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  • Women With Attitude
    Attitude is not about degrading someone else, or putting down another's point of view. It is not about excluding anyone from an 'inner circle'.{;}Attitude is about being strong.  {;}It is about being able to laugh at yourself.  {;}It is about not letting others tell you what you can and can't do.  {;}It is about supporting your fellow women rather than competing with them.  {;}It is about being confident enough to stand up and be counted for what you are, and not pretend to be something you aren't for the sake of others.  {;}It is about not letting others push you around.  {;}It is about tri

  • Moms Network Community
    Moms with home based businesses and moms who work from home with the intent of shacommunity and exchanging ideas, tips and support.

  • Net Sisters Org. - Est. August 2, 1998
    Net Sisters Org. is an all encompassing organization uniting women from all walks of life. Welcoming women from any and all women's on-line organizations, communitys, and clubs, to participate in Uniting Women on the Internet and encouraging them to become a part of Net Sisters Org. We are more then a community we're a sisterhood, come join us ... because we are sisters not by chance but rather by choice.{;}Established August 2nd, 1998

  • The BBW/BHM/FA Organization-CommunitySurf
    The BBW/BHM/FA Org has a search engine of links/lists for BBWs Oversized Acceptance Extra Large Supersized Huge Husky Obese Sexy Overweight Voluptuous Rubenesque, Phat Bi Gay Lesbian Teens Boys Girls People Molligs Models Gainers Feeders Feedees African American Asians Blacks and Admirer for Fashions Obesity Girth Pregnant/Pregnancy Gaining Escort Bdsm Ezines/Magazines/Publication/Zaftig Sports/Fitness Art Medical Personals Chatlines and Non dieting. We display/support all communitys and awards

  • Survivors Sites From Abuse/Incest At About.com
    Web sites by survivors of child abuse, domestic violence or sexual assault for survivors.

  • The Childfree Community
    The community devoted to childfree people... people who don't have children, and don't want them. This is not a community for the childless-but-trying, nor is it a community for or about abortion or other topics specifically.

  • GeekLog
    Are you a geek? Have a weblog? Join!

  • Baby Boomers
    This is a community for all the baby boomers on the net{;}

  • Peace Corps
    Where are the blogs by Peace Corps volunteers?

  • Texas Masonic Community
    The Texas Masonic Community is a community of Masonic webpages and/or websites pertaining to Masonry in the State of Texas. The member sites are from the various Masonic organizations and/or members of those fraternal bodies that are associated with the Grand Lodge of Texas, AF & AM, or it's appendant Masonic boides.

  • Svensk politik
    Svensk politik" är en community för hemsidor med fokus på politik och samhällsfrågor i Sverige. Gör gärna ett besök! "Swedish politic" is a Community for Swedish homepages focused on political and social issues. Also homepages from other countries can enjoy our community if they contain material concerning Swedish politic. Welcome to visit our community!

  • The Lovely Ladies of Tagfoot
    The Lovely Ladies of Tagfoot is a group dedicated to the women who make the Tagfoot community go ‘round. Their smiles light up our day, and their shares light up our inbox. They are generous, compassionate, and always seem to know how to make us happy and or think with their shares. Join our exclusive list of women that Tagfoot by adding your personal blog and or website to our community. Ahh, the circle of life! Note: Please only add 2 - 3 links so we can all enjoy the benefit of this community. Thanks!

  • Supersized Folks Community-CommunitySurf
    This community is for SUPERSIZED BBWs, BHMs, our Admirers and Friends. Supersized = size 26 (female,) 17 neck (male). Most times the weight is considered to be 300 lbs and over. No nudity or vulgarity allowed on this PG-13 rated site! Visit sites like the BBW/BHM/FA Organization or the BBW Sex Community for those type of supersize and other BBW sites.{;}{;}

  • Sisters of Love, Peace and Hope
    Created to allow the women of today to have a place on the internet to retreat to. No one will be judged for who they are or what they stand for. We believe that all sisters should be treated equally, regardless of race, nationality, spiritual convictions or sexual lifestyle. We are all equals.

  • The State Trooper
    The State Trooper Community is open to the Official State Patrol and State Police sites, presently sworn or retired State Troopers and Personnel of their departments or immediate family connected with the aforementioned and the General Public (with a demonstration of strong support for Law Enforcement and the Criminal Justice System on their sites). Sites can NOT be purely Commericial in nature! Other law enforcement Officers are not consider

  • Faith Community
    Finding and Inner Peace Through Healing.

  • Southern Grannies
    This is a community for Grandmothers who are either from the South or have roots in the South

  • Elysium Gates Muses
    Traditionally there are nine muses but in Elysium Gates there are eleven, one presides over each subject area and coordinates the activities and volunteers of that area. This community is for Elysium Gate Muses only.

  • The Spiritual Sanctuary Community
    An online organization dedicated to shacommunity the values of interspirituality and the feelings of connectedness amongst all people on all religious paths.

  • Women In Power
    A site designed for females who are dominate..women who are powerful. Girls who arent afriad to stand up and be proud and be in charge.

  • Warrior Women of the Community
    Warrior Women of the Community is for members of WWotW only.

  • Prestigious Women Community
    This Community is for members only of the Online society - Prestigious Women!

  • Everyday Angels
    Community for the members of Everyday Angels an online women's organization.I hope to create an online group of friends that really care about each other. All races, religions, etc. are welcome. Over 18 please, and women only. You must be a member of Everyday Angels to join this community.{;}

  • Shadowlore Community
    Shadowlore is a network to help put adults of like minds and interest in touch with one another both online and off. I'ts about learning to accept each other as who we are...not what we claim to be. I'ts about tolerating our difference's while still holding true to our individual beliefs. All Vampires,Donors,Witches,Therian(Werecreatures),Fae,Elves,Dragon & Otherkin are welcome. Those who support the above or is open minded enough to interact with them are welcome as well.

  • Messages With Meaning
    As a Christian Diagnosed with Mixed Connective Tissue Disease & Medically Retired from the service, I wanted to do something in my spare time to help others. Messages With Meaning is about spreading special important messages through out the World. Reaching out to those in need of help or friendship.We have stories, experiences and even poems from all over the net about Drinking and driving, Child abuse, spouse abuse and many other different topics to make you aware and maybe even help you in different ways. We also show love and support to those that need it in difficult times.

  • Fat and Proud
    This is a community for Fat and Proud adults, both men and women. If you are a Fat and Proud adult, or your page glorifies being Fat, then please join. This community will not admit sites that contain nudity. Tasteful lingerie shots will be considered however. Sites that contain adult content such as stories, jokes, links to adult sites, etc, will be considered.

  • The Brandeis Community
    A community for current and former students and professors at Brandeis University.

  • Operative Webmasons Guild
    Official Community for the Operative WebMasons Guild (OWMG). This Community is for Members of the OWMG only! All others will be cancelled. Membership in this Community does not constitute membership in the OWMG. To become a member of the OWMG, you must join the Yahoo! Group "OWMG - Operative WebMasons Guild." Membership in this Yahoo! Group constitutes Membership in the OWMG, and in order to be a member of the OWMG, one must become accepted as a member of that Group. Membership is not automatic. Applicants MUST include a full profile, including name, email address and websites. All

  • Clubs and Societies NetRing
    This "Clubs and Societies NetRing" is for homepages for clubs, societies, associations, organizations, and other organized groups. This is a great community to feature your club's homepage and give it more exposure. If you have a webpage for a club, society, association, or organization, join today! If you have more than one, you may add all of them.

  • Cacommunity Heavenly Angels
    My goal in starting this wonderful group is to bcommunity happiness into the lives of others, to enable members to meet new and lasting friends from all walks of life and to spread kindness throughout the web. {;}This group was started after I lost my mother to leukemia. She was one of earths' most precious, cacommunity angel. This group was founded in her memory. {;}I hope you decide to join us. We have many committees and many are in need of urgent help. Won't you help us in spreading Heavenly Care across the web and across the world? {;}Angel Blessings

  • Viet Nam Survivors Forum
    This community is for sites that Promote the Vietnam Veteran and our causes through Support, Information, and Education, such as; Support, Information, Families, Spousal Abuse, PTSD, Agent Orange, Health Care Benefits, VA Benefits, POW-MIA, Women Vietnam Veterans.....

  • US Submarine Veteran Bases
    A connection of all US Submaine Veteran Base websites.

  • Survivors' Law And Advocates
    This community is for survivors' law and advocates with regard to laws, legal issues, statues, advocacy issues, child rights, victims rights, and information about such. You must have a quality list of resources, links, and or information in order to qualify for this community.

  • the nonconformist
    This Community is self-explanitory. Anyone feeling repressed by Society and it's condemnation of Freedom from your own thought's can join.

  • Girl Scouts/Guides Patch Collectors Community
    This Community is devoted to{;} those who collect and trade{;} Girl Scout or Girl Guide{;} Patches and/or Crests. {;}

  • Do-Good

  • Rainbow.org Connection
    Intended for use by recognized Assemblies, or persons (girls and grown-ups) currently active in the International Order of the Rainbow for Girls, to link their Rainbow-related website with the world.

  • Porchlight International
    This community is comprised of member sites from the following organization. Porchlight for the Missing and the Unidentified is an organization of volunteers who work on finding the missing and restocommunity names to the unidentified. We seek to create a working environment that fosters the shacommunity of information and suggestions with Law Enforcement, Medical Examiners and the Media. We seek to create a group where opinions and work product are respected and appreciated. We seek to create an atmosphere of respect, tolerance and an appreciation of others. We seek.

  • The First Amendment Community
    This community is for anyone that has ever not been able to say what they want to, worship whom they pleased, or has been censored in any way. It is for those who believe in America's most endangered species. FREE SPEECH!

  • No More Angel Babies
    Community dedicated to stopping child abuse and domestic violence.

  • The Community of India
    This is a Community for all Web Sites that are about India, businesses and companies that are located there, and anything else that is remotely related to that Great Country! :-)

  • The Pi Phi Community
    A community of Pi Beta Phi sister and chapter web sites.

  • A Rainbow of Hope
    We are a Non-Profit organization that tries to bcommunity together the people in the world to make them feel loved, and wanted.

  • Balancing the Scales of Justice for Survivors of Homicide Victims
    Our Organization is dedicated in helping to balance the scales of justice for homicide survivors and also dedicated in supporting survivors of homicide victims with whatever they need, an ear to listen, a shoulder to cry on, an arm to lean on, what ever the case, we are here for you. If you are not a survivor of a homicide victime, help show your support for those that are by becoming a member of the community, thanks so much and god bless you all

  • Feminists for Equality
    A community for feminists who want equality for both sexes. Women and men are encouraged to join. Feminists who are anti-male, please look elsewhere.

  • Not A Choice
    We are a community of people who respect life in all stages! We stand up and speak for the children who have yet to be given a voice! If you have an anti-abortion site, please join us in spreading the truth!

  • Liberal Democrats
    A Liberal Web. Come get caught up in the Web of the Liberals ©. We haven't forgotten that Liberal is NOT a dirty word. We also remember (in the words of our founder) that not all Democrats are Liberal

  • Those Crazy Kids!
    A community for those who have been throught the psychiactric system and now want to share their experiences and how they have worked to survive after psychiatry

  • Circle of Rainbow Friends
    For those that support or belong to the International Order of the Rainbow for Girls

  • Prison Web
    This community is for any site that deals with the betterment of prison life. Our community covers issues involving rehabilitation, Deathrow, general prison life, and anything else involving the prison community.

  • Organizations For All


    Organizations are the social agreement pursuing collective objectives that controls its personal presentation, and that has the boundary differing it from the environment. The phrase itself is derivative from Greek word ργανον (organon) which means tool. The word is utilized in both every day and technical English in manifold ways.


    In social sciences, associations are studied by the researchers from numerous disciplines, the most ordinary of which are economics, sociology, political science, management, psychology and organizational communication. The wide area is usually referred to as the organizational studies, behavior or analysis. Thus, many different theories as well as perspectives exist, a few of which are well-matched, as well as others that are opposing.


    • Organization – is a process-related: an entity is being organized (organization as action or task).
    • Organization – useful: organization as the function of how entities such as state or businesses authorities are utilized (organization as the lasting structure).
    • Organization – institutional: a unit is the organization (organization as a real determined structure in a social context)


    In sociology "organization" is stated as designed, harmonized and focused action of the human beings to build or compile an ordinary tangible or insubstantial product. This action is generally framed by official membership and shape (institutional regulations). Sociology differentiates the word organization in designed official and unintentional informal (i.e. impulsively formed) organizations. Sociology examines organizations in the 1st line from the institutional viewpoint. In this manner, association is the lasting arrangement of the elements. These elements plus their actions are decided by set of laws so that a sure task could be satisfied through the system of synchronized distribution of labor.


    An organization is described by elements which are a part of it (who belongs to an organization as well as who does not?), its communication (the elements which communicate plus how they communicate?), its independence as well as its regulations of action compared to the outside events. By synchronized and intended cooperation of elements, the organization is capable to resolve the tasks that lie ahead of the abilities of single elements. The cost paid by the elements is restriction of degrees of liberty of elements. Benefits of the organizations are improvement, addition (mixture of dissimilar features), as well as extension. Disadvantages could be inertness (during co-ordination) as well as loss of interaction.


    Management is concerned in organization mostly from an instrumental viewpoint. For the company organization is the means to an end to attain its goals. The study of organizations comprises a focus on optimizing managerial arrangement. According to the management science, the majority of human organizations fall approximately into 4 types:

    • Pyramids or hierarchies
    • Matrix organizations
    • Committees or juries
    • Ecologies

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