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  • Lightworkers Community
    The Lightworkers Community was created as a network of sites which promote a positive attitude towards ascension and wholistic healing with a focus on spiritual light work. We welcome sites which positively relate to light work, ascension, angels, spirit guides, channeling, or spirituality. We reject sites which have negativity, prejudice, violence, satanism, or other inappropriate content. Sorry, entirely commercial sites are not eligible. Founded 02/99, originally hosted at www.community.org, since 10/00 hosted here at www.communitysurf.com.

  • spiritualist
    Organization for spiritualist churches, mediums, psychics and metaphysical sites

  • Community of Discipleship
    This is a community dedicated to discipleship ministries. Internet ministries that do not just teach the Milk of God's Word to win souls, but ministries that desire to get into the Meat also so as to grow the believers that have been entrusted in their care.

  • Animism
    A beautifully simple form of spirituality that is highly inclusive, animism offers spirituality without the rules of more formal religions, to which you may or may not subscribe.

  • thinking through faith community
    A community of blogs explocommunity how Christians are called to live, serve, witness and worship in contemporary culture.

  • When Will the World End
    Do you wonder if and When Will the World End? Many of us do. That's exactly why this community was created in the first place - for all of those who want to know all they can about the end of the world.
    Look around this community for all kinds of interesting information and theories.Find out how the World will End.  W've got a simple Outline of how and When the World will End for you to look at and see for yourself.

  • The Orphic Consortium
    We are dedicated to overcoming the inherant limitations of studying the subtle reality via the internet. In addition to introductory material, hard to find subject matter of a more advanced variety will be available as well.

  • Peace and Lightworkers
    "Change your thoughts and you change your world!" The Peace and Lightworkers community was created to bcommunity together all people whose intentions are to heal the world in loving and positive ways. There is strength in numbers, so please join us in our online meditations devoted to healing, forgiveness and peace.

  • Druidismo no Brasil
    Alianša de sites brasileiros sobre Druidismo, celtas e eco-espiritualidade.

  • Looking at Religion and Spirituality

    Religion and Spirituality are often viewed as unconnected matters by a certain group in the society. Some individuals find that the religion and spirituality are both opposing terms. There is a third group prevailing in the society that considers that the religion is the mother that gives birth life to spirituality. And this group of people in the society is considered to be positive minded and they receive a lot of support from a number of external factors. Many institutions support them to flourish more and more.


    There is a concept in the society that people follow. This concept is that when the spirituality grows the religion declines. If you visit a library o modern book shop, then you will find an array of books that are having the subject of spirituality within. Many books describe the beliefs of the eastern spiritual leaders in a very new and western format so that the western people that are interested in spirituality can comprehend them in a better manner. These books do have Christian materials, but it depicts the thoughts of various religious leaders that were non Christians. Many times the beliefs and thoughts mentioned in the Bible are also depicted in the books written on Spirituality. After the development of modernization and globalization, all the citizens of the world are free to choose from the assortment of spiritual beliefs that are prevailing in the world. There is no kind of restriction on any individual because there is a freedom of accepting and following any particular religion of their choice in most of the countries on that are present on the face of this earthen globe. In most of the western countries, people have adopted various other concepts of spirituality and so the religion is deemed to be declining in these regions.


    Another concept widespread in the society is that spirituality is good in comparison to the religion. In the current day and age, the spirituality is augmenting to a higher level. Many people do not think that there is any sort of link between the spirituality and religion.  Many people in the society of the modern day think that religion is not at all meant to pursue spirituality, it is only meant for carrying on the external customs and ceremonies.  Many of the spiritual and religious individuals are portrayed as two faced as well as duplicitous. There are various violent aspects related with the religion also, and so it is often believed to be dangerous if you are too religious or rather an orthodox. The spirituality that does not include the gibbets of the religion is tending to become very much prejudiced as well as individual. The individuals will only focus on their personal experiences and are tend to become more selfish. There would be no kind of support from the society during the times of spiritual crisis. The society would also not share the similar point of view. There would also be no kind of dependable tradition in the society to connect you. There would be no ethics in addition to justice in the society, due to this.

    One more concept in the society related to religion and spirituality is that people consider themselves as spiritual but they do not want to follow any particular religion. Nowadays in the present times, more and more people in the west are following this concept for a healthy living.