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  • The Survivalists
    Community dedicated to survival and disaster preparedness. We will be ready when the SHTF.

  • Asia Expats Blog Community
    Surf community for blogs created by expatriates living in Asia Pacific and Southest Asia regions

  • Okayplayer Blog Community
    This is a blogcommunity for regular posters @ okayplayer.com message boards

  • SphynxCat's Real Vampires Support Community
    Community for real vampire support and information sites. No roleplaying, lifestyler/entertainment, or history/myth/legends sites.

  • The Tara Ball Rebuttal Ring: clearing up a few rumors
    A ring devoted to sites about one of the more colorful figures to be found online, especially those written in rebuttal to some of the even more colorful stories she has been known to spread. "We don't need to give equal time, because we are equal time". Sigh. The ring is closed right now, so those wishing to join this ring will need to sign up for one of my homelists and post about their sitea. If I like what I see, I'll be glad to open the ring.

  • Under 5'
    A community for bloggers/website owners shorter than 5'.

  • Nudist and Naturist
    Websites and blogs relating to the nudist/naturist lifestyle. Serious discussion and information, travel, clubs and groups. No porn.

  • NRIs
    The community is dedicated to India, NRIs and Indians living abroad. manin focus is blogs and issues related to NRIs, social interactions, NRI culture and race relation.

  • Strippers
    Sites for Adult Entertainers offering support, clothing & equipment

  • Dangerous Subcultures

    Subcultures are cultures within a culture that has their own way of doing things that is different from the main culture that they live. Some subcultures do no harm to anyone and exist simply because it fits the person’s way of life. Therefore not all subcultures are dangerous though. Some exist just to provide like minded individuals with a sense of belonging. Take music fans for example as many will try to dress and imitate their favorite rock band or music artist. These do no harm to anyone and allow these fans a way of feeling connected to their favorite band or artist. However, some subcultures can be dangerous not only to an individual but also to society as a whole. It is those dangerous subcultures that prey on our children and cause harm and destruction where ever they are present.

    Gangs are a dangerous subculture that preys on children and cause much harm to society. They have their own language and their own beliefs. To make the gang stronger and gain more territory gang members will recruit more members. These new members happen to be our children. Most activities enjoyed by gang members are violent and illegal. This violence harms all of society. Gangs are also territorial and do not like to share what they perceive to be their territory with other gangs. This results in drive by shootings and graffiti to help mark their territory. What makes gangs a subculture is the clothing that is gang related, vehicle styles that represent them and almost always carrying a weapon is part of who they are.

    The drug cultures are another dangerous subculture. Within the drug subculture two things remain a constant and that is money and getting high. The drug culture has those who deal drugs and those who do the drugs. Either side of this subculture is dangerous to anyone around them and to society as a whole. Those who deal drugs are usually the ones most concerned with the money aspect. They are out there dealing drugs and promoting this way of life as their means to obtaining money. The concern with money for those who do drugs however usually only extends to the aspect of being able to afford their drug habit. Anyone who stands in the way of a dealer or a user is at risk of physical harm. That is why this subculture is as dangerous as the dealer will kill to protect his/her money and the user will kill to get the money for the drug.

    While both of these subcultures can be independent of each other they can also reside within each other. Both subcultures reside within normal culture and society. However, neither of them gives anything positive or productive to mainstream culture and society. They take from society and leave devastation in their wake. Police agencies, federal agencies and neighborhood watch groups all work hard to reduce these subcultures. Not all subcultures are dangerous though. Some exist just to provide like minded individuals with a sense of belonging.