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  • A Look into Michigan


    Michigan is a state in the Midwest of the United States of America. It was named after Lake Michigan, whose name is an adaptation of Ojibwe mishigami French term meaning "great Water "or" lake ".

    Michigan is the eighth most famous state in the United States. It has the longest
    Coastal communities of freshwater in the world, four of the five Great Lakes, Lake Saint
    Clear. In 2005 in Michigan, is third in the number of yachts California and Florida. Total lakes in Michigan are 12000. A person is more than ever six miles (10 km) to a natural source of water, more than 87.2 miles (137 km) in the greater region Lagos coast.

    The state is the only state entirely of two peninsulas. The Lower Peninsula, whose name was originally developed in Michigan, is also under the name "because" by the form. When asked where in Michigan comes from, a resident of the Lower Peninsula -- often point the most important part of hand. Upper Peninsula is the Baja Peninsula by a Mackinac Straits five miles (8 km) in the chain between Lake Huron in Michigan.

    French yachts explored Michigan in 17th century and then he settled here. After than European settlers begun to come in Michigan, the first European settlement was made in 1641. Economy of Michigan was under a major change in the threshold in the 20 Century. After the birth of automotive industry, Henry Ford of the first factory in Highland Park was the beginning of a new era in transportation. As for the steam and the railways is an ambitious development. Most of the forms of public transport, car, and privacy processed.

    Michigan held its U.S. primary elections of 1910 and in 1920 the first radio (Detroit radio station) WWJ broadcast regular commercial programs. However during that decade, some of the largest and most elegant Skyscrapers have been in the city. Especially noteworthy are the Fisher building, Cadillac Place, and the guardian of the historic national landmarks. With more than ten million people in Michigan, continues to grow and remains a large and influential State, the eighth largest in population among the fifty states.
    The capital of Michigan is Lansing which is home of the three parts of the federal government. Lansing is the capital of Michigan since 1879 and has the status of the executive and Legislature since. Jennifer Granholm is the Governor of the state which the Chief Executive of state.

    On July 6 1854 the first official meeting of the Republican Party held in Jackson, Michigan and then dominated Michigan till the Great Depression. But since last five presidential elections, Michigan is supporting Democrats. In 2008, Barack Obama, won the state over John McCain, he won the seventeen electoral votes with 57% of total votes. The Democrats have in each of the last nine of the last ten, fifteen and past eighteen U.S. Senate election in Michigan. Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm, is also a Democratic, recently won the mid-term election to beat Republican candidate Dick Devos.

    Information technology, life sciences, and advanced manufacturing are the back bones of Michigan's economy. Michigan is better known for its huge automobile industry. Michigan is the fourth nationally in the jobs of high technology, with 568,000 high tech workers, including 70,000 automotive industries. Michigan, usually is the third or fourth of the total development spending in the U.S. Some of the most important industrial / products / services to manufacturers of automobiles, cereal products, information, aerospace, military equipment, copper, iron and furniture.