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  • tbihome.org Community
    Homepages dedicated to Brain Injury Survivors, Caregivers and Friends. Includes message boards, stories and more.

  • NA Way
    Members of NA shacommunity a message of hope through their web sites

  • GOF Cause Community
    This is a Garden of Friendship Werb Community Dedicated to Causes, such as Breast Cancer, Aid, Child Abuse, and more.

  • I'm seeing R e d
    a community welcoming the world to promote awareness concerning the oh-so-silent silent topic of self-harm.

  • FireFighters & EMTs Coffee Counter
    A community designed for Firefighters,Emts,Medics,Police websites. (personal websites of the above are welcome also to join.)

  • Weightloss Bloggin Buddies
    Welcome to Weightloss Bloggin Buddies...the group for those who are struggling to loose weight and who keep an online journal and are looking for lots of support! Come one...come all and help support each other loose weight!

  • Secret Scars
    Created in order to support self harmers and their families.

  • Weight Loss PALS 4 Life
    Wherever you may be on your Weight Management Journey, be it your very first time or your gazillionth time, we are here to support you! Welcome!

  • Moon & Stars
    Journals, blogs, and diaries maintained by those of us living with infertility.

  • Your Last Fat Summer
    Are you trying to lose weight and get in shape? Do you have a personal weightloss website? Join others here for motivation and support.

  • [Anna & Me]
    This is a private community. All sites must be approved before being added. I will be sending out invitations to websites that I know of that are pro-anorexic.

  • Shones Kids Heart Foundation
    Shones Kids Heart Foundation Website Community.

  • The Prozac Community
    You don't have to be on it to join just be a little different than most...lol

  • SIED Free
    For those who have struggled with self-injury and/or eating disorders, and have become FREE from them.

  • Recipes
    For sites that display recipes! Also for sites that help with prepacommunity food, cooking, etc.

  • Memorial Community
    De leden van de Memorial Community hebben op Internet een website gemaakt ter nagedachtenis aan hun overleden dierbaren.

  • Virkelighedens Verden.
    En Community fra Virkelighedens Verden. Sider fra mennesker der har oplevet seksuelle overgreb, tvangstanker, depressioner m.v.

  • Advocacy For You
    This community is a mental health support community

  • Public Health Service: They've Got Our Backs


    The Public Health Service keeps our society healthy and lively. It is managed by Public Health Department who is responsible for arranging Public Health Programs as well.

    The Public Health Department provides services such as promoting awareness to our society about various diseases and health risk as well as provides vaccines and valuable information regarding prevention and treatment options. In a whole, they are responsible for trying to keep our society a healthy one.

    Some services are short termed such as to explain society about how to take primary aid, to make the people aware of some bad habits such as smoking, drinking etc. These Public Health Services are focused to help the society get healthy and stay healthy.

    The Public Health Department also offers some programs about Public Health Services to our schools, colleges, and even through newspaper and television and radio ads, all in the name of trying to make people aware of current health concerns. In the event of catastrophic situation, like earthquakes and floods, the Public Health Department helps to arrange the necessary aid to the victims affected by disaster in order to try to maintain their health and prevent the spread of diseases that may surface as a result of the upset.

    In the event of outbreaks or epidemics, the Public Health Service plays an important role to make the society come out of such a potentially deadly and critical situation with a fighting chance. The people of Public Health Department provide free medicines, food packages and arranged safety camps for affected people. Even the public health services help the non-affected people too.

    The administration of Public Health Services is maintained by Public Health Department of that county. And there is a main Health Department in each state which handles these all departments of all counties.

    Society can join in Public Health Services directly or indirectly. There are some Public Health Schools in each state. The courses of study in these schools are designed to add to public health knowledge and skills. They offer certificates in Public Health. In these schools the students learn how to provide the health services to the society. Students can further go for master degree also. And then they can join the Public Health Department to provide the services to the Society. Thus these people join Public Health Services directly.

    Indirect way is that in which the society itself provides services to the society itself by keeping  the society clean, and atmosphere healthy. Here the society should have awareness of all the things.

    Public Health Services are the most important part of a society. Without it the society can’t get developed. The children and the oldies are the easy target for the bed bugs of the environment. And to provide solutions, the public health department established health care centers in the county where free medicines, vaccines and free treatment is possible. They arrange programs and sometimes they do by visiting each door. 

    We are not aware of all the things at the time and so we have to face too many problems but as being a part of society, at least we can either take part in such services or we should follow the rules and regulations of such services. At least be thankful to Public Health Department and its Public Health Services for their continuous efforts to keep our society healthy and lively.