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    The "New Jersey NetRing" is for websites about New Jersey and by residents of New Jersey. If you have a webpage about New Jersey, join today! If you have more than one, you may add all of them.

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    Community for the resort town of Asbury Park, NJ. Features websites about history, buildings, news and the town itself. All sites must be family friendly, and cannot contain anything questionable.

  • New Jersey USA – The Garden State          


    New Jersey is located in the northeastern regions of the United States and is bordered in the east by Atlantic Ocean, New York in the north, Delaware in the southwest and Pennsylvania in the west. It is somewhat sandwiched between the sprawling New York and Philadelphia.


    History says that about 180 million years ago during the ‘Jurassic period’, New Jersey was then bordered by North Africa, which collided with the Northern America and gave rise to the Appalachian Mountains; the source of many glaciers, which subsequently moved towards New Jersey and later, resulted in many rivers, swamps and gorges. The Native Americans originally inhabited New Jersey. With many organized tribal groups being dominant which had encountered the Europeans in the early 1600s and their primary relation being thro’ mutual trade in fur and agro products. Although the Native Americans mostly populated it for nearly 3000 years, Swedes and Dutch were the first amongst the European Settlers to come to this state in the 1600s. New Jersey is bordered in the west by Pennsylvania across Delaware River, on the northeast by New York, on the east by Atlantic Ocean and on the southwest by Delaware across the Delaware Bay. Few prominent geographic features being the Delaware Water Gap, The Highlands, New Jersey Meadowlands, Pine Barrens, South Mountains and the Great Swamp National Wildlife Ridge.


    The Climate in New Jersey is divided into regions, the south, central and northeast where northeast experiences subtropical climate and the northwest experiencing continental climate. Summers are hot and sweaty with mercury soaring upto 31 degrees and often going down to 15 degrees Celsius. Winters are cold and chilly with average temperatures being 3-8 degrees but often going down till –3 degrees as well. Average annual rainfall ranges from 43- 51 inches and is fairly spread over the year. Average snowfall is around 10-15 inches in the south and near the seacoast, wherein the highest being in the central reaching upto 40-50 inches of snowfall. Thunderstorms are also cited during the summers and nor’easters and blizzards during the end winter and the onset of spring.


    Based on the natural geography and population demography, New Jersey is divided into five regions with the northeastern part being called the Gateway Region lies with the New York metropolitan areas wherein common people could commute to work daily. Truly speaking, geographically, New Jersey is actually divided into three zones, North, South and Central Jersey, with some people considering Central Jersey, a region by itself.


    As per 2006 census, there are 8.7 million population in New Jersey with nearly 3.7% rise in population than the previous census in 2000. This increase is mostly attributed to a large population migtating from other parts of the United States. The percapita inclome in 2004 was pegged at US$ 33,041, with its median household income being the highest at US$ 55, 146 with the State holding the highest percentage of millionaires in the whole of USA.


    The economy of the State is dependant on its pharmaceutical industry, chemical plants, telecom, food processing, electrical equipment manufacturing, printing and publishing and tourism along with its agrico produces of dairy, nursery stock, vegetables, fruits , nuts and  seafoods. Thus New Jersey has the most balanced economy with industry complimented with its agriculture backup.