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  • It's Our Flag
    This Community is for the folks that have U.S. Flag pages or any one that believes in the protection of our nations flag. {;}It is our belief that the desacration of the nations flag should stop now! If you believe in our fight please do join our community and make your voice heard.{;}

  • Irish Men of the Web
    A community to unite all Irish and Irish-American men on the web

  • Mens Rights Activism Ring
    Exposing feminism as an ideology using propaganda to indoctrinate the public at large. Fighting feminist fallacies and acts of misandry that are aimed primarily at middle-class men.

  • Men: Cool Stuff Online


    I’m not suggesting that men all enjoy the same things, but there are a good number of topics that seem to be of particular interest to guys, like sports, news, women and the finding of women, men’s health, technology, electronics, cars, etc. And for you men who enjoy any of that stuff and then some; welcome to the world of web rings and directories which are your gateway to all things manly!


    The way this works is that you have access in this one place to hundreds of other sites that have been hand picked because they are good sources of information that are of relevance to you and your interests. This means that from one spot you can click your way over to sites that you’ll find useful or just plain cool! Here’s a look at some of the things that you can expect:


    News: You can easily navigate your way to several news sources so that you can be up on current events from around the world without having to move more than a finger. Access to news sites, online news stations and different types of news are available 24 hours a day and seven days a week from the privacy of your own home, office, and toilet— whatever.


    Entertainment: Okay, you may not get a kick out of celebrity gossip—not that you’ll admit anyway—but you can enjoy knowing about the latest in movies and music thanks to a whole bunch of entertainment web rings and directories which are also easily access anytime you wanna be in the know.


    Automotive: An automotive web ring or directory gives you access to all things cars! You can do everything from reading about news and innovations in the auto world to finding out about events like car shows, boat shows, motorcycle shows, racing events, etc. You can also find all the information you need on various types of vehicles which is especially great if you’re on the market for a new car, truck, bike or even boat! And since we’re on the topic of buying; you also get access to online auctions and auction sites as well as car classifieds and more to help you get what you’re looking for.


    Dating: For those of you looking to meet someone special or even several; there are dating web rings and directories where you can find out how and where to meet singles as well as reviews of different dating sites and more. It’ll be easy to find dates with this many options literally laid out before you!


    Tech Stuff: For you guys who love your gadgets; you have access to all kinds of sites dedicated to technology, electronics and gadgets which makes it easy to find out about the latest products and advancements as well as buy the best gadgets online.


    Men's Health: Find out about health matters pertaining to men as well as things like fitness, exercise, medications and more using men's health web rings and directories.


    Men can really have it all thanks to web rings and directories! And better yet, you can have it all RIGHT NOW!