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    Community in dedication to all web masters whom have a weblog and live in New York.

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    New York United is committed to putting a webpage online for every city, town, county, and region in the state. Our site covers everything from trivia to history, to recreation, maps to travel resources, shopping,romance and more.

  • New York: A View of The Big Apple        


    New York city – the ‘city that never sleeps’, conjures up in our mind a bustling city with sky-scrappers, busy streets and crowded subways, the panoramic Manhattan Skyline, the most famous cable bridge, the State Empire Building and of course the reminiscence of what remained in history as once symbol of global power of economy- the ‘Twin Towers of World Trade Centre’.


    New York is not only the largest city in the state but also in the whole of United States, and is often referred to in history as the ‘gateway for immigrations’ to the promise land, being the center of financial and manufacturing hub. Historically, the city and the state was named in the17th century by the then Duke of York, James Stuart who went on to became James II of England and Scotland.              


    Geographically, New York is in the middle of Atlantic and Northeastern Regions of the United States and is said to be the third most populous state; bordered in the south by picturesque New Jersey and Pennsylvania and Vermont, Massachusetts and Connecticut in the east.  The New York state also has a maritime border with Rhode Island to the east of Long Island and also an international border to its north with the Canadian lake province of Ontario and Quebec


    With the hustle and bustle of a city which seems to look like a ‘concrete jungle’, one can hardly imagine that in contrast to its truly urbanized atmosphere, the vast majority of the New York state is actually a vast expanse of farm lands, rivers, mountains, forests and lakes, with Adirondack Park being the largest state park in the whole of US; which is actually larger that the Grand Canyon, Yosemite, Glacier, Yellowstone and Olympic National Parks put together. New York state first set up a state park in the US at Niagara Falls in the year 1885, which is a very popular tourist attraction.


    Climatically, NYC is very cold in the winters, mainly in the Plateau Divisions of the state; wherein the majority of the state the average temperature varies between –25 degrees Celsius to –15 degrees Celsius with northern highlands being the coldest. Much of the upstate New York in the western and central parts, the climate is typically affected by the lake-effect snow-falls; which results in the high snowfalls in the region annually. The metro area of NYC is comparatively milder than the rest of the state, because of its proximity to the Atlantic, which also gets shielded by the hilly northern and western terrain.


    The most important landmark of New York City and the State is the Statue of Liberty which was a gift from France to the United States, in commemoration of the Centennial of the American Declaration of Independence. The iconic Statue of Liberty was installed at the New York Harbor on October 28, in the year 1886.


    New York is predominantly a catholic state with other religions like Protestants being closely behind along with Muslims, Jews, and Buddhists with a strong 13% of the population claiming no religious affiliation.