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  • You Need to Get A Grip When Dealing With Airlines



    When it comes to traveling by plane, there is a good part of the population that is less than thrilled at the idea of having to fight crowds at the airport and then deal with the airlines. Air travel, more than ever before is a source of stress for many, more so than a pleasure judging by the amount of irate passengers you encounter on trips nowadays!


    There are some reasons why people find air travel more stressful these days, with 9/11 being the first that comes to mind. People who have a fear of flying usually fear the unknown. Not understanding airplanes and how they work was already a part of the problem but now add to that the horrific images that we’ve all seen of the planes flying into the Twin Towers and you’ve got a recipe for some über stress! Another factor that has added to people’s stress levels and irritability when travelling is the introduction of the smoking ban on all flights. People who are addicted to smoking have an especially hard time on flights because they can’t smoke, which is what many due to cope with stress. The suggestions for these mentioned issues? First, understand that you have a 1 in 11 million chance of being in a plane crash. Next, the security measures in place today as a result of 9/11 make air travel incredibly safe and besides, your chances of being involved in a high jacking are even slimmer than that of a plane crash! Finally, the only thing anyone can suggest is to try one of the many nicotine patches or gums on the market and try to make do for a few hours.


    Here is a little bit of insider information to keep in mind the next time you’re traveling, stressed, upset and ready to blow up at the next airline employee who looks your way:


    Delays: If your flight is delayed, it has nothing to do with the check in agent or the flight crew. Things happen, weather changes, planes go mechanical–it’s life. Yelling at the ground agent or the air crew about weather is ridiculous and pointless as they have no control over mother nature. Getting upset about a delay due to the repair of a mechanical issue is even more ridiculous! If you want to fly in a plane that needs a repair done, then fly it yourself because no pilot in his right mind is going to no matter how late you are. And finally, since after a delay you will likely get  on board and take your frustrations out on the flight attendants; know that they DO NOT get paid for the time that they are on the ground because of a delay, even if they are on the aircraft with 150 yelling passengers. Flight crew in North America and most of the world is paid only for the time that they are in the air. They hate delays even more than you do because unlike you, they can’t go for a drink to help them relax and they’re stuck there with you irate passengers, having to smile and endure your tantrums..FOR FREE!!


    Seat Selection: If you want to get a good seat on your flight, then you’re best off paying for the seat selection service offered by some commercial and charter airlines. Otherwise, you need to show up early. When they recommend arriving 2 or 3 hours before your flight, there is a good reason for it. You can’t expect (even though so many do!) to arrive moments before your flight closes and still be able to get your pick of seats. First come, first served.


    Lost baggage: If you travel often, then you’ve likely had a bag lost. Actually, the term is misleading because a bag is generally not lost and never to be found, but rather just delayed. When you land and find that your bag is missing, have your information ready for the agent, answer the questions the best that you can and don’t even waste a breathe taking it out on them. If the people in Germany didn’t put your bags on your flight; yelling at an agent in New York will not help as they are not the ones who misplaced the bag.


    If you can remember all of those things the next time you have to travel by airline, then you and the people you deal with, will  be in for a much more pleasant experience.