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  • Housewife Mafia
    The Housewife Mafia: Taking over the world, one chore at a time!

    This community is for stay-at-home-mom(SAHM), and work-at-home-mom(WAHM)bloggers. Any SAHM or WAHM with a blog can join. We only ask that your site be family friendly and NOT a business site. This community is for women, only. ******************************************************** We are in the process of checking blogs, and putting up a new web page, so if you have been moved to the Queue for no code, or a page error please be patient while we figure everything out. The Queue appears to be long, but its just while we do a little work on the community, new members are still bei

  • Women of the World
    We are women with individual personalities, interests, and unique ways of life. We will bind together in times of happiness and times of need. Our differences will bcommunity us together and let nothing separate us. We are mothers, wives, sisters, aunts, nieces, and friends.{;}{;}We will not be judged for who we are or what we look like. We will be strong for our differences.{;}{;}We will walk throughout our lives with our heads held high. We will persue our own interests. Our choices will define us as well as our individuality.{;}{;}Our voices will be heard. We are Women of the World.{;}{;}We

  • Cirque des Mamans
    This circus is for all blogging women who take seriously their roles as nurturures and caregivers - and rock, oh yes, they need to rock. It is not limited to those who have sprouted and grown children in their bulbous mid-sections, but to those who see themselves as mothers. This can include past, present, and future child-bearers, Adoptive (both legal and unofficial) mothers, Aunts, friends and others who fill an active and positive role in the life of another person. Please sign up to join the community if you fit this description and have a site that, as stated previously - ROCKS.

  • British Women On-Line
    This group is specifically for British Women only. As well as showcasing our homepages, we also have an email chat programme, competitions, free graphics and lots more.

  • 21st Century Womyn
    This community consists of websites created by women active in the 21st Century. Women who offer empowecommunity sites that assist people to thrive in the new millenium in balance and health of body, mind, heart, and soul. This community is also open to sites that provide contemporary empowecommunity information for women. {;}

  • Irish Women of the Web
    A community of Irish and Irish-American women who have created webpages

  • Extraordinary Women
    Extraordinary Women..... Extraordinary strengths....Inner wisdom. Homemakers, law-makers and every woman in between. Women of power, women of intelligence. Women - Extraordinary. *****PLEASE NOTE - ACCEPTANCE OF ONE OF THE RING LOGOS IS MANDATORY. THE GENERIC RINGSURF BANNER IS NOT ACCEPTABLE FOR THIS RING****

  • Blogging Birth/First-mothers
    It seems to me that there are a lot more birthmothers blogging about their experiences these days. It's a great source of comfort to know other birthmothers. So I thought a community would be a good way for us to have a loose-knit little group. Please do not be offended by the name. It is hard to be politically correct for everyone, it is not meant to be offensive.

  • DCF_Ladies
    The blogs of the Ladies of Defenders of the Catholic Faith community. This is a private community for memebers of DCF.

  • Muslimahs Speak Up!
    The Muslimahs Speak Up! community is a community of Muslim women who defy stereotypes, speak for themselves, and are not apologizing for Islam. We can and do speak for ourselves and do not need anyone else to tell us what our goals, needs, and desires are. We know our Islamically granted rights, and we know how to speak up against oppression against ourselves and others by any power structure.

  • I Love My Cleavage!
    A community for females who feel empowered by their cleavage!{;}Any can love their cleavage--boys, too. A little make up, shading, and a piece of tape can bless any individual with a crevis between their mammary glands!

  • Blogs by African Women
    Welcome to Blogs by African Women. The community aims to bcommunity together African Women bloggers. Membership is open to any African woman blogger. Please do not submit illegal or indecent websites. Each site is vetted before being admitted to the community and illegal/indecent sites shall be blocked

  • Babyweacommunity Bloggers
    A community for people who love to babywear! We love all babywearers - caregivers, parents, male, female, red, or green! Join us...

  • The Garden House Community
    This community is only for members of the private on line women's group The Garden House.

  • Hippymom.com Blog Community!
    Friendship, Parenting, Spirituality, Natural living, fun and more!

  • Celtic Women
    A community for women of Celtic ancestry

  • Soul Sisters
    We are an online organization, founded by women for women. We are the face of every woman; every race, religion and ethnic background. We have come together as a sisterhood of friendship that is supportive of our fellow members. We encourage them to express themselves and bcommunity their own unique sense of self to our group. Soul Sisters that have come together and stayed together through it all! "As we live each day may we do our part To make one difference, to touch one heart, And through each day may it be our goal To encourage one mind and inspire one soul."

  • Country Angels
    Come Join us. Our group is a community that is Country & Christian, and if you join us, you wont regret it. The Country Angels represent kindness, love, honesty, faithfullness, and a true christian friendship! If this sounds like the group for you. Please click the join button, and help me make this the best group on the net! Hugs CountryAngel Lan

  • Blue-eyed Girl
    A community for blue-eyed girls with beautiful pages.

  • The Mama Divas Community
    This is the Mama Divas community for MamaDivas.com

  • Web of Friendship
    A site that will bcommunity women from all over the web together. 18+ only.

  • Black Mommy Blogs
    Black Mommy Blogs is a community for African American mothers who like to blog.

  • Yay-Yay Sister-Friends
    This blog is for women from every walk of life. Gays, straights, crookeds, singles, marrieds, partnered, oh-so-fat, not-so-fat, thin, anorexic, brunette, red haired, blonde, bottled hair color of any shade, sober, tipsy, drunk, unmedicated, medicated, moms, aunts, grandmoms, the only type not tolerated is gorgeous models with perfect lives. There's just no room here for them!

  • Mommy Chats' Mommy Blogcommunity
    A place for Mommy Chats' mommies to link together their personal blogs. Just for mommies that are Mommy Chats chatters! Please do not submit your blog if you are not a Mommy Chats chatter. You must have a registered account on the Mommy Chats chatware and use the same email to register with the blogcommunity that you are registered with on the chatware, so I can check that you are truly a Mommy Chats chatter. Let's share our fun and sorrows...that's what mommies do best, don'tya think? :)

  • CommunitySurf: New Community
    The Promethean SisterShip is an online community for women artists and artisans from all walks of life. We offer an environment of high-spirited harmony and enlightenment with contests, activities, awards and more. Our goal is to assemble a diverse, mulitinational community of the most Promethean women on the web. All women artists and artisans are welcome aboard The Promethean SisterShip.

  • Just Between Sisters
    Just Between Sisters has a warm and supportive atmosphere where you will meet others who are open-minded, fun and cacommunity. We share not only our time, but our hearts, our secrets, our fears, our hopes and our dreams

  • Women With Websites-M

  • - Lasting Friendships
    This is a group of ladies that truly care about others. If you like working in PSP, or PI this is a group for you. We like making stationery,IM stats, sig tags,and also like to have parties.If your interested please apply to join.No nude graphics or satanic graphics allowed.

  • BBW Bloggers Community
    A community for big, beautiful, women bloggers ONLY!

  • The Feminist Community
    A community for all who are willing to declare themselves feminists.

  • World Wide Friendship Ladies
    An online group of women coming together as sisters, creating lasting friendships.

  • Enchanted Circle
    A place where women from all walks of life can come together and make new friends. Regardless of religious or political beliefs or sexual preference.

  • S.U.G.A.R
    We are a group of women creating long and lasting friendship. Supporting each other through out it all.

  • Martini Lounge: The Community
    A place to bcommunity together the members of the Martini Lounge.

  • Fashion Sphère
    La communauté de blogs dédiés à toutes celles et ceux qui aiment prendre soin d\'eux ainsi que de leur garde-robe et qui l\'assument !

  • The Essence of Purposeful Women
    This is a collection of blogging women who have a mission and purpose to impact others by engaging readers to participate in thought-provoking conversations, encouraging life changes, and shacommunity their experiences, knowledge, encouragement, current events, etc.

    WOMEN on the WEB All women from all cultures united! sSAGACITYPOETSs an ethos of Poetry, Prose, Legends & tales. We also promote the visual arts; web design, psp, painting, sculpting, etc, basically this is an Art show case! So come and explore and show off your talents & even your (art related) business, community & websites! This is a true multicultural Fusion of Original Innovations within the Premier Of Calibers! Raciest, or hate, or negitive Not accepted. Only site created with good taste! Join Our WEBRING Today!

  • The Angels
    The community for the angels team of the Rumbles.

  • Black Women's Hair
    Our Black women have always had a love-hate relationship with their hair. We have very unique issues, experiences and concerns regarding our hair, that other ethnic groups do not share. Whether our hair is long, medium, short or natural, straightened, permed, dyed, twisted, locked, shaved or braided, it is a very important part of the Black women's Identity, Self Esteem and Political Principles. Also check out our "LUV My Natural Hair Gift Shop."

  • Divine Diva of the Web
    Divine Diva of the Web member sites. Must be a member of DDOTW before submitting for community membership. http://www.divinediva.org *****PLEASE NOTE - ACCEPTANCE OF ONE OF THE RING LOGOS IS MANDATORY. THE GENERIC RINGSURF BANNER IS NOT ACCEPTABLE FOR THIS RING****

  • Goddesses of Intrigue and Heart
    We are a new online group for women. You must be at least applying for membership into GOIH before asking to join our community. The time is now, and its an exciting place to be.

  • Bunko Chicks
    Community for Chicks on Lit

  • INVALID GH Community

  • Wonderful Women Community
    A community where we can gather together as women and reflect on the important and funny things in life. I encourage all women, 13 and older to join so we can learn from each other and possibly give guidance and council to those that want it.

  • Under The Faery Tree
    This is a community for ladies only. Over the age of 18. Please visit our website for more details http://wyoming.com/~underthefaerytree/index.html

  • Due to spammers and hackers, this community is moving. If you wish to remain a member please go to: http://blueopossum.homestead.com/index7.html and fill out the form.

  • Cowgirls At Heart
    This community is for any cowgirl or cowgirl at heart. If you always wanted to be a cowgirl or feel that you are in spirit, this is the community for you. You don't have to be one for real, just want to be in heart.

  • Forever Me Lady
    A Victorian Club dedicated on building friendship with other Ladies and offecommunity various activities. Free Membership.

  • Lipstix
    A community for webmistreses.Join if you share the feminine side of the web.

  • In Praise of Women

    And God created Women! Probably every other chauvinist would agree that it’s the most wonderful, beautiful and mysterious creation of God, before or after he created Man!!

    Women are said to be the epitome of ethereal beauty that God created in mankind. He made Adam to be the protector of the race but made Eve the siren to seduce him to eat the forbidden fruit. It was the charm and beauty of Eve, which attracted Adam to disobey God’s wisdom, and even today we mortal men still get attracted to this ephemeral quality of women, and tread on the forbidden path.

    Women are a rare breed of species, a lethal mix of charm and deception, a deadly concoction of beauty and character and also an addiction of love and hatred. Men over ages have drooled over Women who were lethal in their subtleties and smart as a smooth operator. Looking at history, let us take Cleopatra, the Queen of Egypt, who symbolized eternal beauty; indeed had Antony, the maverick Roman General, so mesmerized that he became besotted to her leaving his motherland and denouncing his own people.

    Again look at Iliad, Helen betrayed her own husband and her own country and fled with Paris, the Prince of Troy, which brought the downfall of the Empire and changed the face of history of Greece and Troy forever. Even if we see the Hindu mythology, we see that Draupadi, who first propounded polyandry, had Pandavas as five husbands but had a secret dream of marrying Karna, the eldest and illegitimate child of Kunti,(the mother of the Pandavas) for a sixth one.

    Again we see in the 19th century history, Mata Hari, the deadly but intriguingly sensation allied spy who would lure the Gestapo bosses for crucial German intelligence information during WWII, to cripple the Third Reich in its major operation in Eastern Europe.

    Thus Women over ages, centuries and milieus have continued to baffle us and raise the question, if they are the most superior of the race or the most enigmatic of all; weak but still powerful enough to bring down an Empire, subtle but still intelligent enough to make men go weak on their knees. They are a species which is so unique in its own way that the lesser folks like men are at their eternal mercy; wherein they are at times confused as to how to take care of this most tough yet fragile species on the earth, who follow only laws of heart, feasts on the brains of man, and rules the fortune of their men-folk and live the life of a merciless Queen, who always reigns over her subjects with iron hand.

    And that’s what, God created as Women…….

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