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  • Tampa Bay Community
    A community for businesses in Tampa Bay, Florida or the Daytona, Jacksonville, Orlando, or Gainesville metropolitan ares. This is part of the Tampa Bay Treasure Family of local Florida sites. If you need real Florida clients and customers for your real Florida Business. Build Florida visitors to your business with our local search engines,local directories, communitys, text links and banner exchange.

  • N.E. Florida Wedding & Event Community
    This community is to benefit and assist Brides and Grooms in Jacksonville, St. Augustine, and the entire N.E. Florida region. Wedding and Event vendors and service providers located in N.E. Florida are invited to become part of this community. Please post the community code on your web site if you wish to join.

  • Libertarian Networking
    We can boycott anti-libertarian organizations and people that expand by taking away the freedom. Give libertarians, friends, allied networks/groups and other people that support freedom. Libertarians can do this by shacommunity news, discounts, special offers, coupons, codes, passwords, VIP/Gold membership with access to special pages, content, offers or trades.

  • Florida Mobile Notary Association & Services, Inc.
    This RING is for FLMNA "Members" ONLY! WE BRING OUR SERVICES TO YOU! FLMNA members travel to you to notarize your important documents. Many FLMNA members also do mobile fingerprinting and mobile loan signings.

  • The Sunshine State In Detail: Florida


    The state of Florida is located in the southeastern territory of the United States, which has borders with different states, in northwest it is bordered with Alabama and in northwest is Georgia. More of the land area of Florida is a large peninsula with in western south ofthe Gulf of Mexico, and in the east is Atlantic Ocean. Florida was named by Juan Ponce de León, who landed on the peninsula on April 2, 1513. Florida is the fourth most populous state in the U.S.


    The weather of Florida is tempered because due to the fact that no part of the state is very distant from the ocean. High temperatures in the state seldom exceed 100 degrees Fahrenheit (38 °C), with much of Florida commonly seeing a high summer temperature in the 90s °F (32 °C).


    The hottest temperature ever recorded in the Florida was 43 °C, set on June 29, 1931 in Monticello. The coldest was −19 °C, on February 13, 1899, just 40 km away, in Tallahassee. Mean high temperatures for late July are primarily in the low 90s Fahrenheit (32–35 °C). Mean low temperatures for late January range from the low 4–7 °C in northern Florida to the mid-50s (≈13 °C) in southern Florida. The Florida Keys, being completely surrounded by water, have a tropical climate with lesser variability in temperatures. At Key West, temperatures rarely exceed 32 °C in the summer or fall below 60 °F (16 °C) in the winter, and frost has never been reported in the Keys.


    Florida sometime also known by its nickname "Sunshine State", but severe weather is a commonly occurs in the state. Central Florida’s central part which is known as the lightning capital of the America, as it get more lightning strikes than any other place in the country. Florida has also the highest average rainfall of any other state; thunderstorms are common in most of the state from early autumn to late spring. These thunderstorms, caused by overland collisions of moist masses of air from the Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic Ocean, pop up in the early afternoon and can bring heavy downpours, high winds, and sometimes tornadoes. Florida leads the United States in tornadoes per square mile (when including waterspouts) but they do not typically reach the intensity of those in the Midwest and Great Plains.


    Snowfall is rare in Florida. In the year1899, Florida experienced blizzard conditions; the Bay of Tampa area had "gulf-effect" snow. During the 1899 blizzard was the only time the temperature in Florida is known to have fallen below 0 degrees Fahrenheit (−18 °C). The most widely snowfall in the history of Florida was on January 19, 1977, when snow fell almost over whole state, as far south as Homestead. Snow flurries fell on Miami Beach for once in the history.


    Florida is known as the most hurricanes US state. It is very rare that season of hurricane pass without doing any impact in the state nevertheless at least a tropical storm. Most hurricanes occur during the period of August to October in Florida. Florida was severely hit by several hurricanes and tornados during the year 2004. Hurricanes Charley, Frances, Ivan, and Jeanne all four cost the state's economy loss US$42 billion. Hurricane Dennis in 2005 became the fifth storm to strike Florida in last eleven months. Then, Hurricane Katrina passed through South Florida in August 25 and Hurricane Rita on 20th September.

    Florida forty-fifth rank in total consumption of energy per capita, except heavy reliance on air conditioners and pool pumps. It includes coal, natural gas, petroleum, and retail electricity sales. It is estimated that approximately 4% of energy in the state is generated through renewable resources. Florida's energy production is 6 percent of the nation's total energy output, while total production of pollutants is lower, with figures of 5.6 percent for nitrogen oxide, 5.1 percent for carbon dioxide, and 3.5 percent for sulfur dioxide.


    It also ranks 4th highest state population in whole United States. Most of population in the state is located in Polk County, in the of Lake Wales town. According to the 2008 population estimates of Florida is 10.8 million. The state grew 128,814, or 0.7% from 2007. By the latest population estimation, Florida ranks thirtieth-fastest-growing state. During Florida's peak growth year of 2005, it was the nation's fifth fastest growing state and grew at an annual rate of 2.2%