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    The "Arizona NetRing" was established to bring together any websites about Arizona and by people residing in Arizona. If you have a webpage about Arizona, you are invited to join. If you have more than one, you may add them all.

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    The "Grand Canyon Ring" brings together websites about the Grand Canyon in Arizona, the Grand Canyon National Park, and the area immediately surrounding the Grand Canyon. If you have a webpage about the Grand Canyon, you are invited to join. If you have more than one, you may add all of them!

  • Under The Arizona Sky
    For those who live or have ever lived in Arizona. Sites about Arizona are also welcome. Family Friendly sites only. The community is small now only because no one knows it's here! Not because I don't manage it. So please don't be afraid to join.

  • Arizona - Grand Canyon State


    Arizona is one of the greatest states of the United States of America and it is located in the Southwestern region. Like every state it also has a capital city which is renowned world over as Phoenix. It is also the largest city of the state, with the second largest being the Tucson city. The climate of Phoenix is dry and the plains are usually sandy, with most parts adding to the desertification of the area. The summers in the state are obviously extremely hot while the winters of the state lay cold. Not all parts of Arizona are dry, as some areas in Northern Arizona have a Pine forest covering.


    If we look closely at the state we know that it shares its borders with California, New Mexico and Utah. It also touches Colorado at one side of its territorial border. The official language of this state is English while other languages are also spoken there. According to the survey 75 percent of the state’s population has English as their first language, 20 percent speak Spanish and 0.9 percent of the population has Navajo as their first language.


    For its size Arizona is ranked as the sixth largest state of the Americas. Looking at the geographical dimensions you would find that this state has its highest point at some 12,633 ft above the sea level and is named as Humphreys Peak. There are many counties, rivers, lakes, state and national parks and forests in the state. The state possesses a multi-religion population with a majority of Roman Catholics and this is the most wide spread religion of the state. Other believers consist of Evangelical Christians, atheists, mainline Protestants, Mormons, Jews etc. with a minority of Jews present in this state.


    The economy of the state is much strong. It is said about the state’s economy that it is dependant on “five Cs” which are copper, cotton, Cattle, citrus fruits and its climate which gathers much tourists. There was a time when this state had been ranked as the top producers of the cotton as compared to other states of America. The government of the state is the largest organization to put its citizens to employment, while among the private organization wal-mart occupies the top rank.


    There are total fifteen counties of Arizona. The important cities of the state are Phoenix, Mesa, Fountain hills, Gilbert, Avondale, Scottsdale, Tucson, Sedona and Camp Verde. There are many schools, colleges and universities in the state; Phoenix University being one of the most prestigious educational institutes of the state some other being University of Arizona, Arizona state university and Art institute of Tucson. Sports are also appreciated by the citizens of the state and there are many great teams for these sports in the state. Arizona is a place full of fun and excitement and is definitely worth visiting.