potomac River, therefore Maryland as well as District of Columbia hold the entire width of river more willingly than dividing it among them as well as Virginia. The southern border is described as 36°30' parallel north, although surveyor error has directed to significant deviations.


    The Chesapeake Bay divides most of neighboring portion of Commonwealth from 2 county peninsula of the Virginia's Eastern Shore. A lot of Virginia's rivers flow in the Chesapeake Bay, comprising the Potomac, James, Rappahannock and York. These shape 3 peninsulas to the Chesapeake. Geographically as well as geologically, Virginia is divided in 5 regions from the east to the west: Tidewater, Piedmont, Ridge and Valley, Blue Ridge Mountains and Cumberland Plateau. The Virginia seismic region has not had the record of normal activity. Earthquakes are seldom over 4.5 on Richter magnitude scale since Virginia is situated centrally on North American Plate. The biggest earthquake, at 5.9 magnitudes, was in the year 1897 in Blacksburg. In addition to coal, resources like slate, kyanite, and gravel and sand are mined, with a yearly value more than $2 billion.