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    Susquehanna County Pennsylvania, a very beautiful part of the world. It is the world I grew up in. If you are from or ever visited or even a little impressed with it, join my community!!!

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    Bloggers with any association with Swarthmore College or Swarthmore, Pennsylvania (citizen, staff, student, alumni, faculty, etc.) are welcomed.

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    A great way to browse the websites of Fire / Rescue /Ems departments in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania.

  • It's All About Pennsylvania


    The Commonwealth of the Pennsylvania usually colloquially referred to as PA (its postal abbreviation that succeeds the ancient Penn. as well as Penna. as general abbreviations) by Northeasterners and natives is the state situated in Middle and Northeastern Atlantic regions of United States. The state limits Maryland and Delaware to south, West Virginia to southwest, Ohio to west, Canada and New York to north, as well as New Jersey to east. The state's most inhabited cities are Allentown, Philadelphia and Pittsburgh.


    Pennsylvania has been recognized as Keystone State ever since 1802 based in fraction upon its middle site amongst the unique 13 Colonies forming United States. It was even keystone state cheaply, having both industry general to North, preparing such wares like Conestoga rifles and wagons, plus the agriculture ordinary to South, creating feed, fiber, tobacco and food. An additional of Pennsylvania's pet names is Quaker State; in regal times, it was recognized formally as Quaker Province, in respect of Quaker William Penn's 1st Frame of Government establishment for Pennsylvania that assured freedom of conscience. He knew of hostility Quakers looked when they opposed spiritual rite, taking oaths, war, violence as well as military service, as well as what they analyzed as the pretentious frippery.


    Pennsylvania has fifty one miles (82 km) of the coastline along side Lake Erie plus 57 miles (92 km) of shoreline along Delaware Estuary. Pennsylvania is 170 miles north to the south as well as 283 miles (455 km) east to the west. Of the total 46,055 square miles, 44,817 square miles are land, 490 square miles are inland waters and 749 square miles are waters in Lake Erie. It is 33rd biggest state in the US.


     The boundaries of state are Mason-Dixon Line in south, Delaware River in the east, 80° 31' W on west, and 42° N parallel on north, along with exception of short section on western end, where the triangle expands north to the Lake Erie. Pennsylvania limits 6 other states: New Jersey to east; New York to north; Delaware as well as Maryland southeast; Ohio to west and West Virginia southwest. It has cities of Philadelphia in south-east, Pittsburgh in south-west, Scranton as well as Wilkes-Barre in north east and Erie in north-west, with the state capitol Harrisburg on Susquehanna River in central region of commonwealth.


    Pennsylvania's varied geography even produces a range of climates. Straddling 2 main zones, southeastern corner of state has warmest weather. Greater Philadelphia lies at southernmost tip of humid continental weather zone, with a few characteristics of moist subtropical weather that lies in Maryland and Delaware to south. Moving toward mountainous interior of state, the weather becomes noticeably colder, number of cloudy days augments, plus winter snowfall amounts are better. Western areas of state, chiefly cities close to Lake Erie, can get more than 100 inches (254 cm) of snowfall yearly, as well as the complete state gets plentiful rainfall all through the year.