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  • THE GHOST TOWN Community
    A collection of interesting web sites covecommunity Ghost Towns in any state or country, historical sites, the old west, museums, mines and mining camps, rock hounding, and prospecting...plus more!

  • Taiwan Travel Blog 台灣旅行部落圈
    Travel blogs in Taiwan.

  • The Foreign Travel Community
    This community is dedicated to linking pages about foreign travel (that is, travel outside the United States) together. If you have a page dedicated to a great trip you have taken, join the community!

  • Historic Route 66 NetRing
    The "Historic Route 66 NetRing" is for websites about historic U. S. Highway 66. Route 66, also known as the "Main Street of America", was the major east-west U. S. highway from 1926 to 1984. If you have a webpage with historic Route 66 information or photos, you are invited to join. If you have more than one, you may add them all. Take a drive down the "Mother Road"!

  • American Travel NetRing
    The "American Travel NetRing" is for websites that feature travel in America by any mode of transportation, including travel commentaries and travel businesses. If you have a webpage about travelling in the U.S.A., join today. If you have more than one, you may add all of them.

  • World Traveler
    A community for everyone who travels. Whether your travel is domestic travel, world travel, (on business or pleasure), show off your photos and highlights of your travel.

  • Highways & Roads NetRing
    The "Highways & Roads NetRing" is for websites about highways and roads, both old and new, including back roads and historic "blue highways" such as Route 66, the Lincoln Highway, or the National Road, or they may be about the modern interstates. Sites about roadside features and for services and references are also welcome. If you have a webpage about highways and roads, you are invited to join. If you have more than one, you may add them all.

  • Adventure and Travel Sites
    A network of travel sites with adventure stories, pictures, maps, travel recommendations, creative vacation ideas, personal & geographical {;}

  • Travel Guides
    Guides to travel: Sites that inform travelers and evaluate or rate destinations or service providers, linking to ranges of travel sites.

  • Green Tortoise Fan Club
    A community for those who love the Green Tortoise busline, run by a fan of that company. The community is usually closed, but I'm happy to open it for those who'd like their chance to voice their appreciation of this unique experience. Those who'd like to join need to go to either the Green Tortoise Fan Club Yahoogroup (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Green_Tortoise_Fans/) or the Unofficial Green Tortoise Social Club section of the Travel to Burning Man Board (http://tinyurl.com/rl3ay) and talk about their experiences and their site. Pro-Green Tortoise sites only, please.

  • Barefoot Travel
    This Community is full of little Travel sites that have stories and Pictures of places around our Beautiful Planet you can go visit and have fun at. We are all people who want to let you know about the best places in the world to see, the must do's etc etc.

  • Japan Travel Community
    A community for sites related to travel in Japan.

  • World of Adventure
    World of Adventure is a community dedicated websites with stories about adventurous travel, scuba diving and bluewater cruising.

  • The Guide to Siquijor
    Guide to facilities and adventure on Siquijor Island, Philippines

  • 勞倫斯梁旅遊工作室LWS WorkShop
    Come with me! Traveling all over the world. 勞倫斯梁從事旅遊業近18年,願與大家分享旅遊的心得與樂趣。

  • France Expats
    Life in Marseille or wherever you live...

  • Creative Travel Destinations
    This communitys bcommunity together a variety of destinations and resources to help the traveler get the most information about their creativetravelinc.com reservations or just to help book their travel on their own. To join the community please use the LOGO banner link not the generic one for consistency. We will not add sites without that banner.

  • The Lighthouse Keepers Community
    The Lighthouse Keepers community is a place where local websites regarding Lighthouses around the world can link together as one. Thus , creating a chain of sites related to Lighthouses, Which creates more traffic to your site.

  • The Philippines' Hotels Community
    The Philippines' Hotels community: Find the hotel that fits your preference...

  • The Philippines' Travel Community
    The Philippines' Travel Community: Grab the chance to be in paradise

  • Greek Islands Leros Greece Dodecanese
    Leros island Greece,Dodecanese,Dodekanisa,Tourit information local guides restaurants hotels accommodation apartments studios cafes bars discos

  • Carnet international de voyages Chris2neuX
    Chris2neuX : Carnets de voyages internationaux, photos, diaporamas, récits, notes, journaux et cahiers de bord, bourlingeurs, globe-trotters, nomades, explorateurs... sur la planète terre et ses hommes

  • Ocio And Travel
    Meet The most beautiful places on the Dominican Republic and the planet, and enjoy Much to their stories. - Conoce Los Lugares mas Hermosos de la Republica Dominicana y del Planeta, y Diviertete con sus Historias y sus hermosos Lugares.

  • Redang Reef - The Memory
    It's really cheap enough to have a holiday at there with your friends. And what most important is, a memory that you will never forget.

  • The Oregon Coast
    This is for all websites directly related to the Oregon Coast and tourism on the Oregon Coast

  • 100's Of TravelTips In A Community :)
    Find 100's of tips on how to Pack and Travel, Essentials Tips for the Business Traveler, Romantic Travel Resolutions, Tips for the Christmas Traveler, Brochures for Travel and Vacation, Cheap Travel Secrets, Cruise Travel Home Business, Do You Make These Air Travel Mistakes, Make Travel Plans For Tsunima Relief, Planning International Travel for Christmas, Successfull travel is not just cheap plane tickets, Survival China Travel Tips and Tricks, The Benefits of Travel First Aid Kits, Travel Tips to America, Traveling Be sure to have a valid passport and many many more.

  • Indonesia - Bali Destination
    Indonesian- Bali tourism, vacation, recreation and traveling places. The only truly Asia. There are many historical, naturally environment, religion, beach and watecommunity tourism places.

  • Travelling Brasil: Interesting Facts

    Webring acerca webs y blogs acerca del pais del sol naciente y de viajeros apasionados por él.

  • Experience an Extraordinary Travel Vacation in the Land of Smiles, THAILAND


    Are you planning to travel to or tour around Asia? Are you trying to find the best place to spend your vacation in? With these aims in mind, you are sure to agree that Thailand is one of the most desirable countries within the Asian region that could provide both relaxation and excitement for vacationers.


    From the any testimonials from tourists around thee world, it could not be denied that Thailand receives considerably fine reactions and reviews. Why is this so? As observed, two primary reasons make this possible. Thailand offers exquisite RELAXATION and several absolutely exciting sources of RECREATION. Yes, besides having one of the most hospitable individuals who are ready to welcome every tourist that comes in the land, Thailand offers more than just warm acceptance of their visitors.


    Experiencing Exquisite RELAXATION in Thailand


    Composed of many islands, Thailand bears the chance to establish different relaxation spas and resorts that are ready to give the visitors an exquisite experience of relaxation with nature. These establishments primarily offer traditional massages along with the invigorating sceneries of the sea and the feeling of oneness with nature. Yes, with these particular offers, Thailand was indeed able to withstand through the competitive standing that it has with other countries within Asia with regards the tourism industry.


    Experiencing Extraordinary RECREATION In the Land of Smiles


    Everything begins with a smile. Yes, in Thailand, the welcoming smile of its people naturally makes a great sense in making every visitor feel at home and assured that they would have a great time in the country. From resorts and spas to the local floating markets; the display of golden Buddha collections within the different islands of the country; the scenic views along the beach and the grand hotels that offer the most reasonable prices of stay would certainly bring the best kind of vacation that any visitor deserves.


    Finding the Right Travel Deals for Your Trip


    Traveling around Asia is indeed a refreshing vacation for many individuals today. This is especially true when it comes to finding the right travel deals. There are different travel programs today that are made available for hopeful tourists, especially around Asia. If you are among the hopeful travelers around the said world region, you could expect that these particular programs are obviously reasonable enough to provide you with the relaxation that you need.


    In choosing the right program for travel, you are sure to find different offers. What particular choice could be yours? In picking the right travel service, you need to consider several points of importance that needs your attention:

    • Package deal time duration: it is essential to consider time duration in balance with the amount of money that you are required to pay for the trip.
    • Accommodation package deals: it is essential that the accommodation is provided within the package especially if the trip has a limited budget. 
    • Group Tours: most travel packages are made cheaper when offered in groups.


    These particular elements of choice are indeed in need of attention if you are planning to experience an exciting and remarkable travel-vacation with the people you most care about.