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  • Seldovia, Alaska Community
    This community will let you explore all the websites of the peaceful and secluded village of Seldovia, Alaska

  • hendaye
    appartements à louer proches mer et commerces dans une rue calme

  • The Greek Travel Pages
    The Greek Travel Pages is a community dedicated to promoting tourism within Greece and it's islands.

  • Ninilchik Community
    This community is for sites about or pertaining to Ninilchik, Alaska or if you just live in Ninilchik and want to add your site

  • Rainbow Beach and Fraser Island
    Linking the great sites related to things to do and see in Rainbow Beach and Fraser Island, Queensland, Australia

  • Chicago - My kind of town!
    Do you have a website dealing with the great city of Chicago, Illinois? Then this is the community for you! Anything from pictures / photographs to vacation stories -- all are welcome! (No porn sites allowed)

  • Family Resort
    Family resort locations around the world

  • Sauerland
    Sauerland Community ist ein gleichberechtigter Zusammenschluss von Webseiten (Homepages), welche alle dasselbe oder zumindest ein ähnliches Thema haben. Der Vorteil des Zusammenschlusses mehrerer Webseiten eines Themengebietes zu einem Community bietet dem "Internetsurfer" schnelleren Zugang zu speziellen, für ihn interessanten Seiten.

  • Djerba und Tunesien Community
    Djerba und Tunesien - Afrikanische Urlaubsländer am Mittelmeer.{;}Dieser Community ist ein Zusammenschluss von Internetseiten (egal ob privat oder gewerblich), die sich mit dem Reiseland Tunesien und der Insel Djerba beschäftigen

  • Aruba community
    The Aruba community.

  • Spain real estate and accommodation
    Real estate community for any websites related to the spanish real market; only quality websites, please.

  • Hectic Capiznon Bloggers 2009
    Collection of different blogs from Capiz and the bloggers behind it.

  • Africa Safaris
    This is a community of sites that offer or provide tour and travel packages to the Africa. These range from adventure travel to health travel for both the budget and luxury travel to the continent.

  • Wedding in Italy - Sposarsi in Italia
    Some information for your wedding in Italia. Raccolta di siti con informazioni su come sposarsi in Italia.

  • Northwest Colorado Tourist Guide
    A Community of NW Colorado websites, offecommunity information on tourism,recreation,local news, businesses,travel,housing

  • Sparkling Waters Caribbean
    Sparkling Waters welcomes all sites relating to the Caribbean!


  • CommunitySurf: New Community
    Voyage et tourisme en Savoie Haute-Savoie Italie et Suisse,vacances et hebergements en stations ski,ski et randonnees montagne,thermes et sante bien-etre,vacances et loisirs a la neige,patrimoine et gastronomie,parcs et reserve naturelle Mont Blanc grand Paradis et Vanoise,album photos des alpes

  • Viajes
    Bienvenidos a nuestra página de excursiones.Todas las fotografías están realizadas por nosotras.

    Found new places to be visited.

  • The Walt Disney World
    This community is for Walt Disney World related websites and blogs.

  • Egypt Ala Carte travel | Egypt Tour
    Egypt Ala Carte travel service is your guide to Egypt tours. Your best advisor to make a successful holiday in Egypt with wide selection of Jordan tours, Turkey and Greece Vacations trip.

  • Tour management in Rio/ Brazil
    Hello, Brazil travelers. For all your travel needs in Rio de Janeiro and/or elsewhere in Brazil, you just MUST SEE ME at http://www.aybloc.com, before you close any deals. I've been in the travel business 'all my life', and have accumulated expertise with regard to particularly Rio and Brazilian travel matters during the past 23 years. I'd make a point of zealing for your budget as if it were my own. I've also been known to give valuable travel counsel without excessive concern for remuneration. I serve individual-, group-, business-, and/or leisure travelers, being fluent in t

  • Budget Travel
    Information regarding budget travel, news, articles, special deals.

  • Talking About Tourism

    Tourism has taken over most parts of the world with people jetting all over the place to every beautiful haven spot that there is available to get to from the nearest airport. It is one of the most popular recreational things that people currently do each year. Some people holiday several times a year whereas others will go just once a year or even less. Tourism is a big booming industry that supplies local industries with billions of dollars to keep the communities and sometimes whole countries or Islands alive. Some communities are solely reliant on the tourism industry and have season where they are busy with tourists and during the off peak season they are very quite with most places closed down. The business owners must make as much money as possible during the season so that they can survive the off peak times as there will be little or no money coming in to feed their families. If some thing happened to the tourism industry millions of people would become employed and the countries and place that were of such life and beauty would become closed down and desolate as the place went into a recession.

    The current global money crisis caused a lot of countries whose survival weighs heavily on tourism panicked as they thought that the tourism would slow down creating even more problems world wide. But it turned out that at the beginning of the year the same amount of people visited the tourism spots as they did the previous year. When it came to the middle of the year the trend did begin to fall causing a lot of people to worry.  The top ten countries visited are:

    1. France, Europe with a total of eighty million visitors in 2007 and only seventy nine million in 2008.

    2. Spain, Europe with a total of fifty nine million visitors in 2007 and only fifty eight million in2008.

    3. USA with a total of fifty six million visitors in 2007 and only fifty one million in 2008.

    4. China, Asia with a total of fifty four million visitors in 2007 and only forty nine million in 2008.

    5. Italy, Europe with a total of forty three million visitors in 2007 and only forty one million in 2008.

    6. UK, Europe with a total of thirty million visitors in 2007 and 2008 remained the same.

    7. Germany, Europe with a total of twenty four million visitors in 2007 and only twenty three million in 2008.

    8. Ukraine, Europe with a total of twenty three million visitors in 2007 and only eighteen million in 2008.

    9. Turkey, Europe with a total of twenty one million visitors in 2007 and only eighteen million in 2008.

    10. Mexico, North America with a total of twenty one million visitors in 2007 and only seventeen million in 2008.

    As you can see the trend for tourism has dropped dramatically. It is believed though that as soon as the worlds economy picks up that the tourism figure will also climb.