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  • MilBlogs
    Free Speech from those who help make it possible. MilBlogs are blogs operated by a current Active Duty, Guard or Reserve member of the US military. Veterans, or Mil-Spouses, with a significant amount of their content devoted to military issues (80-90%) can also join

  • Military Families Community
    Military Families Community is a place for military families with webpages to join together and meet others. *Note* The Military Families Community is open to active duty, retirees, spouses, children or anyone who has a loved one in the military armed forces. Also those who aren't military but have pages dedicated to POW/MIA's are welcome too! If you don't want to join right now...feel free to surf the community and visit some wonderful sites!

  • Yellow Ribbon Support
    Yellow Ribbon Support was started by Avionics Platoon in Jan.79 for support of everyone at Ft. Campbell, which then grew to include everyone in the military. It was added as a community online in 91 for support ducommunity the Gulf War. Tuesday September 11, 2001 Terrorists Attacked America, bcommunitying much pain, grief, tears and shock to all of us. We will not stand for violence, {;}we will not stand for terroristic attacks at the whims of others. {;}The Yellow Ribbon is a memorial to the victims, survivors, rescue workers and support for our armed services while they fight for our freedom

  • Military Spouse Support Network
    The participants of MSSN have gotten together to link their sites! Take a moment to stop by. Any military spouse is welcome!

  • Military Wives
    Military Wives... ... is a community for military wives and their journals/"blogs". A community allows you to move quickly and easily to other similar webpages. Women of all ages and backgrounds are welcomed. There are a few rules related to content. Please read them ALL before applying.

  • Internet Miltary Community Inspection Award Community
    A community for military-themed websites that have passed the Internet Military Community Site Inspection. This community is no longer accepting new members.

  • Freedom and Liberty
    A Community for American Military personnel... active, reserve, retired, or honorably discharged; and for those who support the military and the causes for which they fight.

  • Screaming Eagle
    Web sites with content related to the 101st Airborne Division. Communitys member sites are those of either: Past or present members of the Division, or organizations of the Division.

  • Internet Military Community Quality Site Award Winners Community
    A community for winners of the Internet Military Community Quality Site award. This community is now closed to new members.

  • 11th Cav Veterans
    11th Armored Cavalry Veterans of all time periods.

  • PatriotVoices Community
    Ordinary people - military minded - in support of God and country.

  • Internet Military Community Members Community
    A community for members of the Internet Military Community. This community is no longer accepting new members.

  • Veterans Net Community
    Sites that are for US Veterans.

  • Military of The World
    A Community for all branches of active and retired military personnel of all countries.

  • Internet Military Community Elite Award Winners Community
    A Community for military sites that have won the Internet Military Community Elite Award. This community is no longer accepting new members.

  • Steel Roses of the Navy
    A community dedicated to bcommunitying together Navy wives, past, present and future for shacommunity experiences and mutual support.

  • Stand By Our Troops
    This is a support site for American Military members of all branches and everyone who loves and supports them. We have free membership, a message board, pride roster, chat room, humor, web awards we offer, strength and support of each other helping each other to somehow make it through. Come join us and throw your hat in the community!

  • Recruiting Community
    A community dedicated to military recruits and those who want to join the military. Current, former, or prospective military recruiters are free to join, as are people applying for the military, or currently in a military entry program.

  • War at Sea
    A CommunitySurf Community for all Navy, Warship, Submarine, Naval Aviation, and Naval History related Web Sites to be found on the Seven Seas.{;}

  • NASAA Community
    A collection of web sites associated with the Army Security Agency and/or INSCOMB. The National Army Security Agency Association (NASAA) An organization dedicated to preserving the history, memories, and friendships derived from serving in ASA ducommunity the years of its existence 1945 - 1976. We watched and listened around the world and served in countless countries. INSCOM soldiers are eligible for full membership in the NASAA. We passed the flag to INSCOM in 1976. May they preserve our fine heritage and tradition of service.

  • US Navy Wives Community
    For past, present and future Navy wives

  • Support Our Troops
    The Support Our Troops community is a collection of member created pages showing support for our brave troops fighting for our freedom all across the world. Please browse this great collection of proud American made pages and don't forget to sign a guestbook or two to let them know you enjoyed their page! This community is a part of TheUnitedWebsitesOfAmerica.com!

  • La-Gendarmerie
    Anneau des sites sur la Gendarmerie. Encyclopédie illustrée sur la Gendarmerie nationale.

  • Military Wives - Group H.U.G.S.
    A community for members of the Military Wives - Group H.U.G.S. group, a special pal group dedicated to blogging wives of active-duty U.S. servicemembers.

  • Military Moms
    A community dedictated to the ones left at home. Mothers of military members. Limited to POSITIVE support of our military.

  • I Pledge Allegiance to the United States of America
    This community is for any red blooded American who pledges legience to the united states of America, those who are devoted to being united as one with the knowledge and wisdom to stand together as one nation under GOD!

  • Military Vehicles
    A Community for all military vehicle sites. Any branch of service, any country. Sites that have military vehicles as a main theme, whether it be photo's, facts & figures or just an interest. Armor, tanks, tracks, trucks and artillery this community will be yours!

  • Sea Cadet Community
    Community of United States Naval Sea Cadet (14-18yo) and League Cadet (12-14yo) unit, division, battalion, and flagship web pages.

  • MilitarySAHM
    Community for any Military SAHM. No matter where you are.

  • National Guard Family Readiness
    Keeping the National Guard Families informed and ready for anything!!!!

  • USMC_Hangout
    A community for all Marines, their families, friends, and supporters. All branches of the military are welcome to join. **THIS RING IS NOW CLOSED PLEASE JOIN OUR NEW RING AT: http://w.community.com/hub?community=usmchangout Thanks and Semper Fi!

  • CommunitySurf: Military Support Message Boards
    Military Support Message Boards

  • RN Associations
    An Association of RN Associations

  • American Warrior
    The American Warrior community has been established to join conservative websites that honor the American Warrior, both past and present. If you site is both conservative and honors the American Fighting man or woman, we want you to join this community.

  • Army Spouses Community
    Military support websites.

  • Military Wives & Girlfriends
    A place where you can submit your military wives/girlfriends support site.

  • USAF Homepages
    A community dedicated to all who serve, or have served in the Air Force. Active Duty, Retired, Dependants, etc.

  • Air War
    For all Air Force, War Plane, Military Aviation, Fighter Pilot, and Arial Combat related Web Sites providing Air Cover across the skies of the World.

  • Patriotic & Proud
    Honocommunity those that are serving, served, citizens, families, and a nation indivisible under god.

  • Angels of America's Defenders
    This is a community designed to link memorial pages of children of Military families. Being in the Military is already a unique experience in itself, So knowing there are others out there enducommunity the same pain can help. Join us in keeping the memory of these Angels alive.

  • Military Second Wives
    This is a community for military wives, whether or not they be second wives or just a first wife to a military man. This is for families, email lists or any clubs.

  • UN Veterans Community
    Community for veterans in the service of peace

  • Patriot's Place
    A tribute to all, who ever wore The Military Uniform in defense of The United States of America. The political views are decidedly conservative, but NOT intended to discourage anyone, regardless of personal philosophies, from taking advantage of the information and resources provided.

  • Ambassadors-In-Blue
    A community that supports and promotes the history of the Marine Embassy Guard program. Websites that are designed or that have information about Marine Embassy Guards, Marine Embassy Detachments, Marine Embassy Guard Battalion and the supporting staff and State Department members of our U.S. Embassies around the world.

  • The Air Force Wife Community
    Air Force Wife.com website.

  • Female Veterans Community
    A community for women who have served their country. Sites included do not have to be dedicated to being a woman veteran, but do need to be owned by a woman veteran and have some mention of service on the site.

  • American Marine Veterans
    This is a Veterans Web Site thats all about my service to my country and to honor those who have given so much.


  • Support Our Troops
    This community is for sites that support U.S. and Allied Forces stationed around the globe. Sites that support our troops ducommunity Operation Enducommunity Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom are welcome to join. Veterans sites are also welcome to join. {;}

  • Hugz 4 Our Troops
    A community dedicated to showing our support to our deployed troops with blogs, web pages, home pages, groups, etc.

  • Military Schools


    Military protects our society from the outsiders and in critical situations of war. The military men spent their lives away from their home, from their relatives just to protect the nation and the people of the nation. They live with honor and die with pride. To make the military men, there are too many military schools established in the society or nation.

    The students who want to build their career in the military, they join the military schools and then after completing the course and training, they become the military men and join the military of their nation. The procedure to get entered in the military school as a student is different in different countries.


    For the children whose family belonged to military, the military schools are more comfortable and they with no trouble mix with others. There is no any other better option, if your teen is quite passionate to join military school.


    In today’s world, many parents would like to choose military school for their children’s education to make them learn discipline and respect for regulations. A very wide spread rumor or a general mistaken belief is that they implement very cruel and painstaking punishment to the delinquents to maintain them in order. The military educational organization promotes a safe and healthy environment for the disturbed youngsters. Some of military schools stay away from taking on some serious violators.


    The military schools rather choose those students who are quite young and determined to join military as a career; the student should also have a wholehearted interest in his/her way of life.


    The cadets learn more about life than they could learn in a normal life and they learn about some important morals of life. They mechanically respect their superiors and the more important thing is they learn to respect their equals also. Thus, they get prepared to live and to work in and as a group. A team or group can only work successfully if everyone in the group respects the property, time and rights of others. The cadets learn to be responsible in military schools more than in any other educational institutions. Here the cadets will gain a sense of accountability.


    The military schools for disturbed teens are a very good example because the teens have to gain more respect for others.


    The cadets must follow strict moral principles and also moral codes. They grow up in an environment which promotes thoroughness and goodwill. It is most important to select the right institute or academy after a careful research. With providing its level best education and one on the same importance on physical fitness too, the military educational academy or schools fill positive character attributes in cadets.


    The young cadets of the military schools are formed into responsible citizens in the future and it is the aim of the military schools. There are too many military schools world over owning very high reputation. Join a military school today, for a brilliant and successful career in the Army, Marine Corps, Air Force and the Navy.


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