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  • Crazy Hip Blog Mamas
    A community for journaling Mamas who know that even though we have children we're still hip and cool, no matter what everyone else says!

  • `you don't have to love me`
    A community for those of you who are sick and tired of the judgemental society we live in. Why can't we just be accepted for who we are, instead of having to conform to the hypocritical standards of a society that has been poisoned by a false impression of what is acceptable and what isnt?

  • Terri Schiavo - Keeping the Memory Alive
    The fight to save Terri's life may be over but Terri will never be forgotten. If you have a family friendly website and wish to keep Terri's memory alive and show her family support, please consider joining the community.

  • Sirkissa's Magick Karnival Community
    Sirkissa's Magick Karnival Community is for those who remember the bliss of being at the Karnival...

  • The Pioneers Team Community
    Community for members of the Pioneers Team

  • Gothic Requeium
    Gothic, Halloween, Historical Dark Sites, Goth and Fetish Clothing Sites welcome.

  • The Community of DOUGs
    The Community of DOUGs. Are you a Doug? OK, You're In.

  • Indigo Adults
    Indigo Adults have sought diligently for years to find the right "tribe"; have often been labeled as Bohemian Eclectics or even Spiritual Gypsies. We're all that and more. We're INDIGO ADULTS, and we've been paving the road for the Indigo Children, The Crystals & Those To Come.

  • Gits and Shiggles Society
    For writers who enjoy making others smile and shake their heads by publicizing their utter insanity.

  • FilipinoPodcasts.com Community
    Your Pinoy Podcasting Source

  • Gracie Beans Safe Sites
    This community is for safe, family friendly sites only. No porn, violence or anything considered offensive or inappropriate for kids, families or teens. Tribute pages are more than welcome to join. We also encourage the following sites; made by kids & teens, free graphics, tutorials, games, educational, sports, hobbies, resources for parents, teens, kids, grandparents and causes or illnesses. Please have something useful besides only links to contribute. Sites will be thoroughly checked for hidden links to inappropriate content before addition to community.

  • TCU Bloggers
    This is a community where all TCU Bloggers, Xangans, Livejournalians, Diarylanders, etc. can come together in peace and unity (we hope) to link our awesome sites together. Go Horned Frogs, Go.

  • Moms in Alaska
    Find sites on the net focused on networking with other mothers in Alaska. Be it to meet up for playgroups or to just chat online.

  • Thursday Thirteen Regulars
    Regulars of the Thursday Thirteen can join this community and display code that makes browsing the regulars much easier to do!

  • AlterNation
    A list of sites dedictated to the alternative side of life. Subjects include dark culture, the paranormal, science fiction, dark fantasy such as vampires and werewolves, fetish art and lifestyle, BDSM, Wicca and Paganism, mythology etc.

  • freckles
    it doesn't matter what your skintone is...do you have freckles? that's all you need! a community to unite freckled folk from around the world.

  • Aussie Blogs

  • The Knowsley Online Community
    Connecting Knowsley websites together

  • Glasgow and Beyond
    The very select few of Glasgow and beyond.

  • Information Please
    This ring is for blog sites that share information on a variety of subjects. Examples are: Sharing tutorials on "how-to", posting stories about current events, opinions and editorials, sharing advice, educational tips, frugal living tips, recipes, travel advice, etc. **No sites containing nudity or sexually explicit material.

  • The Empty Nest Express
    The Empty Nest Express, is about empty nesters, singles or couples entering the next chapter in their life. It is really an exciting new chapter and we need to jump right in and enjoy it! Life is too short not to. The Empty Nest Express ring will include blogs that offer support and inspiration to those: 1) suffering from Empty Nest Syndrom 2) to those who have adult children who won't leave home or have moved back home 3) to those who aren't sure what the next step is 4) to grandparents or those hoping to be 5) to grandparents raising grandchildren 6) to those will health issues in

  • What is a society?

    When you ask yourself the question that “what is a society?”, then you will get an answer that is extremely comprehensive and not easy to understand. The subject in regard to the society is extremely deep as well as tricky and one that all people question at some point or another. First of all you do not receive any sort of straight answers because there is no aspect of society that you can explain in just a couple of sentences. In point of fact, it is a subject on which you are able to write a thesis and still leave some with questions! If you are studying philosophy then you can make a thesis on the subject of Society. It would take large number of volumes for you to explain the real meaning of the term society. The answers that you get are widespread as well as broad enough to explain any one verbally as well as make some person understand very easily.

    The normal meaning of society that we understand casually in our routine lives is a position where we are currently living in. the society is framed of various sort of features that are educational systems, administrative bodies, health care facilities and various blue and white collar jobs and professions with the people that reside in a particular society. Each person residing in our society plays his or her own pre destined task. Each individual that is dwelling in the society has a worthy contribution towards the society. This contribution is extremely important despite of its small or big extent. The society is indeed a very wide concept which is bifurcated in to several facades and sections of our lives. Under one society, there are always smaller societies. These societies are consisting of communal groups that share a similar ambition or target. These groups could be made by various administrative bodies, students or some sport fans etc.

    The smaller societies are separated with each other due to a lot of other factors. These characteristics are language, religion, culture, race and caste. An assortment of cultures is found in a particular society. The entire world could also be considered as a big society. Then you are able to realize that there are lots of differences in the people that reside in this society. These differences are part and parcel of the city, town, nation or a continent. You will find that there are lots of societies prevailing in your own neighborhood. The neighborhood of your city i.e. those cities that are located beyond the borders of your own city, are also cultural societies in their own senses.  

    You must have seen that all the societies continuing on the earth interact with each other regularly because the people of every society are willing to do so. Due to this a large number of tasks have become possible. Due to the progress in the technologies, the interaction between various societies has become possible. Today, we have the best medium of communications such as internet, telephone and other similar alternates that makes our day to day communication extremely easy and uncomplicated. A society itself is a quality and so we must not consider it as a thing. Society is people.