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  • Enjoy an Outdoor Fun of Biking Trip


    Bike riders—rarely seen in many American cities a few years ago—are now a common sight. Bike routes have been established in Boston, Chicago, San Francisco, Miami, and many other major cities which is making it possible for people to plan vacation bike trips. Last summer some 6,000 persons regularly rode bikes to work in Washington, D.C. Many do the same in New York city. The bike has become so popular that on weekends it is already normal to see a considerably huge numbers of bikers in the roads and streets around New York. A closely related factor in the bike boom is the development of new light-weight, multigeared bikes. These commonly have ten gears; others have as many as fifteen, but some have as few as five. They weigh only about twenty to thirty pounds, and cost from $85 up to $400 and more—the more expensive ones being the lightest. These bikes make the steepest grades easy to climb. Before 1969 about 85 percent of the bikes sold were traditional children’s bikes. However, by 1971 some 25 percent of the sales were adult lightweights, and last year these represented half of all bikes sold.


    Another factor in the bike’s renewed popularity is the awakened interest in physical fitness. Western countries are experiencing an epidemic in heart and blood vessel diseases, and bicycling is recognized as one of the best exercises for the heart. Thus some doctors recommend bike-riding trips. The leg muscles used in bicycling are very important. When they contract, they squeeze the veins and actually pump blood toward the heart


    Concern for the environment is yet another factor in the bike boom. Unlike automobiles, bikes emit no fumes, nor do they blacken roads with gas or oil leakage. Thus certain schoolyards are noted to be packed with bicycles, since youths especially are pollution conscious.


    Some Reminders to Consider When Resorting to Bike Ride Trips


    Associated, too, with the boom in bikes has been an increase in bike accidents. In 1971 there were 850 bike deaths and 40,000 injuries in the United States. Significantly, more than 60 percent of those killed and 75 percent of the injured were children five to fourteen years of age. Thus a recent study of the National Transportation Safety Board concluded that most children “are not receiving sufficient instruction to insure that they can operate their bicycles for their own safety.”

    Parents should not conclude that simply instructing their children to ride a bike well is sufficient. More is involved, as an Ohio police lieutenant said that If they could get across to the children and parents that they must obey traffic laws when they’re on their bicycles, they could cut injuries in half. So obey traffic laws and, if you have children, teach them to do the same.

    Enjoy the benefits of bicycling, and avoid the dangers. Watch for car doors opening ahead. Dodge storm drains and sewer gratings that could trap your front wheel and throw you. Ride with the traffic, never against it. Equip your bike with reflectors for night riding. Be alert. Be courteous. When caution is exercised, bicycling can be such a pleasure, such a fine way to get to places. No wonder there has been a boom in bikes.