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  • The Chamorro Community!
    The relocated ORIGINAL Community Dedicated to Anything and Everything "Chamorro", in other words anything related to Guam, Saipan, Rota, Tinian, or any of the Mariana Islands. Everything from business, informational/showcase sites about the islands to personal web pages from people who just want to say they're from the islands. We may just be a tiny dot on the global map, but on the web we can be as larger than life as anyone and anyplace else - so feel free to invite anybody concerned to this to join our community!

  •  A Detailed Look at Dependent Areas


    A dependent territory or  dependent areas or dependency is the area that does not own complete political sovereignty or independence as a State. There are changeable forms and degrees of dependence, usually renowned from other sub national entities where they are not considered or measured to be part of the mainland or motherland of the leading and governing State. In the majority of cases they even represent a dissimilar order and categorization of separation. A sub national entity characteristically stands for the separation of State proper, at the same time as a dependent area or territory may be an abroad area enjoying a bigger quantity of independence. For example, a lot of them have more or less different lawful systems from the leading States. Varies amongst different lawful and legitimate traditions, these territories might or might not be measured as part of the States.


    The areas individually referred to as the non-independent are the territories which are disputed, are engaged, have the government in exile or have non-negligible sovereignty movement. At present there are about 60 dependencies on this list, excluding those listed as under Russia, China as well as Finland. All the claims south of 60 degrees south (in the Antarctica) are not disputed or are recognized. They are italicized. Uninhabited areas or areas with no lasting population are spotted with hash keys or number symbols (#).


    The list comprises more than a few territories which are not comprised in the list of non self-governing or autonomous territories listed by General Assembly of United Nations (which even comprises Western Sahara, ever since 1990, General Assembly reaffirmed that the inquiry of Western Sahara was the question of decolonization that remained to be finished by the inhabitants of Western Sahara).


    A number of supporting entities have the special position renowned by worldwide treaty or contract (that is Åland in Finland, Macau and Hong Kong in Peoples Republic of China, as well as Svalbard in Norway). These are not the dependent regions in the severe intelligence of the meaning; however have in some manner an identical position.


    The United Nations list of the Non-Self-Governing Territories or regions documents countries which as per the United Nations are non-decolonized. The list was at first prepared in the year 1946 pursuant to the Article XI of United Nations Charter, as well as has been updated by General Assembly on suggestion of Special Committee on Decolonization plus its predecessors. Only lastingly inhabited territories are measured for addition in this list, not including a lot of remote atolls (example, Clipper ton Island as well as Kingman Reef) in addition to Southern Ocean territories (for example, Antarctic Lands and French Southern in addition to Heard Island as well as McDonald Islands).


    The list illustrates its sources from era of colonialism as well as the Charter's idea of non self-governing territories. Therefore, Western Sahara was originally incorporated in the year 1963 by Moroccan while it was Spanish colony. The similar could be said about circumstances of Namibia that was seen, because of its previous rank as an authorization territory.