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  • Localities: Talkin’ ‘Bout the USA


    Talking about a country usually involves the speaker adopting a general point of view for the entire discussion. As such, the history of the country may be discussed, its political structure maybe, or even their culture as a nation. When taking this point of view in talking about a certain country or state, the micro aspect of the subject is taken for granted since a broad perspective encompasses everything without going into the little details that make up the country or state in the first place. While the cultural, historical and political background may provide the necessary information to deem the discussion of a certain country relevant, it is always important to discuss in a micro perspective, taking into account the people of the country and the various areas they live in, how they differ from each other, what makes them unique and interesting. Localities will always have something different from each other. Something that makes them distinctly a locality. It serves as their identity—the label by which they live up to by being locals.


    The United States of America—a country of that size has a huge number of localities. One distinct from the other with their own regional identity. These identities are take into heart as eagerly and as patriotically as being citizens of the country while some traits are inherently there but people aren't aware of them. Localities can refer to the people living in the area or even the area itself. Localities are an interesting topic when trying to talk about a country because a country is made up of different localities, one that is as different from the other as they are alike. For an example, there is always more to be said when the person is perceived as a New Yorker rather than just an American.


    As mentioned, different localities in the USA have different and distinct personalities. These distinctions often develop into stereotypes. The typical New Yorker local is stereotyped as being always in the rush and rude. This may be the case for some, but in all honesty, there are people of those type everywhere and not just in New York. American localities all have stereotypes—all of which can be said by people living in another locality. What really makes them unique is that New Jersey locals think of themselves as such, the same with New Yorkers, and Floridians and every single locality there is. This is what makes them a locality. The concept of them belonging to a locality. It's what makes them unique. Also, the landmarks, the tourist spots, the beaches, the food, and everything in the locality, they take into themselves as a part of their being locals.


    So the next time you want to learn about the people of a certain country, make sure that you take into account their localities because approaching the whole subject in a broad perspective can only take so far as a generalized view could go. It's not only more accurate if a micro perspective is employed, it is also more interesting.