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    Hiking trips are not only physical but also social in so many ways. As a means of relaxation to many, people are engaging in hiking activities. But what good does hiking really do for those who engage in the said activity? One is that of the health benefit that it gives to hiking enthusiasts. Does it make any health difference whether you exercise by hiking up or down a steep incline? Researchers say that in some ways it might. A study was conducted on a mountain in the Alps where for two months 45 volunteers hiked up the 30-degree slope and rode a cable car back down. Then, for two months more, they did the opposite. While hiking in either direction helped lower bad cholesterol, the study suggested that “hiking uphill was more effective for lowering levels of fats called triglycerides, [while] hiking downhill was better for reducing blood sugars and improving glucose tolerance.


    Downhill exercise, therefore, may be good for diabetics and a bit easier for those just starting to exercise. For city dwellers, this can be accomplished in taller buildings by taking the elevator up and then walking down the stairs or by exiting a car at the top of a hill and meeting the car at the bottom. However, be aware that downhill exercise puts greater pressure on the knees.


    True, although there are a lot of activities ready for everyone to enjoy today, but only a few really have health benefits that one could enjoy such as hiking. There are many games in which one can participate, such as bowling, golf, basketball, volleyball, pitching horseshoes, tennis, baseball and other sports. Of course, a person would not want to choose a game or play one in such a way that he is likely to hurt himself or others. Another activity in which you can participate is hiking and camping. Families and groups of friends have found this a most beneficial pastime. Planning and organizing the trip, collecting the necessary gear and provisions, setting up camp, building a fire and cooking over it all contribute to the fun of being outdoors. All involved are drawn closer together. One summer a small group enjoyed this activity for a few days along a hiking trail in the northeastern United States. They had so much fun that, afterward, their hiking experiences were the topic of many conversations.


    As described from this discussion, hiking amounts to numerous benefits to those participating in it. More than the expected fact that it is indeed an exciting activity for the whole family, or for a group of friends, it also stands out in proving health advantages as well as social connection with those who are joined in the hiking activity. 


    Surely, for some who prefer to enjoy less extreme physical pursuits, walking and hiking are immensely popular choices. In fact, one pastime that has a wide following in Europe is called challenge walking. Doing it, you race, not against others, but against the clock. The idea is to cover a set route through a rural area within a certain designated time. What a pleasant way to exercise and at the same time enjoy beautiful scenery! And it is something the entire family can enjoy.