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  • Missouri Blogs
    This is a community for bloggers who live or are from the state of Missouri. Pretty simple! Whether you pronounce is Missouree or Missourah, this is the community for you.

  • Beautiful Missouri
    Missouri is an American State with a mix of urban and rural culture and with demographic, political and economic makeup of any developed nation. It has got a fair mix of Midwestern and southern culture and is reflected in American history as a ‘border state’, which often referred to as a transition between the eastern and western provinces. Missouri’s geography is widely varied, with the northern part of the state lying in the plains, wherein the southern part lies in the Ozark Mountains, with the picturesque Missouri river flowing in between. St. Louis forms the confluence of the Missouri and Mississippi rivers, names of which are often taken in one breadth. 

    Apart from Tennessee, Missouri is the only state in the US, which is bordered by eight states; with Iowa in the north, across the Mississippi river on the east by Illinois and Kentucky and Tennessee, on the western frontier by Oklahoma, Kansas and beautiful country of Nebraska and on the south by the state of Arkansas.  The two largest rivers in the state are the Missouri and the Mississippi, which forms the eastern border of the state of Missouri and flows from west to east connecting the cities of Kansas and St. Louis.


    Climatically Missouri has a continental climate with humid and sweaty hot summers and a very cold winter. While the southern part of the state has a humid subtropical climate, the interiors often experiences extreme temperatures; influenced by the cold air of the Artic and the hot and humid air from the nearby Gulf of Mexico.


    In history, Missouri is often referred to as a ‘gateway to the west’ cause it was the port of departure for the people who settle in the west; wherein river traffic and trade formed the backbone of the state’s economy. The state was the epicenter of the catastrophic New Madrid earthquake in 1812, which was stated to be one of the worst natural calamities since the founding of the state.


    The major ancestry groups in Missouri are Germans, Irish, French and Americans with Native Americas, African Americans and the European Americans whose ancestors have settled in the US for a long time. The largest religious communities are the Protestants which formed about 60% of the population conforming any religion, with Catholics contributing about 10 % of the same, where about 20% of the total population do not affiliate to any religion either.

    An analysis by the American Bureau of Economic Analysis estimates that the total state produce (GDP) was US$ 225.9 in the year 2006, when the per capita income was US$32, 707 which was ranked 26th in the US; with major industries being Chemicals, Transportation equipments, printing and publishing, aerospace, electrical light machineries and alcohol namely beer. The agriculture produce of the state is mainly soybeans, beef, pork meat, hay, corns, dairy products, poultry and eggs. Thus Missouri had a balanced economy with industrial growth kept abreast with the agriculture base, with wine being a rapidly growing state’s agro-venture.