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    Georgia is a state of the United States and it was one of the thirteen Colonies that revolted themselves against British Empire during American Revolution. It was the fourth state which accepted the constitution of United States, 1788. Georgia is linked to the south by Florida; on the eastern side it has border with Atlantic Ocean and in South with Carolina; on the western side it is linked with Alabama and with Florida in the extreme of southwest; and in the north by Tennessee & North Carolina. The northern border of the Georgia is in the Blue Ridge Mountains, which is a part of Appalachians mountain system. With an area of 59,424 square miles (153,909 km²), Georgia is ranked 24th in size among the 50 U.S. states.


    Every area has its own different types of characteristics. However, the Ridge and Valley, in the northwest edge of the state, which includes rocks like limestone, sandstone, shale and other sedimentary rocks, which have truckled construction-grade limestone, barite, ocher and some amounts of coal. There are total 250 species of trees and 58 protected plants. Native trees of Georgia’s are red cedar, pines, oaks, maples, sweet gum, scaly-bark and white hickories, and many others as well.


    The climate of Georgia is basically a humid subtropical tempered by occasional polar air in the winter. Summers are typically hot and humid except at the top elevations. The whole state, including the mountains of northern Georgia, get medium to heavy rainfall, which varies from 1143 mm in center of Georgia to around 1905 mm in the surrounding part of  the Northeast state.


    The areas near the Florida/Georgia border, experience the most subtropical weather, similar to that of Florida: hot, humid summers with frequent afternoon thunderstorms and mild, somewhat drier winters. Very frequent snowfall at the mountains of Georgia due to that it enjoys the coolest climate. However, having moderate weather compared to many other states. The highest temperature ever recorded is 112 °F (44.4 °C), while the lowest ever recorded is -17 °F (-27.2 °C). On Friday 14th March 2008 a tornado hit the downtown Atlanta which has caused moderate to severe damage due to the broken glasses on the skyscrapers. The basketball tournament and a few conventions were ongoing at the time of incident which has also caused some injuries due to the very much peoples in downtown..

    According to some population estimates, Georgia had population of 9.3 million peoples in 2006 which increases of 0.2 million from the previous year, and an increase of 1,177,125 since 2000. There is lot of Immigrants from outside the United States entered in the state which caused in a total increase of 228,415 people, and immigration within the country has also given a total increase of 378,258 people. In the year of 2006, Georgia was the 9th most densely populated state. The overall level in population has increased to 44.5% (2,885,725) since 1990, making it one of the fastest-growing states in the country.

     Georgia's 2007 total gross state product was $396 billion. Its personal income (per capita) in year 2005 ranked it 10th position in the country at $40,155. If Georgia were a separate country then it would certainly be the 28th largest economy on the planet. Georgia has very diverse Industries. Main products in the field of mining and timber industry also share a variety of pines, clays, stones, and gravel. Textile industry is placed around the cities of Rome, Columbus, and Macon. Georgia consumes the highest electricity & generation in the United States and coal is the fundamental source of electrical generation of fuel. Although, state also has its two nuclear power generation plants which contribute less than one fourth of Georgia's total electricity generation. So on the whole statistics would be the following: 75% coal, 16% nuclear, 7% oil and natural gas, and 1% hydroelectric/other.