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    A community for connecting unschooling blogs!

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    A community for bloggers who have attended one or more Live and Learn Conferences (or plan to attend L&L).

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    A community for students currently in Laura\'s Conversation Class at DDWU

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    This is a community for blogs that have connections to BYU. It's for students, alumni, professors, fans, and anyone else who cares to be associated with a BYU community. It's for all three campuses: Provo, Laie, and Rexburg.

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    This blog community is a collection of families who homeschool their autistic spectrum children full-time or part-time. Our conversations encompass education and autism and life.

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    A community that binds MMU Students' blogs together.

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    This community is for Filipino families and individuals who homeschool or have homeschooled in the Philippines. Whether your approach is Unschooling, School-at-home, Classical, Charlotte Mason, Unit Studies, Hands-On, or Eclectic, you're welcome to join our community in supporting Homeschooling as a viable alternative learning system in the Philippines.

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    West Virginia Home Schoolers

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    Just another newbie for Hectic Capiznon Bloggers 2009

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    The totally E/337 group of bloggers right here in BYU-Hawaii, where the people that matter go.

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    A community for secular homeschooling blogs.

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    This is a place to connect websites and blogs who keep abreast of legislation affecting homeschoolers. Our current interest lies in the discussion of the HONDA legislation. I made the community name generic so it would fit as new legislation is brought forward. This is for all sites that discuss legislation so that we can see both sides of the issue. Please make sure the community code is on your blog/web page so that people can hop around the community.

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    This is a community for members of Provider Friendship Garden, a Yahoo group. The group is located at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/providerfriendshipgarden/ . Only ACTIVE members may be on the community. You will need to add your Site URL to your code and place it on your website to be approved. The RING URL is the page where you will be placing the code.

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    Red Watch NZ - Fighting Zionism and Communism within New Zealand.

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    This USAFA community is intended to connect parents, cadets, grads and anyone with a strong USAFA (United States Air Force Academy) interest together. This is a place to provide information and support. This is no way associated with or endorsed by the United States Air Force Academy.

  • Weekly Reporters
    A group of homeschoolers shacommunity their week on their blog. It's a weekly virtual open house.

  • Psychology & Media
    An educational ring of psychology and media studies

  • Education and Its Importance in Society


    Education is quite important for development of one’s personal life and also to build up a good and healthy society. It seems like food and shelter. These two are the basic needs of one’s life, food is there for a good health and shelter is for our body, just like that education is necessary for our mind.


    It is quite necessary to learn new things. One can enhance his/her knowledge by education and we know one important thing that Knowledge is Power. Power depends on an individual that how he uses it. A person can use his knowledge and power for the benefit of himself and society and even in the destruction of society also. Education makes a man to think in right direction. It says to one how to think on and take decisions.

    That’s why education is important. As education helps a one in individual development, it eventually converts it into social development also. So thus it is a key for creating and spreading knowledge for individuals and nations. And thus it plays a key role in development of dynamic and globally competitive economies.


    Well, it is also important that a state should promote education in each and every corners and fields. Education helps one to understand history of different societies. It also helps to understand the culture and religion also at some extent. Education is helpful to unite a people as nation. Thus we can say that education is a must if a nation wants to achieve development and growth and significantly maintain it. The importance of it can not be ignored by any society or nation. And in present time, the education is a complete requirement for social and economic development of any society or nation.


    One of the excellent parts of education is that it will make you prepared to handle the situations like family problems and how to answer your assignments and how to handle some of your worries. Our lives are not like a cartoon show or an anime movie. To get the best education which we want, we must face all the challenges.


    It has been proved that education is to make available training and useful education especially to young children. In general, straight forward education takes six to seven years of schooling. We know that most of the children are not that much bold or open minded so it is a must type of requirement to go through an elementary education. Even it is also necessary to provide great locations and schools for studies. Many children at their age think that the time for them is to play not for learning. But we just have to let them know that how important education will be in their lives and we have to take interest in their education.

    Education is something that never has to end. Anyone can go on the internet and start taking online classes that can go towards a degree in a vast assortment of different fields. Whether the intent is to get some core classes out of the way or achieve a paralegal degree, the tools are at everyone's disposal. As long as one is focused on their goal, they can make anything a reality. The increasing popularity of online universities and classes makes it easier than ever for one to take their education as far as they want.


    Thus education plays a vital role in development of our lives as well as our societies. We just have to pay attention toward it, if we want to create a well cultured society. So don’t think to avoid it and make your children also educated.