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  • The Effective Ways by Which Hotels are Managed at Present


    Hotels are known as establishments that accommodate people in need of temporary housing for travel reasons. Since these establishments are known for accommodating large numbers of customers, it generally requires basic organization techniques to better serve their visitors. Thus, hotels mainly use the organization method of distributing its necessary works into different sections for cooperation and monitoring purposes. This is particularly how hotel managements are able create possible adjustments all together even though they are in the middle of the peak season, all in an aim of serving the needs of their clients at its best cost. It is not always easy to manage a reasonable price while still trying to offer promotional hotel travel deals to keep up the flow of new customers.


    One of the main divisions for hotel organization is the revenue center and the cost center. Revenue centers are sectors that involved managing the financial resources and income of the establishment. This division is mainly comprised of accounting and managerial sectors. The cost center handles the expenses and the necessary funds such as petty cash for its distribution to address the different cost accumulated in the course of the business cycle.


    Among the many divisions of hotel management, the food-and-beverage department accumulates most of the income because they address one of the necessities of the hotel guests and because their services are not yet included in the guest main expenses. Those who are visiting San Francisco, for example, will find an excellent selection of food and beverage at most hotels in the area. San Francisco is known for its excellent seafood, in addition to international cuisines. Visitors are aware of the great food that is available in hotels in the city and, therefore, often plan their trips around these hotel restaurants. This fact though could not be totally applicable to every hotel establishment as some do include food expenses within the fees that the guests are supposed to pay within their stay in the area.


    Front desk office also plays a great role in creating a rather organized environment in the hotel. Front desk as it is, it serves as the face of service of the hotel as it handles the very first service that the guests are to receive fro the hotel staff. Someone who is visiting the Bay Area might want a list of sightseeing places in San Francisco to explore during his or her visit and the front desk staff should be able to provide this. The staff should also have the ability to give directions and transportation advice to popular tourist areas like Fisherman's Wharf, Union Square, the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz, and Alamo Square. This is the reason why it is encouraged that the team of personnel placed in the area is highly skilled in communication and people relations. It should also be considered that the department’s tasks include organizing the room allocation, welcoming guest, and addressing their basic inquiries, In addition, they handle telephone communication management.


    The housekeeping department also plays an important part in hotel organization. This department is mainly divided into certain parts such as room maintenance for beddings, utility sector, cleaning department, and delivery service for elegant hotels. This is very important for visitors to areas like San Francisco because guests want to feel like they are valued. After spending money at places like the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art and the San Francisco War Memorial and Performing Arts Center, they want to have a clean and comfortable place to spend the rest of their night and the city's hotels are what provide this service.


    Yes, every section of the hotel administration accounts for the success or the loss of the organization. From this discussion, it could be viewed that the hotel management is mainly done in a systematic process of distributing and organizing the necessary jobs and services into different departments to ensure the proficiency of the establishment’s business cycle. In this management technique, every division plays an important role and its tasks include a valuable aspect that is contributing to the general service of the establishment. Knowing these basic facts on how the management of every hotel occurs in the field of tourism industries at present gives a clear view on how well the needs of the guests are aimed to be delivered by the administration of each hotel organization. An appreciation of this fact gives a rather enticing invitation to all to take the opportunity to be served by the most reliable staff of every hotel accommodation offered today in the most reasonable price available.