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  • Peace For Palestine
    We are in solidarity with the Palestinians and working for peace. Our international eyes are watching. We expose the suffecommunity in Palestine. We will not allow the killing to continue unchecked. Join the community if you have a site that works for Peace in any way.

  • Blogging on the Right
    This community is a community for Republicans with personal weblogs and journals. Not intended for political, professional, or campaign websites.

  • Hillary Clinton In 2008
    Do you think Hillary Clinton would make a great president? Would you vote for Hillary in 2008? Can she be the first woman president? Is your answer yes? Join us now and declare that you want Hillary Clinton In 2008!

  • Nación Castellana
    El anillo de la Nación Castellana, Foros castellanistas

  • Rutelli2001
    Francesco Rutelli Community 2001

  • Fuck America
    you tired of america? Tired of heacommunity about politicians fucking, and leaving interns? Tired of asshole pandecommunity to the majority and then not doing anything they promised to do? Read a lot of Howard Zinn? A socialist, an anarchist, a communist, a facist? Then join the fucking community.. Let's fill this muther fucker up with a bunch of militant angry people who HATE America as it should be!

  • Stop The Police State
    This Community is Dedicated to reversing the trend toward a police state.

  • Get the United States of America out of the United Nations
    For websites who support getting the United States of America out of the United Nations, and who support exposing the United Nations as the communist organization that it is.

  • Conservatopia
    A Republican community dedicated to Conservative, political views, Constitutional Law, progressive, Right-biased Journalism, and The United States of America.

  • Dot Communism
    The Dot Communism Community is for all those communimsts online out there. We are an elite group of commies, who rule the web! Bwhaha!

  • IR Blogs
    This is a community for all those who are interested in international relations and have blogs. You do not have to have an IR blog, just an interest or passion for international relations.

  • Politically Depressed: Dubyafrustritis Support Group
    Do you have Dubyafrustritis? The symptoms of Dubyafrustritis manifest almost constantly, and especially upon learning of current events. First case was reported approximately 4 years ago. Although no cure is known, some relief can be found, on occassion, through watching "The Daily Show." This would be the first official online Dubyafrustritis support group. This community is to join together all afflicted individuals, so we do not feel alone (even if you live in the middle of a bright, flaming, red state),with potential bouts of relief through humor (which we all know is the best medic

  • Right Thinking Vets
    This community is dedicated to all the veterans that still believe in the "right" way!!

  • Gay Political, Religious, and Social Action Network
    A community of sites with a Gay perspective devoted to fairness, equity, social action, leadership and constructive commentary. The goal of this community is to promote free and unfettered discussion of issues of particular interest to the gay, lesbian, and transgender commmunity, and a forum for aicommunity their concerns as well as constructive opinions on current newsworthy topics.

  • Re-Elect Nobody
    Re-Elect Nobody join the revolution. Change begins with change, that starts in the voting booth. Join the Re-Elect Nobody community and promote honest servant government.

  • United for Hillary Clinton
    A grassroots network of supporters of Hilary Clinton for President in 2008.

  • Impeach Barack Obama
    This community is dedicated to websites that think that not only Barack Obama is deceitful; but he is not even a US Citizen. As long as his citizenship is in question, he should NOT be able to take the seat of the President of the United States!

  • Liberty Alliance Community
    An Alliance of websites dedicated to ensucommunity that Liberty prevails.

  • True Conservative Republic
    Political Discussion

  • Politically Conservative Election Products
    We must persuade our younger generations of the importance of our great U.S. Constitution and our God given rights. This ring is dedicated to encouraging thoughtful and constructive debate by promoting well designed conservative election products and gear. Let's return only strict constitutionalists and fiscal conservatives in 2010 and 2012!

  • The Herbal Tea Party
    A political party of people dedicated to social and political change through action instead of argument, through positive solutions rather than complaints and through social service in lieu of social swarming.

  • Kenyan Blogs
    Blogs about Kenya
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