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  • Susan's Place TS & CD Links
    The Community for Susan's Place Transgender Resources is intended to provide clean and useful support, information, links, & chat for transgendered people.

    Nous voulons être des femmes pour quelques heures (travesti) ou pour la vie (transexuelle), nous sommes les nouvelles femmes.{;}Les sites en français comporteront TOUJOURS LA PHOTO DU VISAGE DE L'AUTEUR. Nous sommes fières de nous montrer! Les contenus pornos sont refusés tout comme les sites payants avec mot de passe.

  • Australian Transgender Women
    This is a community for Australian Transgender Women's personal home pages. To be included in this community your site must not contain sex stories or naked pictures or links to these.

  • Youth Resource: Transgender Youth
    A community connecting transgender youth across the internet. Sponsored by www.youthresource.com, a project of Advocates for Youth.

  • XgenX Transgender
    CURRENT WEB RING Ok After Checking the Other "Transgender Communitys" I discovered that Most of the sites were EITHER OLD OR HAD`NT BEEN UPDATED FOR YEARS...we are only new, but had "****OVER 19,000 HITS****" in 2 WEEKS. Transgendered, Transgender support, Transgender Resources and Onine Community featucommunity Chat, forums, advice, articles, moderator and user support. We accept everyone under the Transgender Umbrella including Transsexuals, Crossdressers, Transvestitites, Transgenders, transgenderists, androgynes, intersexxed, Drag Queens and Drag Kings, family members and partne

  • The French Tgirls Community
    Transexuelle opérée ou non, travesti ou transformiste ... chacune a trouvé son équilibre. Notre sommes des "Tgirls" : des femmes différentes, uniques, riches d'une double vie. Ce community regroupe uniquement des sites en français, non payant et non protégé par mot de passe. Also concerned : LGBT, LGBTI, transexual, transexuals, trans sexual, sexuals, cross dressing, crossdressing, sissy, transsexuel, transexuel, transexuelle, transsexuelle, travesti, travestie, TS, T-Girl, T-Girls, transformer, queer, tgirl, transgender, trans gender, transgenre

  • Courtney's TS-Specific Community
    This is a web-community specifically for issues relating to persons born posessing the wrong sex organs and who intend on correcting this and getting on with their lives as members of mainstream society. The sites you will find in this community are TS-specific and free of most gay and TG influences. They are also free of sexual content and the bashing of conservatives, right-wingers, Christians, and those opposed to the gay agenda. Just because you are a TS, you shouldn't be forced to give up your morals, religion, or politics.

  • Transgender Blogs Community
    Blogs by Transgender, transsexual, genderqueer, and other gender diverse folks.

  • Explaining the Meaning of Transgendered

    Transgender is your gender identity that you were born with not matching the gender you feel on the inside. For example a boy is born but as he grows up he does not feel as if he should be a man but he should be a she. It is often something that the person is aware of from birth and is unable to express it to others. They are one sex trapped in the body of the opposite sex. Most transgendered often feel for several years that they must be gay or lesbian because they are attracted to the opposite of their body sex. This can go on for years until they realize that the problem lays with in them selves as they are the incorrect gender on the outside. Some believe that they are transvestites as they prefer to dress up in the opposite sex’s clothes as this is the only way they feel normal but this too still does not solve the problem. By going to see a psychologist many often find the truth was always there with in them but it just had not been brought out to the surface. Once the realization has been made and they understand that they are transgender they then often go to see their regular practitioners to start the long and lengthy process of changing their gender identities.

    To be able to do this a person must become what is now known as transsexual. A transsexual  will have to be diagnosed with Gender Identity Disorder to be able to go ahead with the medical transition part of the change. A year is also often required where they take hormones to begin the altering of their bodies and full immersion of them selves (i.e. clothes, hair, make up if necessary and or a wig) to complete the look. If a person can live for a year completely in the role they wish to change to, take their medications correctly and also visit the psychiatrist on a regular basis to make sure that you are completely prepared for the surgery and what that means then you will have your surgery book soon after the year has finished. Depending on where you live will depend on the waiting list times for the operation and the other lengths of time for the other steps. If surgery is for you then it is needed to be understood that there is no going back once it has been completed. Some transgender people do not feel the need to change their sexual organs to be able to become the person they have always felt they have been. Some are happy with just taking hormone replacements and others nothing at all. Each person is an individual and it helps to know that you are not alone. There is someone out there who can relate to you and give you valuable advice. For further information contact your local centre who will help you with any issues you may have.