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    Ahh…Sunny California


    One of the most well known states of the United States of America is sunny California. It is located on the west coast of the country leaning over the Pacific Ocean. This state is also known to many as “the Golden State” while it is officially known as “California Republic”. The official language of the state is English. The largest city of the state is Los Angeles.


    The highest point of the state is known as Mount Whitney and the lowest point of the state is Death Valley. California is a state of several rivers. Following are the names of the rivers that flow in this region:


    ·        Sacramento river

    ·        San Joaquin River

    ·        Klamath River

    ·        Colorado River


    These rivers are the chief provider to the fertile lands of the state. The racial statistics of the state show that there are some 59 percent white Americans residing in this state. Other races and their percentage in the state are 34 percent Hispanic population, 12 percent Asian Americans, and 6 percent black Americans and other races.


    The several languages which are spoken in the region are mentioned in the following lines of the note. The most widely spoken language of the state is English, the second most widely spoken language is Spanish, the next place is occupied by Filipino, then Chinese and Vietnamese and Korean. The most important and the wide spread people of the religious belief are Roman Catholics, Then Baptists, Jews and also Muslims.


    The economy of the state is made stronger by the natural resources present in the land of the state. The energy resources such as coal, oil and gas deposits are occupying top rank among the resources of the region. Petroleum gives a high yield while natural gas is other resources for the energy resources. Electricity is also produced at large scale adding to the third most advantageous factor for the economy of the state.


    There are many counties situated in this state and along with these counties there are many schools, colleges and universities in the state. The Stanford University is the most prestigious one among the universities in California. California is one of the most perfect location for you to spend your vacation is. It has many cities and makes a perfect holiday location. You can get your bags packed and rush here these vacations.


    People of California are very lively and do offer sheer respect to the people stepping in their state. So if next time you listen to Enrique’s hit song “California calling” I hope all the fascinations, joys and marvels will pop up in your mind and you would have your bags packed to rush towards California in your VERY next vacations! Of course California is one of the most versatile and well accommodating states among United States.


    California has always been one of the most tempting places for tourists, all year round. So people! California is calling.