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    This community is for bloggers in the Austin, TX area. Or bloggers who wish they were in the Austin, TX area. Or bloggers who used to be in the Austin, TX area but aren't, anymore.

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    If your site is related to the great state of Texas, join this community. We are looking for maximum exposure of our sites to those looking to find out more about TX. Community Owner will be quick to add your site (no adult sites please).

  • Texas Moms
    Are you a mom in or from the *Great State of Texas* and do you have a blog or a family friendly website? If so, join us!

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    Bloggers that are current or former students of Texas A&M University. Gig 'Em Aggies! Whoop!

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    A blog for Cops and Robbers, Husband and Wives, Friends and Enemies. Practically ANYONE wanting to increase readership and blog traffic.

  • Christian Texas Bloggers
    This is a brand new community to link the Christian Texas Bloggers together!

  • The Great State of Texas


    Texas is in the center and south of the U.S., nicknamed Lone Star State. Texas is the second largest state in the U.S., both in area and population, which is 268,820 kilometers ² (696,200 km2) and with an increase in the population of 24, 3 million inhabitants. Houston is the largest city and the fourth in the U.S., while Dallas-Fort Worth urban area (also known as the Metroplex) is the largest city of the state and the fourth place in the nation. Other major cities are in San Antonio and Austin, the capital.

    The term "six flags of Texas," come from countries that have claimed territory. Spain was the first European country to claim Texas. France was a colony of short duration in Texas, Mexico of goods in the region until 1836, when Texas won its independence and became an independent republic.

    At the beginning of the 1900s, the discovery of oil has an economic upswing in the state. Texas has the economy diversified. It has a more and more in high technology, biomedical research and higher education. The consumption of gross domestic product of the state is the second highest in the nation the first oil wells in Texas was Spindletop, south of Beaumont, 10 January, 1901. Other areas were later discovered in the area, in eastern Texas, west Texas and the Gulf of Mexico. The oil boom "finally processed” Texas economy. The average oil production to three million barrels per day at its peak in 1972 because of the fees is an important source of income for the Permanent Fund of the University of Texas, the state universities.

    On 22 November 1963 in Dallas, Texas, Lee Harvey Oswald killed President John F. Kennedy. John B. Connally which was the governor at that time was also seriously injured in the incident, but survived. The Air Force One at the airport, Dallas Love Field, Vice President Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson Texans Bains was sworn in as the next president.


    Caves Cave waterfall is only available in Texas, a cascade of 100 feet below ground, and it is in our own backyard! Located in the mountains, in a small town called Boerne, exit # 543 from Interstate 10 to the Cascade Caverns Road, just minutes from San Antonio. This cave is a miracle in itself. The cave is about 140 meters deep and half a mile long. In this long journey one could see incredible rooms, sparkling waterfalls and rock formations on the ceiling of the cave. The cave is a rainforest! The caves are open every day and the temperature in the cave is a cool 68 degrees in one year! The cave is a part of 105 acres full of wildlife and tourist attractions. The park is equipped with bar-b-wells and the tables. Bring the family and one day.


    Longhorn Cavern State Park is another gem which is located in Burnet, Texas; this cave is a great team and a good place to visit. Longhorn Cave is one of the few caves that have been strengthened by rivers. There is every day visit the cave. The tour takes visitors into the caves to see all the wonders that the river size. There are rocks and other odd to see.

    There are also special guided tours and are accessible only to the reserves, and will be for the grave, which speleologists.