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  • The Confederate Community!
    I created this community 7 years ago to help restore the belief and hope to save our Southern Heritage,I invite anyone interested in DIXIE to join us for a worthy cause.

  • All Things Tennessee
    A community started in December, 2005 to link together family-friendly sites celebrating the many reasons why Tennessee is such a special place.

  • Good Ol' Tennessee


    Located in the central part of the southeastern United States, the state of Tennessee is located between the Mississippi River in the west and the Appalachians in the east. Tennessee is the boundary between the North and South. Tennessee has an internal conflict, which has roots in the civil war. While the south of the Union and secession in the north. This difference is still visible in certain moments in time to test the difference between the plains and mountains.


    Other interesting facts about Tennessee are:


    1) Tennessee got its name from the word "Tanas," a word in the Cherokee language and the name of a small town in the Tennessee River. The river is rumored that the name of the people and the region was named after the Tennessee River.


    2) The game is in Tennessee, is a terrain and dense green forests and scrubland. This area was mainly for the pioneers and farmers invaluable. This was an isolated area until the beginning of the 20th Century. West at the time thriving agriculture and cotton with the rest of the country by the Mississippi River. The central region also has good connections and a prosperous economy.


    3) Tennessee is divided into three areas in which each of its regional center:


    East Tennessee - Knoxville and Chattanooga

    Middle Tennessee - the capital city of Nashville - the largest metropolis

    West Tennessee - Memphis - largest city, on the basis of population


    4) The State of Tennessee is also known by the name of the state, voluntary work, in recognition of the value of the display of volunteers, the most in the history of the wars of the 18th and 19th century. Tennessee was crawled for the first time by Europeans and those used by the Cherokee, after the start of Uche. Cherokee Tennessee and finally claimed the Choctaws claim the central region of the Shawnee, namely the reduction of Cumberland area. The West Tennessee closed, between the rivers (Mississippi and Tennessee), was at the request of the Chickasaw.


    5) Then came the British and the FT. Loudon, 1756. This was in eastern Tennessee and the Treaty of hard work in 1763 for the settlement of Virginia and North Carolina. The first government was in Tennessee in 1771 and was Watauga Association.


    6) Since the state of Tennessee's history is connected to the military career of Andrew Jackson and his campaigns in India and his wars in the Battle of New Orleans, the Chickasaws have been adopted by the United States Government as a matter of policy, and have been in Oklahoma. Tennessee, with some 400 civilians has been battling along its borders and a wide range of epidemics had serious consequences for the population after the war.


    With that role in the American Civil War and training in the United States of America, Tennessee is a place to visit and culture and the history of America. Not only that, Tennessee has much to offer in terms of its rich culture of the cowboy, the western lifestyle, country music, whiskey, and beautiful scenery. Prepare your luggage, shoes and accessories and the past come alive. Let your children, your children, cowboy boots and hats, John Deere, therefore, a part of this adventure.