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  • Ohio Masonic Community
    This community is for the Masonic community in Ohio.

  • Looking at Ohio: Past, Present and Future


    The name "Ohio" is derived from the Seneca word Ohi:yo’, which is inferred to mean "beautiful river" or "great power". The name was first applied on Ohio and the Allegheny River. Ohio is located in Mid-west of the U.S. In the Great Lakes region, it has long been a cultural and geographic center in North America during the time of the European occupation and also during the years following the Americans in Ohio especially in Shawnee, Iroquois, Miami and Wyandotte. Beginning in 1700, was the field of the people of New England. Mid-Atlantic States, the Appalachians and the upper South. Ohio has the highest population density in a country outside the East Coast, and is the seventh largest state in the U.S. in the population.

    In the 18th century French introduced a system to get control on fur market. France and Britain fought war in 1754 known as French-Indian war; at the end they had a treaty known as “treaty of Paris” according to that the French has the control of Ohio and the rest of the Old Northwest to Great Britain.


     Columbus is the capital city of Ohio which is located in the center of the state. The executive staff consists of six officers: Governor and Lieutenant Governor, Secretary of State Prosecutor general and treasurer. Ted Strickland has resigned as governor in January 2007. The branch of the laws of the government of Ohio, Ohio General Assembly consists of two chambers - the Senate with 33 members and the Chamber of Deputies, 99 members. The Judiciary is determined by the highest court, which is a leader of the Justice and justices. In six members of the Federal Government of the United States, Ohio, has 18 seats

    In Ohio, the climate is a humid continental climate, in most cases the state, except in the southern provinces, far from the blue grass of Ohio region. Summers are hot and humid in general throughout the country. During winters the air is generally cold.  In general, there are a smaller number of tornadoes in Ohio. The highest recorded temperature is 113 ° F (45 C) in the vicinity of Gallipolis on July 21, 1934. The lowest temperature ever recorded was -39 ° F (-39 C) Milligan, February 10, 1899.

    Ohio is a leading manufacturer of machinery, tire and rubber, steel, processed foods tools and other manufactured products, there are also some well-known products of the Ohio including Procter & Gamble products, Smuckers jams and jellies, and Day-Glo paints.There are also many car plants in Ohio, the producers of cars, including Jeep plant in Toledo, where vehicles have been since the first version in the World War II. "Honda, Ford and General Motors have automotive plants in Ohio.

    Two major parks, Cedar Point Reyes and Iceland, are very good source of income for tourism industry. However, Ohio making itself a tourist’s destinations and tourism is becoming a major industry in Cleveland, especially medical tourism. In 2007, the Bureau of Economic Analysis of the estimated gross state product was $466.3 billion, ranks 7th in the nation. If the Ohio were a country then it would be ranking 17th in GDP after Netherlands and Belgium. In 2003, per capita person income was $ 30,129, which is 25th in the country. Ohio agricultural products are soybeans, milk

    Products, corn, tomatoes, pigs, cattle, poultry and eggs. Its Industrial products are transportation equipment, fabricated metal products, machinery, food processing and Electrical equipment. Ohio State University (OSU) is a public university in the state of Ohio. It was built on land granted for university in 1870 it is currently largest individual campus in the United States. U. S. News & World Report ranked it the most read undergraduate of the universities in the U.S. State of Ohio as the 19th best Public Sector University and the 56th among all universities in America.
    According to US News the Fisher College of Business of the Ohio State University ranks 12th in America, It was ranked 29th in MBA program by The Economist. In Foreign Policy magazine recently ranked it the 15 best doctoral programs in the world for the research of international relations. Faculty comprises of many Nobel laureate physicist, twenty members of the National Academy of Sciences of the National Academy of Engineering, four members of the Institute of Medicine, and 159 elected fellows of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. Ohio State
    Main campus is located in the city of Columbus. Its 1755 hectares (7 km2) is approximately 2.5 Mile (4.0 kilometers) north of the city of Montreal. Four buildings are currently National Register of Historic Places: Enarson Hall, Hayes Hall, Ohio Stadium, and Orton Hall. Overall, Ohio State, the 18 largest university research libraries in the North America, with a collection of more than 5.8 million volumes. In addition, libraries have about 35,000 titles in the series on a regular basis.