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  • Endangered Wildlife Community
    This community is the beginning to uniting us all over the world. To help protect & save the endangered wildlife. Encluding, Elephants, Wolves, Rhino's, Eagles,and the big cats, leopards, tigers, lions,{;} whales, seals, dolphins etc. Please won't you join so we may show we care and share our sites with others so they may learn. BEFORE ITS TOO LATE.

  • Save Endangered Wildlife!
    Dedicated to saving exotic animals!

  • Beautiful Butterfly Community
    This community is for all butterfly lovers. If you have butterflys of any kind on your web site, this community is for you.

  • Guardians of Wildlife
    A community for sites about Wildlife and Nature

  • Consumption Challenge
    We are a group of ordinary people making small changes, that will make a big difference

  • KleingartenCommunity
    Kleingartenvereine (Kleingärtnervereine) oder Bezirks-, Stadt-, Kreis- oder Landesverbände, die (ggf. über ihren übergeordneten Verband) in einem Kleingärtnerverband (in der Regel im BDG (Bundesverband Deutscher Gartenfreunde) organisiert sind oder eigenständig sind, aber dem Bundeskleingartengesetz unterliegen. City Farmers into Germany.

  • Texas Ponds and Water Gardens
    Texas Ponds and Water Gardens is a Community for pond keepers and water garden enthusiasts who are located in Texas, USA. Club and commercial sites are also welcome as long as they are located in Texas.

  • One Earth, One Consciousness
    Connecting those of us who realize that everyone and everything on our precious planet is one. Everything you do affects that which is surrounding you and every good deed does not go unnoticed. If you have a site promoting ecology, earth consciousness, animal awareness, animal activism, conservation or anything related to our natural world in balance please look into joining the One Earth, One Consciousness community. Remember: There is only One Earth, treat her well!

  • Riot for Austerity - 90% emissions reduction
    reducing our carbon emissions by 90%

  • River and Ocean Conservation
    Join the River and Ocean Conservation Community! A community of websites dedicated to protecting the world's rivers and oceans!

  • Native Spirits Community
    Community for participants in the Native Spirits team at Spirits 2 Shine

  • Security Of Nature Community
    Learn how you can save,protect,preserve wildlife and their habitat. Learn about other environmental issues that are the top biggest threat not just to the environemnt,but to ecostems.

  • Niteowl's Official Wildlife Sites
    This community joins together people shacommunity their concerns for wildlife and this world we share.

  • Defend The Wolves
    This community is dedicated to sites that are active in protecting and defending wolves.

  • Endangered Species at Risk
    Endangered species need our help. Join our community and help educate the world about the wildlife who share our earth.

  • The Green Products Community
    How green are you? This community is for people with a passion for all things green. It's for those who go the extra mile when it comes to living green and doing their part for the planet.
    Use this community to find Green Products. Save the Earth by Going Green and buying Environmentally, Environment Friendly Products here. We want to encourage poeple to Go Green and reduce Global Warming which is why we offer links to Green Wholesale, Home, Baby, Electronics, Furniture, Clothing, Biodegradable, Eco Friendly Products and much more. We're making it easier f

  • The Nature Community
    The Nature Community is for individuals whose communitys are centered around animals, pets, wildlife, outdoor recreational activites, animal welfare, and environmental awareness.

  • Gaia's Garden
    From the wildest dogwood to the tamest dragon-whiskers, this Community is all about nature's plants, their identification and uses. From herbal medicine to identification and cultivation, join the walk through Gaia's Garden!

  • Net Community Kwekerijen der Lage landen
    iedere kwekerij die teelt tot ieders plezier is van harte welkom bij de community. Of je nu levert rechtstreeks aan liefhebber of consument, als je informatie over kwekerij en je planten brengt via het internet ben je welkom.

  • La DROME
    les sites sur le département de la Drôme

  • Spirit of the wolf
    This community is for wolf, wolf dog lovers, rescues . For people who care about wolves . Also educational sites are welcome to join.

  • From The Redwoods To The Sea
    This community is intended for people that live near the Sea or the Redwood's.

  • Fox Community
    A community for those with a passion for all things vulpine, be it photos of, videos of, stories about or info on. My only stipulations are that adult material should not be on the page the community links to, and said content elsewhere on the site is clearly signposted.

  • Homesteaders
    A ring of homesteaders, gardeners, livestock raisers, and sustainable, green websites

  •                                                           Nature and The Environment

    Environment is the most important thing in our lives, yet it’s our own faults that it is suffering the way it is. Nowadays in our environment there are lot of pollution in our environment for that only we are responsible for that because we are only who creating the environment and only we are destroying it, like we are only who is responsible for all this thing witch are going on in our environment and one most important thing is that this is our duty to save our environment. This is really helpful to use like we are going to get a fresh air and we are going to have long time fresh environment. This is something that is beneficial to us and will for the generations to come. Like this is our responsibility to learn how to save are environment to our next generations and the same thing they have to teach their next generation this is what the way we can save our environment.


    So environment is the main thing for those who knows actual value of our environment and those who know the good and bad effects of environment so we have to do only that we have to avoid the pollution and we have to try to plant a tree to save our environment and now a day there are lot of problem in our environment like global worming just because of environment like for that also we have to do some thing for our environment. We have to understand our environmental problem so that we can at lest save our environment.


    So now we guys have to understand and try to shawl that environment issues. As like that we guys have to make our own team and we have such thing for our environment like we have to do seminar like we have to do plant tree and we have to go in school and collages and we have to learn people that please save our environment and try to avoid using the thing that will harmful to our environment because and the and of the day we are the creators and we are the destroyers we have to understand that things.


    If our environment is going to surroundings well then we are going to stay really very hale and hearty, so we need to impure our environment. For that we have to taking care of our environment like we have to feel our environment and we have to be responsible for that.


    There are lots of environmental issues in our environment witch is effected to us and to our next generations also but if we get part of this then definitely we can solve this thing so understand that this is our environment and we must have to take care of it like if in our family we have a small child then we are taking care of it but we people think this is not ours that’s way we are not taking care of it. So please fell our environment and save our environment.