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  • Community of Conservative Sites
    Community for politically conservative web sites. Right-leaning libertarians also acceptable.

  • Liberal Blogs
    Pretty self-explanitory, a community for liberal bloggers.

  • The Forgotten
    This Community is created to help America remember their forgotten Fathers,Brothers,Sons,Mothers and Daugthers who paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom.{;}Please join us. Please NOTE: Do NOT apply if your site contains Porn or other sexually explicit contents. If you decide to apply and I discover indecent material YOU WILL BE REPORTED. Take your smut somewhere else.

  • Radical Women of Color Bloggers
    An online radical women of color community working to further the collective physical world mission of ending violence against women of color and their communities in all its manifestations through direct action, critical dialogue, grassroots organizing and capacity building.

    If you are tired of Political Correctness (PC) crowding out common sense and seeing public and private institutions take ridiculous and stupid steps to avoid offending anybody (except white Christian males) such as changing the names of sports teams, then this community is for you.

  • Green Bloggers (MOVED, see greenbloggers.org)
    READ THIS!!!!! This community has moved: see www.greenbloggers.org Are you a member of the Green Party of the United States? Do you blog or manage a discussion site where Green matters, from global to local, are a regular topic? Then please join our community and help increase Green voices on the web. For blogs or forums in English and by members of the Green Party of the US and seeking to improve and promote the party. No official party sites or commercial enterprises.

  • LibertyLoggers
    We hold that capitalism is the only social system based on the recognition of individual rights and individual liberty; and we strive to communicate these ideas on a frequent basis, in our own personal ways.

  • Radical and Progressive Bloggers Kicking Ass

  • The Anti-Dubya Community
    This is a community for anyone who hates George W. Bush, Commander in Thief. All anti-Dubya sites are welcome. The only requirement is that your site must proclaim your hatred of Dubya.

  • Gun Owners Alliance for a No-Compromise NRA
    Boycotts against the NRA do not work to reign the NRA into submission, to fight this fight without compromising our rights away. The NRA is NOT going away, for there will always be enough simple minded people that will "blindly" follow "Moses". We need to learn from our enemy to INFILTRATE the halls of the NRA with a strong, no-compromising Board of Directors, that will insist on change and get the job done!

  • Community Surf:
    De Community die alle vrij, ruimdenkende, verlichtte en opiniemakende websites aan elkaar hecht tot een krachtig antwoord op onze ineenstortende democratie in Nederland met als hoogste doel de bescherming van ieders onbetwistbare geboorterecht op individuele vrijheid. "Het collectief" is slechts een optelsom van individuen. Hoe groter de macht van het collectief, hoe kleiner de individuele vrijheid van de leden. Door de rechten van het individu te beschermen wordt dan ook automatisch het collectief beschermd. Niet andersom! Een ziek lichaam kan genezen indien cellen zich herstellen... Heden

  • Vast Center Wing Conspiracy
    Be hated by everyone, join the VCWC!

  • Conservatism: God and Politics
    Dedicated to the promotion of Conservative Ideals: Faith, Family, Community in the Republican Party. Conservatism Works!

    This community celebrates Western civilization and its universal values of individual freedom, political democracy and equal rights for all. All sites containing relevant material, or promoting human rights and democracy throughout the world, are welcome. {;}

  • Dean for America
    Bcommunitying together those who support Dean for President in 2004.

  • CommunitySurf: Rock's Political Blog Community
    Battle of the political blogs with an edge, conservatives versus liberals. You never know if the next site is right or left wing. Be ready to debate and back up your convictions!

  • Irish Republican community
    A community for Irish Republican web-sites opposed to British rule in Ireland

  • Defenders Of The Second Amendment
    A community for all who would stand up and defend the right to keep and bear arms to protect our family and home.

  • Anti Communist Action
    Sites willing to take a stand against the abomination known as communism

  • Conservatives Against Hollywood Pundits
    We are proud, patriotic Americans who have come together against Hollywood punditry.{;}{;}We are tired of the ongoing political rhetoric coming out of Hollywood.{;}{;}We stand together, as citizens, to say that we will not support these celebrities and their projects.{;}{;}The web sites contained within this list have come together in one spot on the web to join their collective efforts in {;}speaking out against, and in opposition of, the celebrities who have inundated the media with their hate speech {;}against this country and our President. {;} {;}{;}All of these websites on this list h

  • C-View Conservative
    A Community for non-radical Conservative sites.

  • United Conservative Network
    The United Conservative Network was created to inform and expand the ideals of the Conservative. This network of Conservatives will work together and unite as one.

  • Community of Right Thinking Americans
    This is a community set up for Right Thinking Americans. If your website is Republican, conservative, Patriot, right-wing content, this RTA Community is for you.

  • Pro-Choice
    Until that day when women, & only women, shall determine which American males must, by law, have vasectomies, then & only then will you or any man have the right to determine which American women can have abortions ~ Betty Beale ~

  • Por la Republica Constitucional
    Este anillo agrupa a los blogs y paginas web de los ciudadanos o asociaciones de ciudadanos que apoyan la Republica Constitucional. Los temas tratados en cada una de estas paginas pueden ser variados pero todas comparten su adhesion a la Republica Constitucional propuesta por Antonio Garcia-Trevijano enfatizando asi el caracter plural del Movimiento Ciudadano por la Republica Constitucional.

  • Christian Conservatives of America
    Designed to provide Christian/Conservatives with a vehicle to further both the Word of God and the U.S. Constitution.

  • Defeat the Liberal Media
    The community is designed to expose the nature of the liberal broadcast and print media. Member sites express news and commentaries not generally found in the mainstream media.

  • Democratic Socialists!
    A community for democratic socialist leaning bloggers.

  • Stop Federal Land Grab
    Dedicated to stopping ALL Land Grabs, by any branch of Government. We do not promote violence of any kind. We only want to educate the Public to what the Government is doing to our freedoms.{;}

    A community for you to show your American pride.

  • Conservative Viewpoint
    This is a community for sites that are politically conservative in their views and opinions. Middle American rules. Websites must be clean, concise and quality designed; not just a garbage page thrown together. Sites must be viewable by all ages. The decision on admitting members and/or removing sites rests solely with the communitymaster.

  • Barack Obama 2008
    A community for folks who support Barack Obama in 2008.

  • Grizzly Groundswell Community
    Grizzly Groundswell, Awaken, Stand up, and step into action

  • I Hate Bush
    This community is for all those in favor of Bush getting out of office, canceling the war, getting impeached, etc. Just a way for those of us who hate Bush as our president to come together.

  • Community of Freedom & Liberty
    This community of sites promote freedom and liberty, unalienable rights of mankind, recognized and guaranteed in the United States by the United States Constitution, Bill of Rights, Declaration of Independence, and undeniable in many of our other Founding Documents. This freedom & liberty is not for each to do whatever they wish without regard for others. It is freedom & liberty within the context of a moral framework. Our founders spoke of the need for this common moral understanding, if our nation was to survive. ** Please keep your communitycode up-to-date! Inactive sites removed f

  • Capitol Hill Inner Circle
    A community for people with strong and reasonable political views

  • Green Anarchy Community
    community for green anarchist, primitivists, neo-luddites, militant EF!ers, anarchist insurrrectionists and the like.

  • Open-Minded America
    This community is dedicated to the freedom of speech- from stereotypes and political correctness. We do not believe in PC censorship and encourage the presentation of all types of views.

  • The Conservative Camp Site Community
    Community of Conservative websites that advance conservative causes, promote writers and editorial columnists of a conservative slant, and carry content on current events, news, information,editorials & opinion,conservative commentary,anti-abortion forums, conservative humor,military issues, Christian and Catholic causes, and conservative blogging sites.

  • ConservativeIssues
    ConservativeIssues.com "Community" was founded on "Conservative" principles. All political viewpoints are welcome, however, this Community's belief and mission are based on: 1. The proper function of government is to do for the people those things that have to be done but cannot be done. 2. Government is based on the individual and that each person's ability, dignity, freedom and responsibility must be honored and recognized. 3. Free enterprise and the encouragement of individual initiative and incentive have given this nation an economic system second to none. 4. Equal righ

  • Try To Be Courteous
    An attempt at political conversations among the ordinary folks without a bunch of name-calling.

  • Bipartisan Political Opinion Community
    A bipartisan political opinion community open to various views in the liberal, conservative view or any US patroit...in good taste... subject to the determination of the web owner and moderators.

  • World politics and current events forum
    Bcommunitying the world together Learn all about international politics,relations,unhcr,red cross,amnesty international,international politics,world affairs,diplomacy,globalisation,superpowers,United states,africa,asia,america,human rights,war on terror,balkans,bosnia,rwanda,kosovo,genocide,ethnic

  • John Edwards 2008
    A grassroots network of supporters of John Edwards for President in 2008

  • Fight HIV in DC
    Fight HIV in DC Communitysurf Community. The community connects sites that work to raise awareness about HIV/AIDS awareness in the District of Columbia.

  • PN - The Political Network
    PN - The political network is a collection of political blogs from across the web.

  • Blogs for Hillary
    This community is for members of Blogs for Hillary. If you would like to join the community, you must first join the cause.

  • The Patriot
    The Patriot contains political commentary, historical documents, news, current events, and a bit of satire.

  • The Kids are alright!
    Hello there!The Kids are alright community is just the same as all the other hundreds of communitys out there, designed with with the purpose of bcommunity together lots of neat kids with lost of neat websites. The only twist this time, if you could even call it that is that the communitys basicaly for kids around me age, in other words teenagers. The majority of my peers make me embrassed to be young so if you like you can call this community a representation of our generation, or you can just call me a snob, doesn't bother me like I say I'm not really trying to change the world just run a co

  • States' Rights & Religious Liberty
    For a return of States' control of the federal government

  • The Likes and Dislikes of Politics


    Politics is always play his part in your dally life there is no matter were you live. May be you don’t like to deal with the political issues. But that is sure that politics is always play there role in your life this is what the fact is whatever it is like if there is your office politics  like they are deciding who is going to get promoting there were also some politics witch you have to face. Like in city politics you have to face that you are allowed to park downtown, in country politics they dictating your taxes and even nationwide politics deciding hoe your school Is funded like every were you have to face politics, like politics play his part every were in your life.


    This is what something important then that you understand what politics really is. There were such nice definitions given by wikipedia as process by which groups of people make decisions. Politics sound is such a simple. What is making the politics complicated are the individuals involved in making the decisions. That is just because of human beings are not perfect, you are not going to find that politics is perfect. The political system is not going to be perfect any how. This is what the almost people are not understanding the politics. You can put each and every circumstance into politics however, at the end; it is more about us like human beings getting their way then about the process it self.


    Usually people think that the politics is a dirty business. In the united states of congress, politics has on an air of hatred and manipulation, many United States citizens think that they are left out of the politics process and then they interested in scoring personal points then decade’s special interest groups become particularly vilified.


    These kinds of desiccation make fell us that the politics is nothing new. Plato- the famous Greek philosopher – he said that the political systems were corrupted at the cores and the societies leaderships and leaders are having training at birth. This is all the basic of politics.


    One of the best political philosophers, Machiavelli advised that leaders of politics are always use there power and authorities to behave in politics. Is this any surprise then, that the political systems of so many country look corrupt?




    Do you know that the heart of politics is really very feeblest? It is how law are made and one more thing that you must need to know that like how individuals are judged in societies that enclose them. If politics is not there then anybody come to know that what to do or what to not after left there house and one more thing that there are lot of people that take politics as like this is what the short power witch you can gain from politics.


    It is just because of these “bad eggs” the politics become a terrible business. People take politics in wrong way that’s way politics become a bad business. This is what the politics is.


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