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    Linking together tribute pages honocommunity our POW/MIA's. Learn about the Heros we left behind...read their stories, their bios, their loss incident reports. See their faces, know their names, get involved! When one American is not worth the effort to be found, we as American's have lost!

  • God Bless America
    The God Bless America Community was started 9-14-01 just 3 days after our lives were changed forever. Since then hundreds of members have joined this community in hopes of showing others that our fellow Americans didn't die in vain and that they will always be remembered, by creating online memorials, tributes, breathtaking graphics, stircommunity poems and stunning websites. If you haven't listed your American Patriotic website or page please join...

  • American Pride
    Honocommunity those who support - and serve in - America's Armed forces and their families, for they also serve who only stand and wait.

  • A Path Of Light
    The Path of Light Community was originally formed to help promote peace throughout the world as a result of the senseless attacks on the World Trade Center, September 11th, 2001. This picture was chosen as the logo of the revised community because it gives us a reminder that true peace can be found when we look up as well as knowing that we need to actively seek out ways to bcommunity peace in our own little space in this world. Please join us in pointing others to the path of light.

  • POW/MIA Freedom Fighters Community
    Community linking POW/MIA Freedom Fighters members together

  • Vets Helping Vets
    Veterans helping veterans.One large family of brothers and sisters, Fathers and Mothers, Sons and Daughters. Doing what they can to make ones day a bright one.

  • Military Bloggers
    Blogs either written by military members (active, reserve, or retired) or their significant others.

  • Agent Orange Veterans
    This community will try to bcommunity together ANY veterans and/or family who have been affected by AGENT ORANGE. Its purpose is to try and bcommunity MORE awareness of the problems caused by AO to the public, to list those veterans' problems for comparison with other vets, to organize a guestbook of such problems and to help those in need of filing claims.{;}{;}We realize that there are some lawyers, which are in process of lawsuits currently and would like to show other problems that veterans have to possibly help anyone who is willing to take our cases to court.{;}As our list grows we ask a

  • Internet Military Community Featured Site Award Winners Community
    A community for sites that have earned the Internet Military Community Featured Site Award. This community is no longer accepting new members.

  • CWT Civil War Resource Community
    A community of Civil War Resource sites

  • CWT Artillery Community
    A system of Civil War Artillery Web Sites.

  • God Bless The USA Community
    A special community in support of victum, families, rescuers and support of all Americans and our Allies as a result of the events of Tuesday, September 11, 2001 @ 8:45 am. God Bless the USA. Pray for America!

  • World War II Community
    Linking World War II related webpages together

  • Americans For Action Now
    This community is for all Americans who are interested in the POW/MIA issue and want to find all of our missing soldiers from WWI, WWII, Korea, and Vietnam. Absolutely no foul language or anti-government sites will be consisdered. If you aren't for American beliefs and values, you are in the wrong place.There are letters still to be written and pressure still to be applied in order for our men and women to be brought home. Right now there are only four "digs" allowed per year. At this rate we will never see all of the brave soldiers, who are still missing, be returned in our life time.

  • GodBlessTheUS Community
    UPDATE 8SEP02:{;}Community has moved. Now hosted on our own server. OK to join, it points to the new system{;}{;}A community for patriotic, military and Veteran sites to come together in a community. Only special requirement is to LOVE AMERICA!{;}{;}Rember 11Sep01, ALWAYS.

  • NL Defensie Community
    NL Defensie sites, alleen Nederlandse militaire sites

  • Veterans Lest We Forget
    A site dedicated to honocommunity all honorable veterans; past, present and future. This site contains; A Son's Tribute, A Missing American Hero, and The Veterans Roll Call Of Honor. A tribute page to our nation's Forgotten Heroes - War Dogs, Veterans links, Military links, Banner Exchange Page, Awards Program is also available and much more.

  • O'Reilly-Fire Remembers
    For anyone who has an interest in the fire service, LT Jack Columbus Rittichier, Detachment A114 1st Special Forces Group, POW/MIA, Vietnam Veterans, Vietnam war. Links to Ketchikan Fire Dept, Utah Vietnam Veterans Of America #924, Officer Jason Schechterle, many others.

  • CWT Cavalry Community
    A community of Civil War Cavalry Sites

  • America's Wars NetRing
    The "America's Wars NetRing" is for websites about the wars America has fought in, from the Revolutionary War to the Gulf Wars, including the War of 1812, Civil War, Spanish American War, World Wars I and II, Korean War, Vietnam War, and Afghanistan and Iraq Wars. If you have a webpage about America's wars, you are invited to join. If you have more than one, you may add them all.

  • War Dogs
    Community consists of K-9's that served ducommunity war time. Join the community if your site consists of these forgotten heroes. These dogs have earned their angel wings in Heaven.

  • CWT CS Infantry Community
    A community of CS Infantry Sites

  • CWT US Infantry Community
    A community of US Infantry sites

  • Diamond Voting Military community
    The single purpose for this community is to gather all the Military and Military Related web sites that are members of the Diamond Web Award into one place to vote for each other

  • Keep Our Troops Safe
    Dedicated to all of our men and women serving in the Iraqi war...and pages dedicated to the many POW/MIA's from past wars. I also have many personal pages...

  • Military Wives Unite!!
    This website was made by military wives for military wives and is a constant work in progress!! When the

  • Southern Pride
    The community is to show the heritage of the confederate battle flag. We are not a hate group but patriots that believe we should be able to fly and honor all flags that were used by our military ducommunity time of war. This community is designed to honor heroes of the civil war and to honor their heritage. Lest we forget!

  • The Day Canada Cried
    This community joins memorial pages in honor of Canadian Soldiers and the Canadian Armed Forces - who lost their lives so suddenly on Wednesday April 18th, 2002 in Afganistan by friendly American fire. This community is not resticted to just Canadians. It is open to everyone worldwide who may have a special dedication, memorial page, or quilt in honour of their memory, and to show support.

  • Internet Military Community Leader Community
    A Community for members of the Internet Military Community Leadership Team. This community no longer accepts new members.

  • Vietnam Hunting Club
    This community is for ALL Veterans of the Vietnam war who have a web site

  • VVETS Community
    This is a Community Of Veteran Related Domains.

  • U.S.M.C. In Country - Vietnam
    Web Sites Featucommunity USMC Units, Homepages for Vietnam USMC Veterans

  • Australia and New Zealand Military
    A collection of military sites primarily based in Australia and New Zealand, honoucommunity the ANZAC traditions of courage, loyalty, compassion, resourcefulness, initiative, teamwork, innovation and the will to win.

  • MilitaryMommy Online
    MilitaryMommy Online's complete focus is the growth, development, and encouragement of military mothers, military women, military children, and mothers in general. We are committed to supporting, identifying, and encouraging the love and drive of military mothers for their undying committement to their family and country.

  • Military Science Fiction
    A community for dedicated military sci-fi fans, readers and writers.

  • Literature

    Literature is literally translated as being the written word which for us means books. Fiction and non fiction books, poetry, drama, factual, legal, prose and other types of literature books are available to you in a variety of places. Libraries where you can borrow them, stores where you can buy them and the internet where you can buy them but you can also read them online, this type of book is called an EBook.

    EBooks are the latest craze to hit the internet and many of us through reading EBooks are learning to read again and be reminded how much we enjoy it! EBook is the short name for an Electronic Book which is the computer equivalent of a hard back or paperback book. You don’t have to read EBooks now on just your home computer many mobile phones now have the facilities for you to be able to download the EBooks and read them. Also other devices that are handheld are now on the market. EBooks in general are cheaper than buying a hardback or paperback book. The origins of EBooks can be found in the hardware and technical manuals that were created for specialty areas for a small audience.   Most EBooks are supported by PDF and are only able to be read this way until 2008 when more programs were invented. Until 2008 EBooks were very much an underground market that was highly fractured into several types.  EBooks are often written by novelists who cannot get accepted via the normal publishing routes. By publishing them themselves they are able to get their books viewed by millions of people all over the world. Internet sites all over the web have now sprung up with full catalogues of EBooks for every taste and within 2008 to 2009 big publishers themselves are now producing their books as EBooks as well. The market for EBooks has exploded and they are now the most read types of books in the world. The EBook market is currently worth over $11 Billion a year.

    Some of the benefits of EBooks compared to the traditional print book are that they are able to be searched automatically via the program for certain words through hyperlinks, they also allow highlighting of certain sentences or paragraphs when studying enabling the student to highlight what they need without ruining the book. Each individual EBook reader hand held device can hold a multitude of EBooks which makes the carrying of them much, much lighter than carrying around say 10 or 15 paper printed books. People than have problems with reading can alter the size of the print and the font so that they can read the book easier than a traditional paper printed book. The last page that was read by the reader is automatically given when the reader re-opens the EBook saving time. Some EBook reader hand held devices have an audio program which reads out the text out loud so that those who are hard of sight can still enjoy their favorite stories.