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  • Black Chicago Blogs
    This is a blog-community for Black/African-American people in Chicago and the Chicagoland Area. This community IS NOT just limited to Black and African-American people, but this is a site for those Black and African-American people to find other's similar to them. Join if you're interested!

  • Chicago Downtown and North Side: Red, Brown and Purple Lines
    Here's how it works. The community is closed, so if you want to have your site on it, you're going to need an invitation from the communitymaster (me). Go to my homelist, subscribe and make an appointment to see me. Yes, in person. Why not? It's a local community. Bcommunity any relevant materials with you, we'll meet on the Near North (probably at the Burgeois Pig) and we'll talk.

  • Joe Dunphy
    My homepage and interests, and whatever else I'm in a mood for.

  • Illinois, USA


    Illinois is the 24th largest among the states, and was the 21st to be admitted, to the United States of America. It has a land area of 56,400 sq. miles and is the fifth most populous state in USA, with an estimated population of 12 million.


    The state of Illinois is demographically and geographically diverse. Though the population is predominantly White Americans, there are large populations of African Americans and Hispanics, and also about 4% of Asians. About 81% of the people speak English, about 11% Spanish, and there is Polish and some other dialects spoken by the remaining population.


    It is geographically divided into Northern Illinois, Central Illinois, and Southern Illinois. About 75% of the economic activity of the state and almost that much of its population is concentrated in the Northern Illinois portion, where much of its manufacturing units and commercial services are located. The whole area is also interspersed with rural agricultural sections.


    The second division of the state of Illinois is Central Illinois. This is the middle portion of the state and is also known as the heart of Illinois.  Much of this portion is prairie or grassland. Central Illinois contains many small cities and towns and there is also a booming agricultural activity as well. The section is also home to many educational institutions.  A specialty of the area is its many man-made lakes and there are many historic sites and memorials in the area connected with the late president Abraham Lincoln. Weather is severe here and tornados are not rare. There are some national Wildlife Refuges also in this portion, which are declared protected areas.


    The third division known as Southern Illinois is differentiated from the other portions by a slightly warmer climate. The area has also some oil and coal deposits.  This portion, though more sparsely populated than the northern area, is more populated than Central Illinois. The main agricultural products of the state of Illinois are corn, soybeans, dairy products, wheat etc. The state has always excelled in the production of soybeans with a record 14 million metric tons in 2004. Its corn production also has been substantial.


    ‘Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum’, that is situated in the city of Springfield in Illinois, which has been opened in 2005, is one of the best visited museums in America. The museum showcases in detail, the American Civil War and also the life history and contributions of its 16th president Abraham Lincoln, through a veritable cornucopia of life-size artifacts, pictures, audio, video, and visual representation of real life events.


    The important city of Chicago, also known as the Windy City, is situated in the Northern Illinois area.  Chicago is one of the largest cities of USA and is home to many important politicians, including the current president of the country, Mr. Barack Obama. It is a Democratic Party stronghold. The city gets more than 44 million visitors a year. Its international airport, called O'Hare International is considered the second busiest airport in the world, with 62 million domestic passengers and 12 million international passengers a year. The city, which is the heart of the state, is growing and expanding fast.