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  • From Glitz to Deserts – Nevada Has it All


    The State of Nevada is situated in the western part of the United States, with Carson City being the State Capital and (Vive) Las Vegas, the largest city of the State. Nicknamed in history as ‘the Silver State’ because of its fame due to large deposits of the shiny metal and the mining happened during the mid nineteenth century, it was the 36th state to join the Union side during the American Civil War. 

    Nevada is the seventh largest in the US and geographically covers the Great Basin in the north and the cold Mojave Desert in the south. US Federal Govt. owns majority of the state land under the military and civilian jurisdictions; where nearly 2.6 million people contributing about 85% of the country’s population lives around the metropolitan areas of Las Vegas. The state is one of the few US states known for its pomp and grandeur and the plush lifestyle it demurs arising out of its easy going marriage, equally fast divorces, splurging entertainments, legalized Gambling, and legalized harlotry in few counties.

    Nevada, by virtue of its landscape, is a desert country, with much of the northern part of the state is covered by the Great Plain Desert. Thus the summer is hot and the winter is freezing cold; with moisture from the Arizona monsoon causes occasional thunderstorms in summer. Also the pacific storms often cover the area with seasonal snow. The temperature varies between 28 – 50 degrees Celsius with Laughlin being the hottest place in the state during summer. In winter, the mercury often falls to –7 degrees Celsius with many parts having longer spell. But the southern part of the state has milder and short winter. Average annual rainfall in the state is about 7 inches with the wettest part receiving nearly 40 inches of rain wherein most of the rainfall takes place in the lee sides (eastern and north eastern slopes) of the Sierra Nevada Range.

    Nevada has five bordering states namely California in the west, Utah in the east, Arizona in the southeast, Oregon in the northwest and Idaho in the northeast. For better state administration and control, Nevada is divided into ‘counties’, which have independent political jurisdictions, and as of now there are 17 counties in the state.

    In the year 1861, March 2, the then Nevada Territory politically separated from the Utah Territory and adopted its present day’s name from the Sierra Nevada Range and was called ‘Nevada’ meaning ‘snowy range’ in Spanish. This was a significant event for the Federal Government, wherein in the year 1864 the 36th State was born to the United States of America, with the two wars of the Mountain Meadows and Utah happening in between 1857 –58. This event was also quite significant in the post-Civil War era, to pave way for the re-election of Abraham Lincoln and the dominance of the US Congress.

    Las Vegas is the center-spot of this otherwise a Mining State, where silver mining had shaped the economic prosperity, prior to the pomp and splurge of the Gambling dens. Apart from the havens of the celebrity marriages and scandalous divorces, Nevada is also a popular nuclear testing ground of the US Nuclear programs, at the Nevada Test Site amidst the desert.