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  • Sons and Daughters of the South
    A meeting place for the Southern born, whether or not they are living in the South. Because, even if a Southerner lives far away from his birthplace, he or she is a Southerner at heart.{;}

  • The American Patriot
    The American Patriot is a community for any group, forum, page or website that proudly displays it's pride and affection for the great United States Of America!

  • Wicked Good!
    Welcome to the Wicked Good! community. If you have a website or an online business that includes content or products with a New England theme, please do consider joining the Wicked Good! community. It's a great way to drive traffic to your site!

  • Society and Culture


    Society and Culture is an integral part of any human race or civilization. Right from the time of stone age to iron age from our primitive days to the medieval and to the modern days, every phase of the evolution of ‘homosapians’ or man, has been through generations of ‘society’ and ‘culture’, some of which are so rich in heritage that it outlives any of our genre.


    Starting from the sketches of ‘Altamira Caves’ from primitive history to the ‘Fresco’ paintings of the medieval period, civilizations across the world have thrived on the rich social and cultural heritages, that had evolved around the same. At every step of human civilization and its growth, society and culture has played a very important role in defining the strength of its Race, the Caste and the Creed; differentiating one Race or Civilization from the other, creating the stronger race from the weaker ones; making the Ruler and the ruled; leading to man’s everlasting lust for power and greed.


    It has been seen in history, that the race with richer and stronger social and cultural heritage has always been the most powerful amongst its contemporary and has always ruled the weaker races with mediocre cultural stature. If we look at the Greek or Roman civilizations it is their rich cultural heritage that has made them the most powerful nations in their times. Society defines the basic structure of any civilization, where the richness comes from the culture of the same. The culture truly depicts how the various entities comprising the society behaves within the periphery or the limits of the civilization; how it evolves over the period of time and how it grows in its richness and make its true identity.


    At its root, any society with its rich cultural heritage owe its flourish to its ruler, the king or the emperor, who is not only the epitome of the power or the nation, but also its rich heritage and culture, cause it is he who writes the law of the land, its governance and proclaims how the nation or the empire is run. This in turn leads to the common people how they live or prosper and in turn contributes and enrich the cultural heritage of any civilized society.


    Even in the modern Indian history, the Mughals have shown the world that how the rulers have crafted the rich cultural legacies from the time of Babar, whose invasion from Persia to the Asian subcontinent laid the foundation of the largest Muslim Empire in world history, till the time of Akbar, the epitome of greatness; during whose time, the culture and social stature of the Mughal empire reached its zenith; which slowly down-slided and reached its nadir during the rule of Aurangzeb; thus slowly leading to the death-nail of the Mughals with the final submission of the Delhi thrown to the British Raj, thus paving the path towards inheritance of the rich English culture, which rewrote the history of Modern India.