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    The purpose of this community is to share the Spirit of Aloha across the worldwide web. Websites, journals and blogs are welcome but NO ADULT SITES please!! You don't have to be Hawaiian or have a website about Hawaii to join, just the wish to share the Spirit of Aloha with the world!

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    For Blogs and Bloggers that love all things Hawaiian!. Add your travel Blogs, news blogs and personal blogs that involve Hawaii

  • Hawaii
    This community is designed to bcommunity all online Hawaiins together through their websites, blogs, journals. No adult sites please.

  • Hawaii: A Look into the History of Paradise

    Hawaii is the only island state and is the southernmost state in the U.S. On 21st August 1959, the Hawaii became a state. A population figure of 2000 show the population is 1,211,537. Honolulu is the state capital of Hawaii

    In 1898, Hawaii was annexed by U.S as its own territory. Till today, the legal issues are to be cleared out regarding it though. Then in 1900, Hawaii was gifted with the proposal of self governance. It kept the Lolani Palace as the Capitol Building. For almost 60 long years, Hawaii remained a territory.

    There are two official languages spoken in Hawaii, one is English and second is Hawaiian. It was unified ever in history under the single ruler Kamehameha, in 1795. Most of the population of this state is +Asian (Japanese) descent, they are the early immigrants who came to Hawaii islands in the nineteenth century. They came for the purpose of work on sugar plantations. First Japanese ever arrived in Islands was in 9th February 1885. Hawaiian government is divided in three branches, executive, legislative and judicial. The government is based on the old Hawaiian Kingdom of government, due to prevent it from conflicting with the federal government


    Hawaii is a chain of volcanic islands, the chain of islands was formed as the Pacific plate moved northwest over a hot spot in the earth's crust.

    Tourism is an important industry of income for Island. Other industrial products included food processing, apparel, fabricated metal products, and stone, clay and glass products. Sugarcane, nursey stock, livestock, and macadamia nuts are the main agricultural products. The total gross output for the state in 1999 was $41 billion placing Hawaiii 40th compared to the other states. The population of Hawaii is approximately 1.2 million, while the de facto population is over 1.3 million due to military presence and tourists.


    Polar directions in Hawaii are not expressed in terms of a north-south-east-west as expressed in whole world but rather by a radial system that uses local landmarks. Like, in Honolulu (south coast of Oahu), mauka means inland ("toward the mountain"s, which is towards north) and makai means "toward the sea" (southward, the opposite of mauka). "Diamond Head" means "east," because that's the main landmark is the "Diamond Head" (it means "east,") on the coast east of Honolulu, and "Ewa" means "west," because that town is on the coast west of Honolulu. However without saying of something was on the north-west corner of an intersection in Honolulu, it is said to be "mauka and ewa" of that intersection. On the other side (north) of Oahu, mauka means "southward," and makai means "northward," because now the mountains are in the middle of the island towards south of you, and the ocean is in north of you.

    In the last couple of years the United States has done a great deal to preserve and popularize the culture and traditions of Hawaii. The Office of Hawaiian Affairs was created to make sure the language, traditions and the culture remained.