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  • Luck of the Irish
    Looking to link all Irish Sites together. Let's join hands and share our Irish Sites with the Cyber World.

  • Castle TouCommunity Community
    This community is for anyone who has photographs of castles on your site. Sites that feature your vacations, a collection of pictures, etc. Commercial sites will be given consideration, but will must be cleared with communitymaster first.

  • Anneau des Voyages 2
    Publications d'infos et d'illustrations originales tous pays{;}Récits de voyages. Géographie. Guides personnels: appréciation des sites, hebergements, transports. .. {;}. Mises en garde. Anecdotes. Découvertes hors des circuits habituels... {;}{;}

  • The Rail Community
    A community of train sites.

  • Hobo Boxcar
    This community is dedicated to the icon of the American hobo, railway travel, and wisdom of the rails.

  • The Mainiacs Community
    This community is for all of you who love the state of Maine! Whether you live there, like to visit, or just dream about it, this community is for you! Please visit our community's homepage to learn more.

  • K&ESR Community
    This community links together websites related to the preservation and history of the Kent & East Sussex Railway.

  • Trains: The Most Romantic Way To Travel


    Traveling by train may seem like a pain when there are faster ways to get around, but unless you’ve taken a long journey by train, there is no way you can begin to understand how amazing an experience it can be. Trains offer a certain romance, if you will that planes and cars never could. I’m not talking about doing your daily commute into work on a small commuter train, I mean a cross country, or at least to another city train trip.


    Trains offer you a view like no other. When you fly someplace, yes, the view is breathtaking for the first portion of the flight and the final portion, but the cruise is pretty much clouds or darkness—both of which get real boring real fast. And by car, the actual act of driving and navigating means that you don’t really get to fully take things in. The train offers a comfy spot that gives you the chance to relax and marvel at the beauty around you. Many have said that they’d never known how beautiful their own country is until having the chance to see it from the train. There is something magical about travelling around the country using one of the oldest known methods of transportation. It’s so…Orient Express…without the murder of course!


    If you’re inspired by this article enough to want to consider a vacation or trip enjoying the train, then my first suggestion would be a trip in and around Europe. You’ve likely heard of Eurail which is THE best way to get all around Europe, but before we get into that, know that many European countries still use the old fashioned locomotives for regional trips. Imagine travelling along the beautiful countryside of Portugal or Austria in a compartment made for four. The serene setting, the history and the sheer magic is enough to take your breath away. That really is the ultimate in travel.


    Now back to Eurail. This is by far the best known train service in the world and one that is coveted by students who long to back pack across Europe! Eurail allows you to travel ALL of Europe for reasonable prices. They sell passes that include anything from travel within one country to unlimited train travel across Europe for a flat one time rate. The flexibility in their pass choices make it easy for you to explore any part of Europe you’ve ever longed to see, all during the course of your vacation. Imagine that! Paris, to London, to Vienna all in a matter of a few days!


    Whether you head off to Europe and ride the rails back in time along countryside adorned with castles and ruins or opt to stay within North America and travel your way across the country for a whole new look at the place where you live; you’re sure to find t to be your memorable and most incredible trip ever. The world can be yours thanks to the worlds oldest travel form and by far the most scenically perfect.