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  • Sexuality and Our Society


    Whether or not you think it’s a good thing; society has become much more open about sexuality and all things sex. Where the mere mention of the word sex used to draw gasps and sheer terror from most; we are now okay with blatant sexuality beginning displayed just about everywhere we turn. Doesn’t it almost feel as if this okay-ness with sex came out of nowhere? In reality, this has been a long time coming if you consider the sexual revolution of the ‘swinging sixties’ and the fact that the seventies were the golden age of porn and the eighties…well…things definitely got sexier in mainstream films with movies like ‘Ten’ starring Bo Derek, followed by ‘9 ½ Weeks’ and ‘Fatal Attraction’ in the latter part of the decade. Things just seemed to get more overtly sexual from there. The invention of the Internet—or rather people’s discoveries of ways to make it nasty—managed to bring sex to masses at the speed of light. Now, we no longer had to go to the back room of a video store to get our hands on porn or to a corner to find a hooker; all we had to do was click the mouse and within seconds we could have all the porn, nakedness and debauchery our sex-starved little hearts desired!


    I suppose it’s not all because of the internet, because even before surfing the big ol’ World Wide Web became the planet’s greatest pastime, something else happened that had a profound effect on the way society views sexuality. What’s that you ask? I’m talking about HBO’s wonder series Sex and the City. The show which centered on the lives of four women living in New York let the world in on women and sex; something that up until the show began in the nineties was pretty much unheard of. I mean, we all saw women portrayed as enjoying sex that was either monogamous and ‘proper’ or initiated by a man, but this was different. Sex and the City let the world in on the big secret that society had keep neatly hidden away in their panty drawers all this time; that women love sex and don’t necessarily demand a relationship in order to have it. SHOCKING! And even more shocking than that was how ready women were to embrace it, admit it and then flaunt it. Nowadays, everything from television and film to magazines and books feature women either having sex, talking about having sex or writing about having sex. The entire concept of women openly and non-apologetically  enjoying their sexuality has come to the mainstream and appears to be here to stay much to the chagrin of ex boyfriends who are being blogged about and parents who are in stuck between a rock and a mortified place.


    This isn’t to say that the whole of society is cool with this of course, but for the most part, sexuality in society has become pretty much the norm. So much for shock value! Where can we possibly go from here??